Top Ten Worlds in the New Super Mario Bros. Series

New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe is on January 11th 2019 released on the Nintendo Switch and it's one of the games people are looking least forwad to on the console. However, I do think the series, New Super Mario Bros. has a few good things about it still, like the levels for the most part, in the worlds. Here are the best worlds in these games. Without further ado, let's start!
The Top Ten
1 World 8 (New Super Mario Bros.)

The original New Super Mario Bros. game on the DS is certainly the most original of the bunch, and it shows seeing as the level design is usually great and same for worlds, and the final world is my favourite. It's the biggest and most high-quality world in the game and all levels were great, and certainly unique! At one point you wil be in a spooky valley with spiders frmo the ceiling, and another moment you must travel vertically in a volcano because lava is rising, and then you must dodge meteors, and it goes on and on. I mean this is easly my favourite world in the game, and the only one I truly love from that game

2 Soda Jungle (New Super Mario Bros. U)

Soda Jungle is defintely my favourite world in both the game and in the series in the general! I love the amount of creativity in this world and the levels are almost all great! So jungle worlds are usually my favourite worlds in the games, and it's no suprise here. However, what makes this one so muh greater than it aleady was, is the second half. You are suddenly in this spooky area in the forest, were you must find a way out, and the levels there are awesome! One of them which is awater level in a cave isn't too mind-blowing, but the other one is a beautiful swamp level with gorgeous background and tiles based on Vincent Van Gogh's paintings! It's beautiful! The rest of the world is quite cool too, as it's a jungle world. Easly one of my favourites

3 Frosted Glacier (New Super Mario Bros. U)

Frosted Glaciers is World 4 and is one of the most stunning to look at. The backgrounds look like something coming out of a famous painter, and level design is pretty good, but the ice... oh, the ice. I think there was this one level where you had to run while piranha plants were melting the ice (was that a secret level? ) and collecting the star coins there were Hell, but overall a good world and a pretty nice boss battle with Wendy.

I love Frosted Glacier. The imagery, especially the nighttime mountains background, is amazing, the levels are great, and I love the spinning stars. I wish the Penguin suit was here so I could slide around, but this is still great.

4 Peach's Castle (New Super Mario Bros. U)

While Peach's Castle on New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe may not be the best world, it has an insane final boss battle against Bowser. The scenery is awesome, and the fact her castle was once a happy place full of wildlife has now turned into a castle surrounded by lava and steep bridges truly shows how much Bowser changed it. Some cons, though, is that the world is short, and that's kind of lame considering I would have loved an actual world rather then an excuse to have the final boss battle. Overall, great world!

5 World 2 (New Super Mario Bros.)

Overall I do really like this world. Most of the levels feel very fresh and different and music in the desert levels are very awesome to listen too and as I mentioned, the levels are all different, and honestly excellent as well! I especially love the castle level as it's iconic and requires some challenge

6 World 8 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

This world is surely difficult, and satisfying to complete, that's for sure! This world is quite big, and unlike World 8 in New Super Mario Bros., the whole world is a lava world and not just the second half, and a lot of the levels are pretty good! I mean it, they are extremly fun to play! Let's not forget the epic moment at the end with the giant Bowser twist which is just pure epic

7 World 7 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
8 Sparkling Waters (New Super Mario Bros. U)

Overall I thought World 3 of the Wii U game was quite good. Something I'll admit is that I did think a few of the levels weren't that good, I mean ghost houses are among the worst levels in my opinion, but the rest is quite good. I really liked the beach levels, apart from the underwater level, as they were really nice, and I especially loved the castle level! It's the only level in the game with my favourite underwater enemy in it: torpedo teds! They are quite rare in the game and this makes this one of my favourite levels in the game. I think the rest of the world is pretty solid too

9 World 5 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

The jungle world of New Super Mario Bros. Wii takes the number #5 spot on the list. It's quite a hard world and one of the harder worlds in the game and it has some very memorable levels overall (that one level with green flying manta rays was awesome). This world's map enemies are quite annoying as well, the walking piranha plants can block your path, and the vines block your path even more, and I like it. Shame the vines disappear after you complete the world

10 Acorn Plains (New Super Mario Bros. U)

What? A "first world in game" on the list? Yeah, and the only one as well. The first three "first world in the game" in the previous three games were very basic honestly. The DS version is cool and all, but nah. The 3DS version is just rehash, and the Wii version is iconic but it still feels basic, and one thing they share is that they all take place near Peach's Castle. Not the case with the Wii U version. This is Acorn Plains, the area in game most far away from Peach's Castle and is a forest filled with acorns and and mountains in the background and flying squirrels on the levels. It's really great

The Contenders
11 Superstar Road (New Super Mario Bros. U)
12 World Star (New Super Mario Bros. 2)

Even though most of us can agree New Super Mario Bros. 2 was a disappointing and unoriginal mario game overall, something I think about the game is that a lot of the levels were very fun and original at least I guess. World Star proves this, as unlike the other two lackluster bonus worlds (mushroom and flower), most of the levels are unique to this world and don't feel like rehashes on existing levels (apart from Star-7, but other than that they're awesome). I mean one level is a mix of a ghost house and a beach, and another level is set in an underwater fortress, and it goes on, and on. I really liked this world

13 World 6 (New Super Mario Bros.)
14 World 2 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

One of the most iconic worlds in the series in my opinion, and most levels feel different! At one point you'll be dodging spikes, another point there will be a sandstorm carrying a bunch of coins, and then there will be a bunch of pokeys and a lakitu attempting to hit you hit spinies, and it goes on, and on. The most iconic world in my opinion

15 World 1 (Super Mario Bros (NES))

Because it's a classic, the one where it all began.

16 World 7 (New Super Mario Bros.)
17 World 9 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
18 World 4 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
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