Best Mario Party 5 Songs

The best music from Mario Party 5. Overall in my opinion most of the songs were pretty forgettable in this gmae but there were some good ones as well. With that being said here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 In a Strange Land

In a game full of mediocre and forgettable soundtracks, my favorite is "In a Strange Land." This plays on the "Sweet Dream" board. If you checked out my best boards from the Mario Party 5 list, you'd know that Sweet Dream is one of my more liked boards. Part of that is due to the cheerful and pleasant song that comes with it.

This soundtrack evokes so many memories, despite my not growing up with the game. The theme is cheerful and reminds me of some flash games I used to play back in the day. I especially love the beginning, which promises a good song. The section from 0:26 to 0:38 is another lovely part. Overall, it's the best song in the game.

2 Start of the Dream

This is the soundtrack that plays when you're preparing for a game in party mode. It's surprising that it's in the top three, but this game doesn't have many interesting songs. This one stands out to me as pretty good. Whenever I try to think positively about this game, it's the first thing that comes to mind because it sounds so chill and nice. It's third place for me.

3 Happy Seafloor

Happy Seafloor plays on the board Undersea Dream, my second favorite board in the game. The soundtrack helps it earn that title, in my opinion. It's another cheerful and pleasant tune with an underwater theme. The intro is particularly memorable. Overall, it's the second-best song in the game.

4 Everybody Party

This is the least forgettable and most iconic song of the soundtracks. It's energetic and a bit chaotic, used for minigames like Pushy Penguins, Frozen Frenzy, and other chaotic ones. The energetic theme makes it iconic and unforgettable compared to the calm, often unmemorable themes. It's one of my favorites.

5 You're the Star!
6 Big Bowser Battle

The final Bowser battle in Mario Party 5 is one of my favorites in the entire series. I love its pacing and climax. It has two phases, each with a different soundtrack. The second phase is more epic and interesting. Although it's not extremely epic, it's pretty good.

7 Space Match

Even though Future Dream is one of the worst Mario Party boards of all time and its music makes it super boring, I still think the music is nice on its own. It sounds futuristic and space-like, which is nice. However, it's not amazing and is a bit boring, so it stays here.

8 Ready..., Ok!
9 Final Test

This is the song that plays during the first phase of the Bowser fight. This phase is a small compilation of challenges, and the soundtrack fits it well, though it's not as good as the second-phase soundtrack. There's not much to say about it, but it's a decent song.

10 Bustling Noisily

This is another minigame soundtrack, mostly playing in games where excitement and tension are high, most notably in "Blown Away." Overall, it's quite nice. It keeps you on the edge of your seat during minigames. So yeah, it's a cool soundtrack.

The Contenders
11 Lots of Toys

This is a very toyish and cheerful song. It plays on the "Toy Dream" board, which is full of toys and related stuff. The soundtrack sounds toyish too, featuring toy train sound effects and other toy-like noises. It's a good soundtrack in my book.

12 In Calm Water

This is a remix of the underwater theme from Super Mario Bros., with a slightly different intro. That was one of my favorite songs from Super Mario Bros., so this isn't a bad song either. It's not as good, but still enjoyable.

13 Dream Country!
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