Top Ten Suggestions to Improve Minecraft or McEdit

Minecraft is a game that involves going on adventures or placing blocks. There are different modes of Minecraft that include Survival, Hardcore, and Creative. Survival involves searching for resources, crafting, gaining levels, health, etc. Hardcore is just like survival, only with 1 heart and on difficulty mode. Creative allows you to have unlimited blocks, and resources to play and you can change it to any mode you'd like. People can also have different customized versions of worlds when creating them. There are many things that can be done to help Minecraft improve. McEdit is a tool that lets you modify Minecraft worlds my manually selecting and erasing blocks. The player can also add, copy, and paste blocks. (Note: when using McEdit, DO NOT have Minecraft and McEdit open simultaneously.).
The Top Ten
1 Remove the Building Height Limit

Removing the height limit can be helpful if people want to build extremely tall buildings. Height limits are not a good idea if people want to not have any sort of restrictions on heights or make large cities. If there is no limit on how players can go side to side, then, why should there be a limit on building?

2 Allow the Reshaping of Blocks

If blocks are reshaped, it can be easier to make the buildings and creations look a bit more presentable in the display. For example, the turns areas on the road curbs should be shaped so that they are rounded and look more presentable. Rounded curbs look way better than pointy or bumpy curves. While it makes sense that Minecraft is supposed to have square blocks, it's still better to make the option to round the curbs. That way, if someone wants a world to not have flat surfaces everywhere, they can easily use this and make it look a lot better.

3 Add the Ability to Sort Minecraft Worlds Into Folders

If a player wants to use multiple Minecraft worlds, this is especially helpful. When Minecraft worlds are sorted into folders, it makes it easier for people to find their worlds more easily. Just like when you sort your artwork or schoolwork into separate folders, it's easier to find them, it's not very different when it comes to Minecraft worlds.

For example, "Dead Again," my best Survival world, shouldn't be paired with "Industry," my redstone laboratory. Even if that giant automatic fire cannon would be a welcome addition to my base.

4 Password-Protect Minecraft Worlds

This would be especially helpful when multiple people use the same Minecraft. It's easier to prevent people from messing up your Minecraft worlds when they are password protected as the person can't get into them. Similarly, it'd also be a great idea to have the option to add passwords to delete worlds in case another Minecraft user gets on and tried to delete your world.

5 Make All of McEdit's Blocks Show

It can be improved by making McEdit's block showings less likely to vanish when the worlds are opened and any glitch related to it easy to fix. Now for some people, they may not have this issue with McEdit's blocks not showing, but it can be quite common and burdensome. Despite that, though, McEdit seems like a flexible and good tool to use.A

6 Make McEdit's Blocks Easier to Differentiate

A few of McEdit's blocks are harder to differentiate when opened in the McEdit world. For the player, it'll show all the concrete blocks and concrete powder blocks as the same block. In the regular Minecraft world, it has no problems displaying differently. It's a better idea to make them appear different so that it makes it easier for the players. Other than that, McEdit is quite a useful tool to use.

7 Be Able to Merge 2 Minecraft Worlds Into One

Sometimes, people may want to merge 2 Minecraft Worlds into one since they might like the 2 worlds being combined. It's a better idea to have a special option where 2 worlds are put into one instead of having to manually do it since it can get exhausting and time-consuming to copy all the parts and align them into one. Bulk copying can also be hard for the player to want to do since bulk copying can take a long time. It should also give a preview of how the world will look once it's added in and allow the player to accept or reject the position.

8 Add a Search System to Minecraft

Players should be able to search for their worlds without trouble. It's especially helpful when people have multiple worlds and need to find a specific one. No one wants to flip through worlds in order to find a specific one, thus, having a search system can reduce the burden of searching for a world. Having a search system like that in place can make it a whole lot easier for Minecraft players.

9 Add Ability to Upload Street View of Worlds

Now, to tell you the truth, this can be quite difficult since Minecraft Worlds can be modified and changed from time to time. To combat this issue, the players should have the opportunity different views taken of the worlds and then uploaded online in case they want their Minecraft worlds to be shown in different ways whenever they please. For example, if they have an image they are not satisfied with uploaded, they can just retake it later on and reupload the newer one. There should be a special site to allow players to upload street views of their worlds.

10 Allow Players to Retrieve Deleted Worlds

It's not that bad of an idea to NOT include this, but it's still a better idea to include this option so that in case a Minecraft world gets deleted or the player changes their mind later on, they can easily retrieve it without a problem. It's a good idea to allow 30 days in the trash bin with the option to retrieve it before completely purging it off the game.

The Contenders
11 Make it Free
12 Add a New Void

If you go into the void in creative mode you will see a over head view of the nether

13 Merge McEdit Option to Edit Worlds
14 Hostile Mob Options
BAdd New Item