Top 10 Best Portal Characters

The intricate and mind-bending universe of Portal is where physics-defying puzzles meet a rich, darkly humorous narrative, all wrapped up in a science-fiction package that’s become nothing short of iconic. Now, let's talk about one of the elements that makes this franchise truly stand out - its unforgettable cast of characters.

From the moment you awaken in Aperture Science as the persistent test subject Chell, you're thrust into a world filled with wit, deception, and of course, an abundance of science. It’s a world that wouldn’t be half as engrossing without its quirky and captivating characters, each adding a unique flavor to the Portal experience.

Remember GLaDOS, the artificially intelligent and chillingly sarcastic antagonist that guides you, or rather, goads you through the various test chambers with a cocktail of dry wit and veiled threats? Or perhaps Wheatley, the charmingly inept personality core whose well-meaning assistance often results in hilariously catastrophic outcomes? These characters and more combine to create a narrative experience that's as compelling as the game's innovative mechanics.

So, who do you think are the best characters in the Portal universe? Each one, from the major players to the lesser-known cores and even the silent protagonist herself, has contributed something unique to the games’ compelling narrative and immersive world. They have invoked laughter, frustration, sympathy, and even fear, often within the span of a few lines of dialogue.
The Top Ten
1 GLaDOS GLaDOS is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system appearing in the video games Portal and Portal 2. The character was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and voiced by Ellen McLain.

Can't argue, GLaDOS is pretty damn awesome. You love her and hate her at the same time. I spent the whole game just waiting for the next time GLaDOS said something. Every time it was worth it to hear her say something else sarcastic and hilarious.

She basically manages to carry out the entire first game by herself, being the only talking character. She pretty much manages to do this in the second game, too (with the help of Wheatley).

One of the best characters to date. In the first game, she starts out lacking character but slowly becomes more psychotic. Not to mention, her design in the first game is quite unsettling.

In the second game, her humor is cranked up, but later on she becomes more relatable. Great character!

2 Wheatley

He always looked like he had something to say, and we were always happy to listen, as he was a well-rounded character with pros and cons.

Funniest character since Roman from Grand Theft Auto IV. Made me laugh really hard while playing. Should be either number 1 or 2, definitely.

He is funny with the craziest twist!

3 Cave Johnson

Admit it, you cracked up laughing at at least one of Cave's incredibly well-written and acted lines. To realize the impact that Cave had on the Portal series, you have to understand the depth that this character's expositional voice recordings bring to the Portal universe.

They're funny, insightful, and eventually emotionally touching. He fleshed out the backstory of GLaDOS and gave you a valuable look into the past while keeping you entertained and laughing. Simply put, one of the best supporting characters in gaming.

4 Space Core

Personally, I think he's just filler. Although he's hilarious (exceptionally in Wheatley's apology), he's still a tad annoying. But I don't hate him with a passion!

At least he's not selfish or a pervert (admit it).

Easily the best character in the entire game!

5 P-body
6 Chell

Seriously, I love her look, and besides that, she's a kick-butt female action star. You feel for her, even though she's silent. She seems so determined and cool. Love her.

The main character and master of the portal gun.

7 Altas
8 Fact Sphere

Sometimes, I honestly can't tell if what he's saying is true or not.

9 Doug Rattman
10 Sentry Turret
The Contenders
11 Companion Cube

Well, duh. Companion Cube is better than all my real-life friends.

This game gives you a friend, waits until you love them, then makes you kill them. Cruel.

12 Caroline
13 Ego Core
14 Curiously Core

Who are you? What is that? Oh, what's that? What's that? What is THAT?! Ohh, that thing has numbers inside it! HEY, look at that thing! NOOO, that other thing. EW, what's wrong with your legs? Oh, hey! You're the lady from the test! HI HI! What's that noise? Is that a gun? Where are we going? Ohhh, what's in here? Do you smell something burning? AH!

15 Frankenturret

A weighted storage cube fused with two turrets that does nothing but hop around and chirp. Absolutely precious.

16 Virgil
17 Anger Sphere
18 Turret-Cube
19 Adventure Core
20 Mel

Cool portal gun and the main protagonist of a fan game.

21 Party Escort Bot
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