Top 10 Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final Smashes

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Final Smashes are some of the most adrenaline-inducing moments in the game, bringing a huge burst of power to the stage, and often a drastic turn in the tide of battle. All of them have their unique charm and devastating power, but there are certainly a few that stand out from the crowd. Whether it's for their jaw-dropping animations, game-changing damage, or just that sweet satisfaction you get when landing one perfectly, everyone has their favorites.

Each Final Smash is as unique as the character performing it. They range from nostalgic homages to a character's origins, to extravagant shows of force, or even breathtaking sequences straight out of a blockbuster. It's like a love letter from the developers to the fans, showcasing the essence of each character in one big, explosive package.
The Top Ten
1 Blast-O-Matic - King K. Rool This monstrous Final Smash sees King K. Rool using a colossal machine to launch a devastating energy blast, replicating his attack from Donkey Kong 64, obliterating anyone caught in its destructive path.
2 Max Malicious Moonsault - Incineroar With a fiery spirit, Incineroar leaps to the top rope of a wrestling ring and performs a powerful, flaming body slam known as Max Malicious Moonsault, dealing a serious amount of damage to its foes.
3 Covering Fire - Snake Stealth and strategy come into play as Snake calls in an airstrike from his helicopter, raining down a destructive hail of missiles onto opponents, an homage to his military background in the Metal Gear series.
4 Triple Finish - Pokémon Trainer The Pokémon Trainer summons Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard for a combined water, grass, and fire attack, delivering a super-effective combo strike that’s true to the nature of Pokémon battles.
5 Great Aether - Ike Wielding his powerful Ragnell, Ike lifts his foes into the air with a mighty uppercut, then performs a series of swift, intense strikes surrounded by blue flames, culminating in one final, earth-shattering blow.
6 Supernova - Sephiroth Sephiroth displays his true power by conjuring a menacing energy orb that drags opponents into a cinematic sequence, ending with a massive explosion reminiscent of his devastating attack in Final Fantasy VII.
7 The Mighty Jinjonator - Banjo & Kazooie Drawing from their adventures in Banjo-Kazooie, the duo summons The Mighty Jinjonator, an ancient totem that attacks with a destructive force, battering any opponent in its path relentlessly.
8 Sheikah Dance - Sheik In a dazzling blur of movements, Sheik delivers a series of high-speed strikes that showcases her ninja-like agility and precision, trapping opponents in a whirlwind of damage before dealing a final powerful blow.
9 Blue Falcon - Captain Falcon With a resounding call of "Falcon Punch!", Captain Falcon summons his iconic racing machine, the Blue Falcon, which speeds across the screen, launching any opponents caught in its path into a dangerous racetrack for a high-speed collision.
10 ARMS Rush - Min Min Min Min uses her extendable arms to launch a barrage of punches. Once her opponents are weakened, she morphs her arm into a dragon and sends a devastating laser beam to finish the rush, a testament to her skills in the ARMS tournament.
The Contenders
11 Plasma Scream - Ridley Ridley harnesses the raw energy of a powerful plasma beam. After impaling opponents on his tail, he sends them hurtling into the far reaches of space before obliterating them with a concentrated energy blast.

Yes! Ridley is my fave villain in the game, along with Dedede.

12 Omnislash - Cloud A tribute to his Final Fantasy roots, Cloud hurls his opponents into the air and unleashes a flurry of swift, intense sword strikes in a blaze of energy, ending with a heavy downward slash that drives them into the ground.
13 Mega Legends - Mega Man In a beautiful amalgamation of power, Mega Man teams up with his various forms, each launching their signature attacks in a combined and overwhelming onslaught of energy beams, missiles, and slashes.
14 Grand Cross - Simon/Richter Belmont The Belmonts capture their enemies in a coffin, then send it skyward with a mighty whip strike, unleashing a flurry of crosses that explode around the coffin for an awe-inspiring spectacle of damage.
15 Hyper Rocketbarrel - Diddy Kong Strapping on his Rocketbarrel Pack, Diddy Kong flies into his opponents and carries them into the air. Then, in a thrilling maneuver, he fires a barrage of peanuts before causing a massive explosion.
16 Ultra Sword - Kirby Kirby brandishes a giant sword of energy, then launches a series of rapid, sweeping strikes against his enemies. The relentless flurry of slashes culminates in a decisive, powerful swing.
17 Shin Shoryuken - Ryu/Ken Utilizing their classic Street Fighter move, Ryu and Ken deliver a powerful uppercut that sends enemies flying. If the initial hit is a sweet-spot strike, they follow with an additional punishing punch combo.
18 Team Star Fox - Fox/Falco The duo calls upon their Star Fox teammates for a coordinated airstrike. With a view from their cockpit, Fox and Falco target their enemies before releasing a volley of laser fire from the iconic Arwing spacecraft.
19 Stampede! - Yoshi Yoshi prompts a herd of his kin to charge across the stage in a wild stampede. The frenzied rush of Yoshis trample any opponent caught in their path, dealing significant damage and launching foes with their sheer force.
20 Critical Hit - Marth/Lucina/Roy/Chrom These Fire Emblem warriors charge forth with a blindingly fast lunge. Landing a direct hit results in a massive, single strike, often capable of launching opponents off the stage in one fell swoop.
21 Darkness Illusion - Meta Knight Embracing the shadows, Meta Knight launches into a swift and brutal assault. After trapping opponents in a vortex of darkness, he slashes through them with a barrage of sword strikes, culminating in a powerful final hit.
22 Dede-rush - King Dedede The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, King Dedede, traps his opponents in a cage before striking them with a barrage of missiles. The grand finale of this attack is a massive, explosive hammer blow that deals substantial damage.
23 Infernal Climax - Bayonetta Bayonetta triggers Witch Time, slowing her foes, then launches a series of stylish attacks. After accumulating enough damage, she summons the colossal demon Gomorrah, which devours foes in a spectacular, high-damage finisher.
24 Octopus - Mr. Game & Watch In a nostalgic nod to his Game & Watch origins, Mr. Game & Watch transforms into a giant octopus. He then moves freely across the stage, damaging and launching opponents with his tentacles in this whimsical and unique Final Smash.
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