Top 10 Strongest League of Stickman Characters

On this list I will show you the strongest characters on League of Stickman game such as BM, Samurai, Ninja, etc.
The Top Ten
1 BM

BM has been my favorite hero since I first played LoS. When I use him, he can beat the 5 Star Elite Boss where Samurai fails.

BM is my favorite and also my best character. He is a living legend and has two cool skins. I think BM is the strongest character because his skills are good and have high damage. Also, BM is the main character in League of Stickman.

Super powerful, only costs 800 gems, hits really hard, and can heal if things go south. The only downside is that his skills take a long time to recharge.

2 Samurai

Samurai is also my favorite character. His fast and deadly moves make him my number two. I like BM because of his cool skin, long sword, and impressive skills.

The most OP character here. I focus mainly on his attack power, making it hard to touch him, and he hits like a million trucks. Plus, his skills have a low cooldown.

He is the best! His attacks are powerful, he is very fast, and he is a very difficult opponent to beat.

3 Ninja

Ninja is the newest character in League of Stickman. His appearance is similar to a ninja from mid-Japanese history. His skin and skills are so awesome. Ninja is a great character.

4 Kalpa

Kalpa is a cool, awesome, and strong character in League of Stickman. His cool skin and the blade attached to his hand are awesome. His skills are also very deadly.

This character is honestly the best and is quite underrated, even by the developers, as he got only 3 stars. Even so, he is deadly, affordable, and probably the best character to get for 500 gems or less.

5 Raven

Raven is the strongest female character in League of Stickman. Her beautiful pink skin, big sword, and strong skills make her the best female character in League of Stickman.

Amazing. She costs 800 gems and is a very powerful 5-star character.

6 Hunter

I just got her, and let me say that she is such a good hero! She has great skills to destroy the enemies.

First, I will talk about the ultimate skill. It involves Hunter shooting many arrows in the same direction. This ability is very useful and can get you out of many difficult situations.

Her third skill shoots a burst of arrows. It's good burst damage if you need a quick source of damage.

Her second skill is a multi-segment attack. She first dashes and kicks simultaneously, then she kicks again in a spin kick. Next, she kicks a few times in front of her, and finally, she slashes her crossbow to attack. After that, she spins it before putting it back in its holder, causing a lot of damage to anything near her.

Her first skill involves jumping up and shooting arrows in a few places in front of her.

7 Feist

Feist is a yellow character that doesn't have a weapon. His weapon is only his fist. But he is a cool, tough, and awesome character. I think he is one of the strongest characters in League of Stickman.

Awesome character to pick up for early game. I would recommend getting him first, then getting Sven.

8 Monkey

The Sun Go Kong-like character in League of Stickman. While Monkey lacks strength and skill, his agility and deadly moves are his primary weapons. Speaking of weapons, Monkey's weapon is a staff similar to the one Sun Go Kong has.

Monkey has a similar playstyle to BM. He looks very playful and is a force to be reckoned with.

9 Monk

Monk is a green character with a unique weapon. He is one of the strongest and most awesome characters in League of Stickman. He may lack some skills, but I think he is a strong character.

Honestly, a great character. Beats a lot of my higher-level characters. Amazing character. Very solid with a large damage area.

Absolutely amazing, with high damage and good long-range melee attacks. I enjoy using him a lot.

10 Taoist

Awesome character because he's just so very powerful. He can summon minions which do a ton of damage and is a great character overall.

The Contenders
11 Fox

FOX is one of my favorite heroes, next to SAMURAI, because her skills deal a lot of damage and hit multiple enemies at the same time. The cooldown is fast. So, I think FOX is a great hero and deserves to be in the top hero list.

FOX is one of my favorite heroes, next to SAMURAI. Her skills deal a lot of damage and hit multiple enemies at the same time. The cooldown is fast, and she's such a beautiful character.

12 Zilong

Zilong is a strong, cool, and awesome character. His weapon is a long spear. Zilong is one of the strongest characters.

Very good character with high damage. Also, his name means purple dragon.

13 Rose

Does so much damage, well worth the 2000 gems.

Definitely should be in the top ten. She does the second most damage out of every character. High price, but it reflects her power.

14 Zero

A very cool and powerful character. I am surprised to see that no one uses him.

15 Reaper

Looks cool and sounds cool. Like seriously, a reaper in a stickman game? These devs are the best!

16 Prince
17 Bladey

Her attacks can be melee or ranged. Each skill does a lot of damage and can hit multiple enemies at once.

Same reason as the first guy to vote for her.

18 Zack
19 Klown

Can solo the third boss without any equipment, runes, or stats upgrades.

20 Gus

Best starter hero in the game. You can build him as a tank as you progress.

21 Athy

The game forces you to get her, but you will see she is a good character!

22 OOF
23 Shooter
24 Sven
25 Spartan
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