Top 10 Reasons Why Terraria is Better Than Minecraft

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1 Kinder community

I can honestly agree with that. Whenever I log onto Mineplex, I select this option that lets you go to other peoples' servers. But guess what every single server is? That's right. Immature fans. I go on the list of servers and this is what the names of the servers are. "Boys only", "Girls only", "Boys only", "Girls only". Seriously Minecraft fans, why? Terraria fans actually care about you and other people. Once I was a real newbie at Terraria, and this one guy on the server helped me out!

TLDR: Terraria and Minecraft are two different games with different qualities that make them both great. Terraria revolves around a storyline, while Minecraft is more of a sandbox with a quick storyline.

Comparing games is not a good way to go about things, as games are typically extremely complicated, as is the case here.

I'll try to give an unbiased view of this topic, but since I only play Minecraft, this isn't going to go well.

Anyways, we can try to use two measures:

1. Amount of work: Using this measure, Minecraft clearly comes out on top. I'm not insulting Terraria in any way, but making something in 3D is inherently harder than making something in 2D. It involves a whole new direction, which requires a lot of rendering code, more behavior code for mobs, more bugs (like TNT duping and quasi-connectivity), and, in general, a lot more work.

2. Qualities: This is the hard part. Both are different types of games. Terraria is an RPG-style game that incorporates some sandbox elements, which I find neat. Minecraft is a sandbox game that incorporates a little bit of RPG into it. There is no decisive "better".

Because I play Minecraft, I enjoy Minecraft more. Minecraft actually has a lot more content than you think, from getting the "How did we get here" achievement to making Minecraft in Minecraft. Yeah, there's a lot to do. I'd probably like to try Terraria at some point though. :D

I would like to point out that many people who flock to this list are primarily players who play Terraria a lot, and therefore have a bias towards Terraria. I respect your opinion, but before calling Minecraft players "8-year-olds that scream and take drugs" (I'm a 12-year-old), please ask yourself, "What are some good qualities of Minecraft?".

2 Over 100 guns, weapons, and powers

Minecraft and Terraria are both very well developed games, but Terraria still is many times better. Minecraft: very few tiers, low ore count. Terraria: Many diverse tiers, items, enemies, bosses, classes, and so much more. If you prefer Minecraft, then that's your choice, and I respect that. But if you've never played Terraria before, I implore you to at least try to brave challenges. And, who knows, maybe you will accept the challenge. Maybe you will become a legend. Perhaps one day, you will free Terraria from Cthulu's grip upon the lands. Perhaps one day, a god will fall beneath your feet.

3 More creative

What does Minecraft have for a boss? A damage-spitting-dragon and a black thing that shoots. What does Terraria have for a boss? A giant slime (actually 2 of them), a great eyeball, a segmented worm, a brain, a giant bee, a skeleton, a laser wall, a bunch of mechanical stuff, a giant moving plant, a queen of the hallows, a weird red thingy with giant fists, a half-wizard half-person, a flying fish and Cthulhu himself. Which one sounds better? (Tbh I don't know myself)

Why is this even here? Minecraft and Terraria are creative in different ways. You can build in 2D, and use walls and platforms to make it look 3D, and some people enjoy 2D. In Minecraft, you can build in 3D, which some people enjoy. Again, it's a split road between 3D and 2D.

4 More content and updates

MC Update: Oh, look, I waited a year and a half for one new boring mob, a new sword and eight new items! How boring.

Terraria Update: Finally! The update I waited two years for is out! It adds 2 new bosses, 7 new mini-bosses, 1,000 new items, an entire new class, new weapons and armour!

In Minecraft, nothing is a struggle, because you are the predator. But in Terraria where thousands of demons and creatures lurk around every corner, you become the prey, which makes Terraria at least ten times better than Minecraft.

Minecraft: have an improvement to the nether even though it took years of begging

Terraria: Take 1000 new items for free.

5 More combat

To me, the combat update was a massive disappointment. Here's how.
Minecraft had only 6 weapons. Did the combat update change that? Nope. No new weapon added. Ffs the community wanted crossbows, muskets, clubs VANILLA. The only good things added to the game during the update were different arrows and dual wielding. Yes, sure quality over quantity, but still, Terraria beats Minecraft on that. Now, do yourself a favour, and go to the Terraria wiki, and look how many weapons added in the (glorious) 1.3 update. I may seem like an elitist, but lol whatevs.

6 More ways to complete the game
7 Better character appearance

I always hated it that in minecraft you have to go through lot's of pain and searching "how to change your skin in mincrrft", in terraria, you just create a character without any confusion.

In MC, you see naked boys and girls. what BRUH. In Terraria, you see guys with wings, armor, and it looks like he is about to kill you. In MC, you see noobies that are hulk and just plain perverts.

