Top 10 Friday Night Funkin' Characters

Here's a list of characters from the game Friday Night Funkin'. Characters who are from mods (e.g Whitty or Hex) aren't in consideration canon characters as they are well, mods only meanwhile characters like Pico, Skid and Pump, Tankman, Hank and Cassette Girl (Hank and CG being yet to be added in the game) are crossover characters.
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1 Pico

I know Pico from his own games (Pico's School, Pico vs Uberkids, etc.) but he's still my favorite FNF character. I hope he'll appear more in the full game or be a playable character so I can stop annoying my family with his week. How could you not like someone who took out an alien who tried to destroy the human race (aka Cassandra) and is the only student out of 8 kids to have ate an apple?

Pico was also popular in 1999, Tom Fulp is the creator of Pico's school Pico's school 2 Nene interactive suicide Pico's school: Love conquers all. Thanks to him Friday Night Funkin' would've been extinct.

I just noticed, there are 4 people who talk/sing with words while rapping:

Pico (he has lyrics in his songs)
Tankman (he speaks during his cutscenes and in one of his songs: "Pretty good.")
Monster (he literally sings words with his slightly deep voice)
Girlfriend (in the Tutorial song, she sings the words "up, down, left, right". Nothing else.

This is Boyfriend's ex. He reconized him and instead of killing him like how girlfriend's dad hired him to do and raps with Boyfriend instead, heck he even helps both Boyfriend and Girlfriend in Week 7

2 Boyfriend

Game's protagonist, alias the Player. He goes with his Girlfriend on a lot of dangerous situations without even knowing, they are confirmed to be both stupid, he beaten Daddy Dearest and the Mom twice (Horroland) also Pico, Senpai and Tankman. Invincible I must say in mods but acted like a jerk in some mods a bit rather than who he himself is, that makes him out of character but eh

Canon boyfriend better than mod version. He just wants Daddy Dearest to let him date Girlfriend and the mod version is him rap battling others for no reason at all

His attitude in mods annoys me. the parts where he raps some people for no reason while they were just looking for their own business I do love his cute beeps though

I love him, but he needs to date people his age, Pico was 9 when he dated Kieth, and know, 2 years later, he is 19 and now dates 12 year old Girlfriend.

3 Tankman

The mascot of Newgrounds (Pico used to be back in 1999 until the 2000's) a classic flash and game website pretty popular, gotten back recognition from this game. BF and GF fall in the desert where they encounter the base of Tankman, GF is hostage and Tankman rap battles rather than killing them. At the third song he says his soldiers to kill Girlfriend, but it's not the case: Boom! Pico appears as he was summoned by her and he shoots all the Tankmen while BF holds GF rapping against Tankman himself. by the way Guns is such a banger

Again, Tankman is another one of my favorites other than Pico. Haven't listened to or played Week 7, but I'm planning to soon! His lil peace sign sprite is adorable I don't know why.

I like him. Sure the insults he throws at you if you get a game over are annoying, but I like him a lot. His design is cool and I like the voice he has.

Tankman is my favorite! He's so hilarious, especially in the series!

4 Girlfriend

The protagonist's love interest. She seems like a lady but she is a demon considering how her parents are demons themselves, she again isn't aware of danger along with her boyfriend like I said before, it makes me curious if actually there be a battle of her demon form to show if BF is worth to be her lover

She is a cute and beautiful teenage demon. I love her because she is loving and supportive to her boyfriend, but can be a bit dense at times.

I hate how people keep saying that she's evil, the creator didn't confirmed anything of that. She is just naive and all of this "Girlfriend is evil" came from the mods

Uninteresting character :/, while she encourages the player every time I feel like she needs some character development along with Boyfriend

5 Pump

From Sr Pelo's Spooky Month clips on YouTube. They are best friends and go on Spooky Month, and they appear in Week 2 as rapping against BF and have pretty nice songs (Spookez is fire)

It's a spooky month!
Meant for both of them but since this has them separated I had to comment on one of them

I'm going to say it. Pump is the better spooky kid in my opinion.

