Top Ten Mario Kart Tracks with the Best Music

An attempt to make a racing series as a spin-off of a franchise usually fails. Not for Mario Kart though. Nintendo also happens to make great music for their video games and the Mario Kart series is no exception. If you weren't so focused on watching for blue shells then you might have noticed the amazing music and some of the tracks. So let us get started
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1 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 64 Cover Art

If someone is hearing this he will probably start crying(also something more that I noticed is that it is also the longest Mario Kart theme of all time?)

Someone listening to this track today could be like "There's no way some sweet, space-vibes song like this could fit in the Nintendo 64". Well, you thought wrong. Nostalgia and space vibes do take place in this wonderful music track. Especially for this 6 minute long, boring race track.

Both the original and the Mario Kart 8 version are great

2 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 7 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 7 Cover Art

It is considered as the most emotional of all the Rainbow Road themes in the entire series, and even samples N64's rainbow road theme. Wow this is amazing

Best song in the series by miles. In my top 3 best video game songs.

3 Coconut Mall - Mario Kart Wii

Now This track is just catchy. It represents the shopping vibe, and even gained a little Popularity on the side of YouTube. It's great music for a beloved track. Unless you kept driving up the wrong escalator every time.

Super duper catchy. Need to say more?

4 Cloudtop Cruise - Mario Kart 8

This epic track gives some sweet adventurous vibes on this chaotic track. This can even give listeners some Super Mario Galaxy vibes- Oh wait, this remixes the theme of one of their songs!

5 Waluigi Pinball - Mario Kart DS

My favourite is still SNES rainbow road on gba (believe it or not) but this makes a close second

6 Electrodrome - Mario Kart 8

You would not think this is from Mario kart when you hear this for the first time. This is great, rocking, electric but memorable music that has a capital ENERGY written all over it. Of course this makes the track a fan favorite in the series.

7 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart Wii

Best song ever

8 Toad's Factory - Mario Kart Wii

Extended version is really good

9 Waluigi Stadium - Mario Kart Double Dash

Here is the nostalgic song that seems quite victorious in my opinion, and somehow seems like something pretty dancey...

10 Mario Circuit - Mario Kart Double Dash

Another nostalgic track. This one has underused instruments that make the track sound very charmy and makes this feel, well, charmy. That's really as much as I can say to describe this.

The Contenders
11 DK Summit - Mario Kart Wii

#15 out of 16? Just listen to it again, this is by far the best in the whole series!

12 Bowser's Castle - Mario Kart 64

Yep, they managed to combine eerie effects and still make it feel like the music belongs to a track in the Mario kart Series

13 Sky Garden - Mario Kart: Super Circuit
14 Mario Circuit - Super Mario Kart Mario Circuit - Super Mario Kart Cover Art

What can I say, it is an Iconic classic music piece

15 Moo Moo Farm - Mario Kart 64
16 Maple Treeway - Mario Kart Wii
17 Airship Fortress - Mario Kart DS
18 Bowser's Castle - Mario Kart 7

Try this on for size! This is a good one!

19 Figure 8 Circuit - Mario Kart DS

One of the best songs, underrated

20 DS Tick Tock Clock - Mario Kart 8

The reason I chose the Mario Kart 8 one, was because the original was just plain. This, however, was more bouncy and makes it feel like it actually has that clock theme.

21 Mushroom Bridge - Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Very catchy in my opinion

22 Sherbet Land - Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Overall, this song brings me back to the first time I ever play Mario Kart on my GameCube. I loved this course and this song from the first time I heard it!

23 Choco Mountain - Mario Kart 64

Only the best theme to listen to when driving through a mountain with rocks falling!

EASILY the best soundtrack in the entire series!

24 Koopa Cape - Mario Kart Wii
25 Bowser's Castle 1- Mario Kart GBA
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