8 Terraria was made several months before Minecraft

It is true that all of Terraria's bosses were made before Minecraft was out of Beta, and it is possible that Minecraft copied partly, but there is such thing as INSPIRATION. INSPIRATION is when you see something amazing and try to do something similar (reasons may vary - this is NOT a textbook ). But think about this: it is MUCH easier to program a 2D world than a 3D world: you don't have to design sides of blocks, you can just go crazy w/ pixel art, and you don't have to program the physics in a certain way. Plus, in Minecraft, a couple of blocks have different physics. Then when they add mobs and bosses, both parties have to program AI, health, animations, drops, etc. So basically, Minecraft may or may not be a rip off, and Terraria may or may not have a bit too much of Minecraft's aspects. But it's your choice to let it matter.

9 Better ores and armor

MC no mods ore= BARELY Terraria no mods= A TON; kill WOF, 4+ more ores! Minecraft has crappy armor while terraria has more than 10 sets of armor!

There is WAY WAY WAY more ores and armor. Minecraft only has Iron, Gold and Diamond. ONLY 3! what! Terraria I'm the other hand has Copper Short Sword, Wood armor if you just starting, all though say up to The Legendary Terra Blade and Turtle Armor! Oh, by though way, I'm trying to beat the Twins but whenever one of them transforms, they just keep raming into me. I have to magic mirror back to base for the nurse, but they Killed her (bastards). She respawned. I'm just wondering what to do next. ANY TIPS? #TERRARIAFTW

10 Items never break

Let's say there's a sword that took you WEEKS to make (gathering materials), but like after 2 days it breaks. That would be the WORST thing ever.

I think this is a neat addition. Do you know how many times I have to replace an item in Minecraft? Usually about 5 times a play.

Terraria bosses would be invincible if you would only had 1 breakable sword. Minecraft? No problem.

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11 Better graphics

Do graphics matter? I agree that Minecraft's graphics suck, but graphics don't count on determining the greatness of games. For example, Pokemon Red had crap graphics, but it's gameplay was more solid then Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Some people would say, "3D is way better! " But you can get sick by playing Minecraft in a vehicle much easier. Terrraria
Can take you back to a time when its graphics were the best you can get. In my opinion, they still are, along with other graphics.

To the comment below:
My dad (who was born in the 1960's) said that Terraria looked like a game from the 80's.
Just some cool info I thought I'd share...

12 More fun to play by yourself

I red all these reasons and I heavily agree, the main reason because Terraria is better than Minecraft is that Terraria is small, but it's full of things to do, Minecraft is big, but it's literally empty! It has no meaning, no story, no music (just a boring piano melody), no complex stuff in general, and people who work at Mojang are so slow or idiots (a 15 years-old boy can create wonderful mods and a whole team can't! )
Terraria is better.
I'm sorry if I made grammatical errors. Bye.

This is true, because every time I play minecraft I have to get a friend online to play with me because otherwise I'll play terraria and actually have a bunch of stuff to do.

13 More enemies

I used to like minecraft more than terraria but now the tables have turned. Compare the 2 minecraft bosses to the 7 Pre-hardmod terraria bosses. Ender dragon (200 health) VS King Slime (2000 health).

In Minecraft there is 'bout... 10 mobs? And in TERRARIA there is about 1000 mobs! Can you see the difference?

Minecraft isn't about fighting and combat, it's about creativity.

Plus all Minecraft mobs are unique and not reskins of others. (How many zombie like creatures in Terraria? A load)

14 You can collect costumes

You have vanity sets which give you a chance to express yourself, or just look plain cool. Heck, you can even put armor on the vanity set area. I like the creeper suit, or the sun mask, as my favorite.

There is no better feeling than defeating the Moon Lord with a fish costume.

You can collect costumes in terraria, in Minecraft Only dyed leather armor

15 You can fight a gigantic mechanical santa

Robots are cool. Giant is the adjective of awesome. Santa is fat. Lets say it together... "Lets fight a cool, awesome fatty! "

With epic music in the background, while he shoots with a chain gun at you.

Ok nothing needs to be said you get to fight the big man himself.

