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1 Infinite (Sonic Forces)

He is powerful and fast. It's like his power was made to be the best. He is faster than Sonic and SHADOW. "That day, I gave up my own unsightly face. I let go of the old me. The me that was so weak. So I could obtain the power, the power to make all yield to my will. I, was, REBORN! " Okay that was just a speech.

He is an awesome character, and Infinite could beat Metal Sonic. His only weakness is that since he has the Phantom Ruby, he thinks he can't be defeated.

He's cool, I guess. Metal Sonic is way cooler and he doesn't even have to try.

2 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is one of Eggman’s fastest and most powerful creations. Programed to be better than Sonic in any aspect possible, he can shoot electro balls, shoot electricity downward, do a boost, and make himself invincible. He fight’s Sonic each time he gets stronger, and when he gains enough power,... read more

Metal Sonic is the only only creation of Eggman's currently to have fought, not one, not two, but THREE super forms at one time. Not to mention, despite being heartless, he shows SO much personality, even more than Infinite the Edgelord could pull off. Metal is a true force to be reckoned with!

Metal Sonic is the coolest milestone of a villain for the franchise. If only they made him more cold-blooded and stopped making him the butt of jokes.

This robot has one big difference when it comes to being a rival of sonic then shadow is that it actually wants to end him.

3 Death Egg Robot (Sonic 2)

The Death Egg Robot is a real menace of destruction. It's big, and it's spiky hands will kill you before you can touch the robot. It also shoots them at you. When you get behind him, the jet pack can burn you to a crisp, and bombs will unexpectedly shoot for you. It is super effective with no rings to help you. Your sidekick Tails isn't around to help you either.

4 Heavy King (Sonic Mania)

After all he is not pretty tough. But he has electric balls to shild him self also to attack his enemies.

5 Time Eater

I would say the Time Eater is arguably Eggman's most successful creation. Granted, no boss is going to win against Sonic, but aside from Infinite, the Time Eater is one of, if not, the only creation that doesn't betray or defy Eggman in any way. Infinite may not have directly betrayed Eggman, but his arrogance and ego made him go behind some of the doctor's orders such as when he spared Sonic instead of killing him. On the other hand, the Time Eater was completely obedient to both classic and modern Eggman. And if it wasn't for Sonic's friends cheering classic and modern Sonic on, Eggman may have very well beaten Sonic with the Time Eater.

6 E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega is able to shoot lasers and everything. He has extermination mode and emergency withdraw, and if I'm correct, self-destruct. But Omega decided to switch sides and tried to kill his own creator: Eggman.

7 Hard Boiled Heavies

The heavy gunner isn't that tough, but the other hard boiled heavies are. They are also very creative and random. There is the Heavy Gunner, which shoots a lot of missiles. Heavy Shinobi, a ninja Heavy that shoots starfruit bombs for ninja stars, and can freeze his enemies using his ninja sword. Heavy magician, which can take anyone's identity, and do a bunch of dangerous magic tricks. Heavy Rider, which rides on an angry Moto bug while swinging his mace around! Then last but not least, the Heavy King, mentioned later on in this list, he shoots electro balls that shield him and he harnesses the power of the phantom ruby!

8 Mind-Control Beam

Created in Sonic colors, the mind-control beam burns wisps and uses their hyper go-on power for the power-source for the mind-control beam. Eggman then has an idea to control the entire planet.

9 Mecha Sonic

Personally I like this a bit more then metal as it seems like it has more bulk to it

10 Chaos
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11 Nega-Wisp Armor
12 Final Boss (Sonic 1)

The final boss is a control room of smashers. There is no way telling which smasher will extend next. Then, electro balls will appear at the top of the screen and home in after you. The easiest way to dodge the smashers is if you are on one side of the room. But Robotnik is inside one of those smashers. That will be the attackable one. The easiest way to dodge the electro balls is by spindashing into the opposite direction they are going. It's super effective with no rings to help you.

13 Gemerl (Sonic Advance 3)
14 Death Egg Robot (Sonic Forces)

I know. It was only threatening in Sonic 2. But there are a few reason's why I added this. It was more powerful than Infinite and the phantom ruby was incorporated to make the Death Egg Robot much stronger than before. Here was Eggman's opinion about the Death Egg Robot: "You will be crushed by this Death Egg Robot powered by the phantom ruby, and in the end, everything will still be just as I planned! " 😝 The only downside is that the Death Egg Robot was hard, but not really that hard.

15 Silver Sonic
16 Titan Metal Sonic
17 Great Eggman Robo (Sonic and Knuckles)
18 Egg Dragoon
19 Eggrobo
20 Big Arms (Sonic 3 and Knuckles)
21 Tails Doll
22 Mecha Sonic Mk. I
23 Final Egg Blaster (Sonic Battle)
24 Wing Fortress Zone
25 Scrap Brain Zone
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