Best Planets in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

While not talked about quite as much as the weapons and characters, I think that the design of the worlds in the RaC series is also highly important.
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1 Joba

The place with the giant arena is obviously going to be one of the most fun areas in the game. The arena itself is quite fun and I love the racetrack on this planet. The stuff leading up to the arena is also well designed and unique, especially that part with the dynamo.

2 Tonado

The weapons facility is a great area for many different reasons. The squirrels are funny, especially around the robot kids, and detonating the rockets is always good for a laugh. Additionally, the fact that the armor magnetizer is hidden nicely promotes exploration and a keen eye. My only small complaint is that the infiltrator puzzle to get the nanotech boost is absolute garbage.

3 Barlow

I like the concept of this planet being affiliated by many different parties including Gadgetron and Thugs 4 Less, but eventually becoming completely barren with no one but the desert riders remaining. The level itself has a really nice mix of gadget usage and gunplay. I also think that the races in this game are all really fun, so bonus points for that.

4 Burbank

Yes, I'm actually including the Insomniac Museum, and yes, it's one of my favorite places in this game. The amount of cool cut stuff from the game kept me interested for a long time. The voiceovers are fun, and I love the things like the shot creator and the weird vehicle. I think that this is a great reward for getting 100% (or cheating, whichever one you did).

5 Smolg

The setting for this level is quite creative. The fact that everything is set up on large floating platforms makes for some nice scenery. The factory portion of the level is also quite nice.

6 Boldan

The use of the gravity boots and the general aesthetic of the area make it great. This is also the place where you can enter the Insomniac Museum, the glitched way is too funny and easy to not mention it. My issues with this area are the nanotech boost only appearing every other hour and the poor design of the rail grind section. You can't see the obstacles half the time until it's too late.

7 Oozla

The pacing and difficulty are both on point here, as is to be expected from the first area. My main problem is that the area doesn't have much variation throughout. Both paths feel very similar, even if they have different scenery. I do really like the hidden boss, both for his design and the fact that it gets you the box breaker.

8 Damosel

I love a lot about this place. The enemies are intimidating and powerful, the setting is nice, and the grid rail section is awesome. My one issue with it is that awful giant clank section, which takes way too long to beat.

9 Notak

The setting of this place is nice and I like the enemies in general. I don't really like the thermanator section because of how much slower the pace is. I also was extremely disappointed when I went all the way through the promenade, only to find that my reward was nothing more than a nanotech boost.

10 Maktar Nebula

I found this to be a decent, albeit simple area. My concerns mostly lie with how easy the arena is and a glitch that made the jump pads on the moon not carry me as far as it should have. This meant that I had to perfectly aim myself to reach a platform, and it took me over 30 minutes when it usually wasn't even a slight problem. The area in general is very nice though.

The Contenders
11 Snivelak

Did I spell it right? Anyway, it looks quite good, but there are a few flaws. Without the right weapons, it's nearly impossible to beat, although it creates a good, eerie atmosphere.

12 Endako

This planet is alright, missing a few points out here and there, but overall average.

13 Dobbo
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