Top Ten Best Places to Land in Fortnite Battle Royale

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1 Paradise Palms

Really nice place and it is a good place to get loot and kills with an few supply drops.

Its tilted towers but less crowded.

Good loot and no crowds

2 Tilted Towers

Don't go there. Even if you're good at building/aiming, there will be so many people here that you WILL end up being killed, unless you are extremely lucky. And it's not even the place with the most loot in the game.

2 types of players drop here, Pros who only drop here for free kills from stupid noobs and nooby fortnite players who make up the majority of the players which is why the player count halves in 1 to 2 minutes. The noobs get killed easily and often rage if they are toxic but the pros love tilted towers.

I'm really sad they vaulted it. But Chapter 2: Season 2 is starting in 2 days. I hope they bring it back.

Whoever is saying it will be destroyed by a meteor is living in season 3 right now.

3 Pleasant Park

You wont die in 1 minute

4 Greasy Grove

If you're looking for easy kills this is the place to go. It's not overcrowded like Tilted Towers but there's still people going there. Nice loot, but not that much loot. Don't expect to find a Legendary.

5 Moisty Mire

Underrated and since it was changed it became an amazing landing spot.

I WON in solos coming out of Moisty with a SCAR, RPG, and a decent shotgun.

Bro this place is great! Not many people go here there's lots of loot and wood so u can just build over the swamp and you can still have wood left over! I LOVE IT!

Lots of heavy shotguns here!

6 Loot Lake

The new season 7 loot lake is the best incarnation and is an open bowl that I snipe into.

Got my first kill here

7 Retail Row

Just like Greasy Grove, if you're looking for easy kills this is another place to go. It's not overcrowded like Tilted Towers but there's still people going there. Nice loot, but not that much loot. Don't expect to find a Legendary.

I went here a little while back and I end up getting back to back to BACK chug jugs, I later get a thermal scoped AR and a purple heavy. This place always has a vending machine whether it's gray or green or Gold. Retail is one of my favorite places to land

Why is this at the bottom!?!?!?

This should be top 3

8 Lonely Lodge

It has its name for a reason. Literally, there are about two people who land at Lonely Lodge each game. Kind of ironic being on this list at 7th place.

I love lonely! I go to the mansion on the outskirts all the time and have won solos coming out of it. gives great loot!

This, along with Pleasant Park and Dusty Divot are the best places to go to.

Lonely. But full of loot and wood.

9 Tomato Town

Not Tomato Town itself, but a little north up there and you can find 2 houses that can contain good loot. Then you can go to Tomato town and in the tunnel where there's sometimes hidden a chest or two. It's overall a very good place to go. There's not that much people.

Underrated but it's usually in or near the storm eye. The tunnel gives awesome loot.

Tomato town was amazing

It died like a year ago

10 Salty Springs

This is where you'll get the fortnite experience more than tilted towers

It's just a good spot

Amazing loot m8

This place deserves love good location good loot just get ready for a fight

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11 Snobby Shores

Snobby has god loot, I always find a scar just laying around in a house when I go. The scar is legendary too. Not bad location, once you go, you can clear out Tilted. Plus, nobody goes here, so you have the loot to yourself. There's also a secret base here. I love snobby shores. I also love Risky Lonely Moisty and Haunted

So much chests, but no one goes there because of the storm, but there are only 4 buildings, so looting 2 buildings already sounds like a good start. It's probably my favourite.

Snobby should %100 be at least 3. it has incredible loot, and it has probably close to 2 groups of people that are landing there. the storm can be brutal, but you should make it there on time if you know what you are doing.

It has amazing loot every time. Sooo underrated and you could hit villain base or Viking

12 Haunted Hills

Quick to loot, 6-8 chests, you can come out with the absolute god loot. I'm talking Famas RPG and Drum Gun

This place is really underrated.

This is the coolest

13 Risky Reels

Just a quick place to get kills and has enough chest for at least for trios.

14 The Ocean

Nice I love that this is on here. That is hilarious.
Just go slow and sink, and you might even get top 50 if that satisfies you.

15 Dusty Depot

It's an alright place to go but expect to have lots of people there. I would recommend the mountains near it.

Welcome back dusty.

Because it's so sexy

Get this higher.

16 Switzerland Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe. It consists of 26 cantons, and the city of Bern is the seat of the federal authorities. more.

Bro I found a gold scar there this place is fire!

17 Shifty Shafts

If you're going to Shifty Shafts make sure to get out before the first storm comes in, as there will be people coming from Tilted Towers with amazing loot, and they will probably kill you.

People will camp there the whole game if possible.

This is my favorite location because I can hide.

This place has the best loot besides tilted.

18 Lucky Landing

I can always count on lucky to get me some guns at the start of the game.

19 Junk Junction

If you hate running away from the storm for 10min, don't go there.

20 Prison

Pretty good loot most the time has good and amazing sniper go there if noob but super fun

21 Anarchy Acres

Lazy Links should've replaced Fatal Fields instead of this pure gold

22 Spawn Island
23 Fatal Fields

I like this place

24 Wailing Woods

Low loot, but it's right next to tomato town, you can never have enough wood, 100% survivability rate.

25 Dusty Divot
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