Best Super Smash Flash 2 Final Smashes

We all loved this game before Flash stopped being supported. So in memory of it, I made this list. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Lloyd's Falcon's Crest

Lloyd has always been my best character, and I think his final smash is good. I especially like the close-up shot of him before he slams down his sword. "I'll show you! Divine justice!"

2 Sonic's Super Sonic

It has his "Now I'll show you!" line from Brawl, which is what everyone loved about him. Also, pixel Super Sonic looks nice and badass.

3 Mega Man's Mega Legends
4 Bandana Dee's Flare Beam

I remember going into Training and selecting him so I could see what it was. I was expecting a rip-off of King Dedede's final smash from Brawl, but when I saw what it was, I loved it. It's a nice nod to Return to Dreamland.

5 Goku's Meteor Combination
6 Waluigi's Vine Megastrike

I know I've said I hate him, but his final smash is actually pretty cool.

7 Bowser's Giga Bowser

I got a triple KO with it once and felt really satisfied. Also, pixel Giga Bowser looks very good.

8 Rayman's Bzzit

It was this game that got me into him and his final smash. I was battling against someone who had picked him, and he used this. I didn't know what to expect when I saw him whistle, but when I saw the bug, I really liked it. It's just like the insects in Origins.

9 Kirby's Cook Kirby

It's strange that they picked this one and not Ultra Sword.

I love that they did this. It's actually pretty funny.

10 Sora's Trinity Limit

It's cool how you can mash the O key to increase the amount of damage you do.

The Contenders
11 Sheik / Zelda's Light Arrow

I like the ones they have in Ultimate where Zelda has Triforce of Wisdom and Sheik has Sheikah Dance.

12 Meta Knight's Galaxia Darkness

If you get trapped in that cape, you're done.

13 Pichu's Electric Terrain
14 Luigi's Poltergust 5000

Better than his actual Brawl one. We don't need Jojo memes in that game.

15 Sandbag's Home-Run Combo

I just like that Sandbag is even a character in the first place, but the final smash is cool.

Pretty powerful. I've never gotten hit by it, but I've seen my opponents suffer from it.

16 Yoshi's Super Dragon
17 Simon's Grand Cross
18 Fox's Landmaster
19 Donkey Kong's Arcade

I wish they put in the brawl one.

20 Ryu's Shin Shoryuken

I hope I spelled it right. Cool that he has two like in the other games.

21 Tails's Tornado

I kind of liked the older one, but it's cool.

22 Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon

I don't get the pose he does at the end of it.

23 Pit's Three Sacred Treasures

Smart choice not going with Palutena's Army. It's too similar to King Dedede's, and I think they were scared Pit was going to get memed.

24 Falco's Arwing

Now when he says, "Personally, I prefer the air," it makes more sense.

25 Samus's Zero Laser

And thank God that she doesn't turn into Zero Suit Samus in this one.

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