Best Mario Party 5 Songs

The best music from Mario Party 5. Overall in my opinion most of the songs were pretty forgettable in this gmae but there were some good ones as well. With that being said here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 In a Strange Land

In a game full of mediocre and forgettable soundtracks my favourite soundtrack is "In a Strange Land". This is the soundtrack that plays on the "Sweet Dream" board. If you checked out my best boards from Mario Party 5 list, you'd know that Sweet Dream is one of my more liked boards in said game. Part of that is due to the cheerful and nice song that comes with it. This soundtrack just wakes up so many memories despite never really growing up with this game. But the theme of it is just so cheerful and reminds me of some flash games I used to play back in the day. I especially love the beginning which just tells me this is going to be a good song. 0:26-0:38 is another really nice part. Overall best song in the game.

2 Start of the Dream

This is the soundtrack that plays like when you start preparing for a game in the party mode. It's kind of surprising that this is in the top three but you know this game does not have many interesting songs and this song happens to be pretty good for me so yeah. Whenever I try to think of positive about this game this is the first thing that usually comes up because it just sounds generally chill and nice so yeah this is third place for me.

3 Happy Seafloor

Happy Seafloor is the soundtrack that plays in the board Undersea Dream, my second favourite board in the game. In my opinion the soundtrack helps it achieve that title. It's another very cheerful and nice tune with an underwater theme. The intro really is nice. There's just something really memorable about that intro. Overall second best song in the game.

4 Everybody Party

This is the hands down least forgettable and most iconic song of the soundtracks. It's really energetic and a bit chaotic and is used for a handful number of minigames such as Pushy Penguins, Frozen Frenzy, and a lot of the chaotic minigames. The energetic theme of the song really helps it gain the iconicness and unforgettableness compared to many calm themes that are usually unmemorable. So this one of my favourites.

5 You're the Star!
6 Big Bowser Battle

The final bowser battle in Mario Party 5 is one of my favourites in the entire series. I just love the pacing and the climax of it. It has two phases, and a soundtrack for each face. The second phase is a bit better. More epic and interesting. Not that it's that epic but it's something. Pretty good song.

7 Space Match

Even though Future Dream is one of the worst mario party boards of all time, and the music just makes it super boring, I still think the music is nice alone. It sounds generally futuristic and space"y" which is nice. However this isn't amazing or anything. It's definitely a bit boring so it stays here.

8 Ready..., Ok!
9 Final Test

The song that plays on the first phase of the Bowser fight. The phase is more of a small challenge compilation and the soundtrack does fit it pretty well although it's worse than the second phase soundtrack. Not much to say here but it's a decent song.

10 Bustling Noisily

This is another minigame soundtrack, mostly playing in minigames where it's exciting and tension is high, most notably in "Blown Away". Overall pretty nice. It really puts you at the edge of your seat when you play minigames with this soundtrack. So yeah it's a cool soundtrack.

The Contenders
11 Lots of Toys

This is a very toyish and cheerful song. It's played in the board "Toy Dream", which is a board full of toys and stuff. This soundtrack also happens to sound toyish as there are toy train sound effects and other toyish sound effects in this soundtrack which is very good so it's a good soundtrack in my book.

12 In Calm Water

This is a remix on the underwater theme from Super Mario Bros., only that the intro is a bit different. That was one of my favourite songs from Super Mario Bros. so this ain't a bad song either. It's not as good but not a bad song either. Good song as well.

13 Dream Country!
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