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1 The Sims 3

Well, I have the Sims 3 now, and I must say it's way better than the Sims 4. There is so much more customization! It's more realistic! Open world is also very fun! I wish I never got Sims 4. I used to love the Sims 4, but now I might never go back to it (if I do, it will only be because of my legacy challenge). I feel like I wasted money on Sims 4. I got the Sims 4 when I barely knew much about the Sims 3. That was a big mistake. I probably only liked it because I never played any other Sims game (besides Freeplay) before it, but now that I have, I understand why people hate the Sims 4 so much. Also, I expected it to take a while to open like my Sims 4 does, but it doesn't. I also expected it to be laggy, but it hasn't lagged at all! Sims 3 is amazing!

2 The Sims 2

While I enjoy all four sims games to a degree and the original being my nostalgic favourite in the franchise, Sims 2 is the best in terms of gameplay and story building. All of the wonderful details and animations make it charming in a way that the original, 3 and 4 just can't compete with. They all have good points and bad points; Sims 2 just has more good points than bad points compared to the other three.

The Sims 2 is hands down the best The Sims game ever made, the amount of content is amazing.

The Sims 2 feels like it was made whit love and dedication, Is the most entertaining and the most realistic and complete life simulator, ever made.

3 The Sims

I remember playing The Sims 1 when I was a kid, It was the most fun I ever had at the moment, and I still remember that...

I Absolutely LOVE the original. So Nostalgic, it stings you! Love the danger music!

This is my fave always. Its when you realise video games aren't all childish. Even if they behave a bit stupid e.g. run up to the fire, the burglar obeys the police.

4 The Sims 4

I don't understand why people always has to compare this game to the Sims 3. This game isn't the Sims 3 and it never will be because it's the Sims 4 it has its own identity. This game comes with more pros than cons but so does the Sims 3 sure open world sounds good in THEORY...but for most people it just didn't work. Don't knock the Sims 4 till you try it plus it is still getting DLC that continues to make it better and better!

I personally think this should be at the top 'cause it has good graphics and game play! I don't have the game but my friend does and we used to play it all the time and I wish to have a pc or laptop so that I can play the sims 4! Please vote for this by far the best

5 The Sims 2: Pets

Really enjoyed the game and I loved the fact that the buildings would change with the more money you spent... I always oved this game

6 The Sims 2: Castaway

Lots of fun and a great game generally, but pretty buggy and slow

My absolute favorite. but was laggy and hard to pick up some stuff, actually all stuff

7 The Sims 2: Apartments
8 The Sims 3: Pets

Back when lets could get jobs. It was one of my favorite aspects of pet expansions

9 The Sims 3: Generations

Why is this at the bottom of the list? It's only like the best sims 3 E.P ever!

10 The Sims Bustin' Out
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11 The Sims 2: Nightlife

My favorite Sims expansion pack yet.

12 The Urbz: Sims In the City

This game was literally my childhood, I used to play it nonstop. Pretty sad that the sequel was cancelled though...

Very weird when I first played it but thereafter I became the richest guy in less than a day

13 The Sims 3: Ambitions
14 The Sims Medieval
15 The Sims Freeplay

The most annoying sims game there is. No question

16 The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats
17 The Sims: Makin Magic
18 The Sims Mobile

I think it's a pretty cool app. But sometimes it gives you too many tasks at once, which is a bit annoying.

A great game as EA is consistently updating it with new features, items and events. This game has SO MUCH potential.

19 Sims 4 Get to Work
20 The Sims: Hot Date
21 The Sims: Unleashed
22 The Sims: Superstar
23 The Sims: Livin Large
24 The Sims 4 Seasons
25 Sims 4 Get Together
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