16 Lasts longer

I never thought of that. Thank you for opening my mind to that evidence. I am writing an argumentative piece on whether Minecraft or Terraria is the better video game. I have been looking for a way to convince my friends that Terraria was better than Minecraft for years, but I was always defeated when they said Minecraft has the option between creative mode and survival mode.
I tried to say there was SO much to do in Terraria, but then they said Minecraft does, too. I have not thought of better evidence than this yet, and I do not think I ever will. I am very glad you were willing to share your idea in why you believe that Terraria is better than Minecraft.
An example in why Terraria lasts longer than Minecraft is I have been playing Terraria for over 5 years now, and I still can not beat "Duke Fisheron", the second hardest boss in the game, for now before "Cthulu" is released. I have been playing Minecraft for 5 months now, and I have full diamond armor and all the diamond tools in all 12 of my survival worlds.
I hope this comment could help you decide whether Minecraft or Terraria was the better video game. (Go team Terraria! )

17 Better mods

Literally, Minecraft mods mostly are like, One item mods or ripoffs of games plus stupid names, and plus, the games they copy have copyright most likely. Terarria Mods are amazing add like at least 3 new bosses and 100 mobs, and have cool names and plus they add around 200 items, and add 50 extra hours of gameplay

For all the people saying Minecraft has a better mod community, Minecraft has a BIGGER mod community. Very few add actual good and useful modifications to the game, while Terraria mods add 2x more content then originally intended.

18 Less lag

There may be no lag, but I can't count how many times me or my friend couldn't join other friend's worlds or just lost connection and left.

Terraria is still miles better.

This isn't a real argument, lag depends on your machine and your Internet (for ping).
But it is true that Minecraft is horribly unoptimised.

Terraria lags more. But other reasons outweigh this.

19 Terraria has music and sounds for each biome

Nostalgic music definitely hits different. It's like, you can still remember the visuals years later while forgetting the soundtrack, so just hearing the music again feels like childhood ;-;

Minecraft always has that annoying tune. Terraria? Nah fam.

To be honest I like the Minecraft soundtrack a lot better.

20 You can save characters and go on other worlds

In Minecraft, when you go to another world / server, you have to redo all your "hard work". Unlike Terraria, you can save all your weapons, items and gear with you on another world / server. You can continue your journey in Terraria without having to redo all the things you did, such as fighting a hard boss.

And you can trade with your friends. For example, imagine you wanted to trade 50 truffle worms for the possessed hatchet, you can go with you saved items and give your friend the hatchet. Easy! In minecraft, you can't even trade much, AND you can't get your stuff in other worlds. If world hopping in Terraria didn't exist, I would've never got the scourge of the corrupter and vampire knives. - astroshark

21 More mature community

I love the fact that this kid going threw out the entire thing and writing "Terraria is STUPID" is just proving our point.

Way better community. I believe that terraria wont lose its happy community due to the fact that it is better than minecraft to begin with. the pegi 12 rating brings in more mature people to play it and the oblivious 7 year olds are entertaining to us, we don't want to be like them.

Minecraft community: 90% kids. 9% teens and 1% adultsTerraria community: 15% kids 25% adults and 60% teens

22 More items

Try and get the rod of discord before saying you got everything. Did I mention the extra 150+ items? Also, did I mention Minecraft has 10-50 items?

You can give it to the goblin at a price and you can get better or worse prefixes, which help you in battle.

the terra blade can shoot glowing swords at you mouse pointer,

the paladin's hammer is like a boomerang,

the lord's holy hand grenade is the best explosive device in terraria and

the stuff in the locked chests in the dungeon.

Terraria has more items. got over 2000 items and blocks got more damagable weapons than just wooden swords and golden pickaxes! want a challenge? Go get the slime staff!

4.Last item you get is celestial sigil,the first one is dirt block

5.dirt block being 1st block,celestial sigil being 3001th item! That is a lot of items!

23 More exciting

Yeah, I know, lot's of people say, "Minecraft has kool mods! Derm! " But let's be real here... The only reason Minecraft has these "kool" mods, is because the game is so darn limited! "Oh, but there is kool looking' castles, and Mine Carts 030." come on people, let's be real. Minecraft is now becoming a corrupted compilation of everything the fans want, instead of an actual game. Terraria has never (and hopefully will never) have this problem

After a while minecraft gets boring for people more into their teens. Minecraft is overall a boring game for those who A-aren't under 8 years old, B-are more creative thinkers. Creative thinkers tend to have a lot more expectations for popular games and so therefore get dissapointed and easily bored by the limited content of the game called minecraft

24 More of a challenge

In Terraria, you can spend hours preparing for a boss, or even fighting normal monsters. The only challenge in Minecraft, like someone already said, is to not get blown up by a walking penis meant to be a pig.

Minecraft is about building. Survival mode should not even exist. It is normal for sandboxes to not have a challenge. I hope people understand that.

How is Minecraft challenging when you can just walk over to your bed and skip the whole night? In terraria it only sets your spawn point so it actually makes you go out and do something and not be a lazy butt

25 It's 2-D

I'd rather get motion sick than fell like I am cheating in a game.

So for all the triggered peeps, you saying sonic 06 is better than sonic 1? NO

You can see an enemy that is behind you.

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