Top 10 Killjoys in Video Games

This list will be looking at what I think are the top killjoys in video games. In case you don't know what that means, it's something from a video game that frustrates you to no end. Sometimes it's entire games, sometimes it's a mechanic, and sometimes it's a little bit of the game.
The Top Ten
1 The Entire Game (Plain Sight)

THIS GAME. THIS GAME! This game is a little-known game on Steam that decreased in popularity the harder the game got. AND IT'S HARD. Not only is it hard, but it's boring as hell! The only key in the game is the left mouse key. It propels you forward. You're supposed to battle the other players with various power-ups.

The only thing is, it's harder than a tortoise encased in diamond, encased in diamond, encased in DIAMOND. This game is boring, frustrating, hard, nonsensical, simple, and no fun at all. This is without a doubt the number one killjoy in the video game industry.

2 Bootcamp (Transformice)

Transformice is a crazy and fun race to get cheese for your clan of mice. In this game, you are a mouse. You can customize your mouse with countless accessories found in the shop. There's usually one larger mouse known as a shaman.

By getting cheese and helping mice get cheese, you gain experience. You level up with this experience and get skill points to acquire skills. You can choose from one of three branches: the Spiritual Guide, the Wind Master, and the Mechanian.

There's one side game mode that makes EVERYONE rage at some point. That game mode is Bootcamp. In this mode, you are supposed to make it to the end of an incredibly hard level in at least 5 minutes. The problem is, completing one of these levels is as hard as performing acupuncture on a baby. The baby won't keep still, and it probably won't tolerate pins being stuck into its head.

I cannot tell you how many times I have yelled at or given the middle finger to the computer thanks to this accursed game mode. Some of the most renowned Transformice players haven't even completed a single Bootcamp level. THAT'S HOW HARD IT IS! I'm not the only one raging at my computer while I play this. People all around hate this game mode. There's only one worse killjoy...

3 Juniors (Spore)

Ah, Spore. A wacky and inventive game that doesn't exactly have unlimited capabilities. In this game, you evolve. You create creatures of all kinds to evolve from mere cells into full-fledged organisms. There's one tiny problem with the cell stage, though. Near the end, you meet a new cell known as a Junior. AND THEY'RE COMPLETE JERKS AS WELL! Just like Corruptors, they arrive in packs. Unlike Corruptors, you can barely do anything to get them off your tail.

What's worse is the logic of them. They're carnivores with MAXIMUM SPEED. They only have 2 sets of flagella! (Flagella is a part that gives the cell one more added speed, and the maximum speed is 5.) The only way you can really ward these guys off effectively is with the poison power-up. When you're the same size as them, it doesn't send them running away. They just follow along the poison trail and die. When you're one size bigger (A.K.A. the final part of the cell stage), you get to witness them running away like little girls covered in worms.

4 Blinky's Mech (Pac-man World 2)

Oh man, now we're getting into the hot spots of frustration. Literally, this boss is based around fire. Blinky, the leader of the ghost gang, has built a mech that is stronger than all of the other mechs you have to face in the game. Pac-Man in this game takes 4 hits to die. Blinky's Mech, however, takes 10 HITS. TEN OF THEM. And the only way to damage him is to bounce on the cockpit of the machine.

Sounds easy, right? WRONG. It's so hard, it's like trying to grab a bag of chips at the bottom of the ocean without a submarine. The mech's main attack is firing fireballs at you in groups of one, two, or even three. In theory, these fireballs are easy to dodge. But the real kicker is that once they touch the floor, they leave behind little, almost invisible flames. If you hit one, you're taking a hit.

Supposedly, this boss is a pushover. But that's because people abuse a hitbox glitch where the fireballs sometimes PASS THROUGH PAC-MAN COMPLETELY. If people have to abuse a glitch to beat a boss, it MUST be hard.

5 Corruptors (Terraria)

So we're starting off this list with one of the most underrated games of all time, Terraria. People keep neglecting it because it's apparently "a Minecraft clone." NO, IT ISN'T. The only similarity between these two games is that they're both sandbox games! That's it!

But I'm getting off track here, let's look at the killjoy. As soon as you defeat the Wall of Flesh boss, you unlock hardmode. It adds difficulty to a biome known as the Corruption. What does it add, specifically? OH, IT ADDS CORRUPTORS. These jerks are able to spread the Corruption through their spit attack, and it can infect ALMOST ANY BLOCK. They're sadistic wolves that love to munch on the player. That's right, WOLVES. They sometimes arrive in packs and just spit everywhere at everything.

Not only that, but they're really hard to kill! They have 240 HP and a really high amount of defense. So if they arrive in packs, you're basically screwed. I once got a Corruptor to shoot upwards, and it hit a floating island and corrupted it. Not to mention, hardmode makes the Corruption spread twice as fast! This is a blemish on an otherwise perfect game.

6 Genocide Run (Undertale)

I can't beat Sans because he's too hard!

7 Losing Your Copy Ability (Most Kirby Games)
8 Doom Mountain (Zelda II)

Doom Mountain is literally hell!

9 Tabuu (Super Smash Bros Brawl)
10 Tubular (Super Mario World)
The Contenders
11 Aztec (Goldeneye 007)
12 The Dark World (Super Meat Boy)
13 Alia (Mega Man X5)
14 Million Dollar Tower (W2k19)
15 Sigma (Mega Man X3)
16 Phantom Road (F-Zero GX)
17 Bowser (Mario Party) Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first... read more
18 Through The Fire And Flames (Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock)
19 Drillcomp4 (Megaman Battle Network 5)
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