"Skid, it is not Spooky Month!"

6 Skid

He is obsessed with October.

Very cute and good songs.

See the obvious comment

Skid"It's a spooky month!"

7 Monster

Known appearing in Week 2 as a secret song in the files at debug menu, he got later officially added into the game at the Newgrounds version, he also appears in Week 5 after the singing with GF's parents. The lore is that he tricked Skid and Pump into thinking Girlfriend is a candy so they could give her to him but failed, he is also known to be called "Lemon Demon" which most people would like to call him. Ps he has gruesome sounding songs

Best character, and potential origin of the corrupted mods.

I am including Lemon Monster in my corruption mod, but it might not be canon

Imagine him having his own week (just him not like appearing in Week 2 and 5 at the third song) and original songs. The songs would be grotesque and creepy...

He was supposed to appear in Week 2 as a third song. I don't know why was that scrapped

8 Mommy Mearest

Sorry to break you to all but her name ain't Mommy Mearest. The Google search engine claiming it doesn't sound like a valid reason, the name "Mearest" is supposed to copy Daddy's Dearest name as what even mearest is supposed to mean? There needs to be actual confirmation for her name by the creators, claiming it doesn't help. Pico had his week named after his name so who knows if she's possibly "Mommy Must Murder" but rather gets called "The Mom". Headcanon: Her name must be Mommy (without Mearest because what a stupid name it is)

The mother of Girlfriend. A current popstar, she interfered with GF and BF's relationship so they rap battled and got beaten. She later returns in Week 5 with Daddy Dearest (her husband), her songs are pretty memorable like M.I.L.F which is hard enough on difficulty, beauty character too

Her singing like angel makes me wanna think she's an angel (Yea I know she's a demon though) but her songs are pop. I also liked her character design, now I know why she's a karen and overprotective to her daughter because she wants the best for her daughter and also "Mother knows best"

She's the one who made my sister realize she's lesbian.

9 Daddy Dearest

I literally hated him before, because of how he's too much of an overprotective to his daughter. But y'know like any other father he would do anything for her daughter. And also being overprotective is mean you really care and want the best. (But I still don't want him to be mah father UnU)

He hired Pico from Pico's School to kill Boyfriend but failed, and what if he hires Hank from Madness Combat to kill Boyfriend? Now that's an skilled assassin to do a job like that

He literally goes after every mod just to protect his little girl (and by girl I meant demon).

I just think he's a bit protective. Watch the Shyrell mod to see what I mean.

10 Senpai

Known for appearing in Week 6 in a pixelated style. He raps with Boyfriend to win GF's heart while his admires cheer for him in the background, the second song he becomes angry and says some uncanny stuff towards BF and his admires are mad too. In the final song a character by the name of spirit breaks from inside him, wanting to take his revenge on Daddy Dearest for trapping him in the game. You can hear him at the final of the song Thorns saying "Don't leave me here", pros that this week was amazing for me

Honestly, despite the fact he threatens to rip Boyfriends nuts off, I honestly love him! He isn't too bad, as an antagonist!

His 32 bit design is amazing the creator of him really took time for his character design, (And sprites lol) I love how he's the typical character for girls to love in school because he's handsome tho.

He's alright. Needs to tone it down on the violence though.

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11 Spirit

Apparently, Spirit is an actual human that was trapped in the body of Senpai. Not only that but Daddy Dearest is the one who trapped him in there. He is also supposedly the one who trapped Boyfriend and Girlfriend in that game. So when he says, "I'll make her father pay for what he's done to me and the others", he's referring to Girlfriend's father. Spirit said he was going to take Boyfriend's body if he won because that way, he could escape and get his revenge.

Known for appearing in the third song of Week 6, spirit's the name in the game's files.

Red ghost thingy

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