Best Super Mario Galaxy 2 Worlds

The Top Ten
1 World 6. Bowser in Your Sights

Overall World 6 is pretty good and climactic world overall. Even though it's pretty embarassing how it got beaten by the first world in the game, let's remember that one was exceptional. And..., overall some of the levels in this World were pretty underwhelming and it felt as if this is the place where all the wasted and unoriginal concepts was thrown in. But that doesn't mean it's bad, because it's good. But let's get over with the flawed galaxies first, namely Melty Monster, Flash Black Galaxy and Battle Belt Galaxy. All of these ones feel forgettable and uninspired, as one has a freakin' bowling arena in a lava stage, the other is a minor galaxy with an annoying feature, and the latter is just a "defeat the enemies to get to the next planet." However as for good galaxies, this World sure has them! Clockwork Ruins is a really interesting ruin stage with a lot of platforming and an interesting vibe, Slimy Spring Galaxy is an interesting galaxy taking place mostly just underwater but it has an interesting setting, and Throwback Galaxy (personal favourite in this world) is a re-creation of Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64 and it really flows amazing. And for once the Bowser galaxy is actually awesome! It's super climactic and the overall design really tests your skills about the game. Overall World 6 has its really great moments, but also some weak moments which brings it down a few spots.


2 World 2. Shooting Through the Stars

After the great world that was World 1, its follow-up felt somehow blander and less interesting. No doubt, it's still very fun, but there was something missing that World 1 had. Oh yeah that's right... the galaxies themselves felt a bit bland. World 1 felt really colourful and imaginative, while World 2 had a less soothing colour palette for its galaxies. I mean sure it still has its ups, I mean Cosmic Cove and Puzzle Plank are both among the best galaxies the game has to offer, but that's really it. Wild Glide Galaxy is fun but it had some wasted potential. Bowser's Lava Lair is just a basic Bowser level, High Tail Falls showcases the Dash Pepper really well, but the galaxy itself feels un-organic, and same goes for Boulder Bowl. These are all fun galaxies but they could've been better easily. And Honeybloom is just bland overall, not much else to say there. Overall it's a fun world but it clearly has its flaws.


3 World 5. Trial of the Galaxies

This collection of galaxies has got to be about as flawless as we can get when it comes to worlds in the Super Mario Galaxy games as whole. There's not a single bad galaxy, with the two galaxies that are weak, have at least another pros to compensate for the bad, the two of which are Slipsand Galaxy and Fleet Glide Galaxy. The former has one annoying star but also one awesome star, and the latter is a bit underwhelming but it has difficulty. The rest range from awesome to masterpiece. Space Storm, Shiverburn, Upside Dizzy and Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker are all super fun galaxies and some of my favourites overall in the series. The winner has to go to Boo Moon Galaxy though. Each star is immensly fun and interesting to collect, and you actually get to use the Boo Mushroom. What is there to complain about this amazing world?


4 World 1. The Great Space Journey Begins

Has got to be one of the best first worlds in any Mario platformer game in general, even possibly being better than Acorn Plains, Cascade Kingdom, Bob-Omb Battlefield and Bianco Hills. I really enjoyed each and everyone of the galaxies and its stars, and while it may not be amazing or so, they're all really fun. Sky Station and Yoshi Star Galaxy are both really fun starter galaxies and in my opinion stronger than their prequel counterparts Good Egg and Honeyhive Galaxy, and Flip-Swap Galaxy is a really interesting and fun minor galaxy, and so is Rightside Down Galaxy. As for the rest of the galaxies, Spin-Dig Galaxy is the weakest of the bunch, but it's cool, Fluffy-Bluff Galaxy is the best of the bunch with the cloud flower and awesome exploration, and Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla is the weakest of the three Bowser Jr. levels, but it's a lot of fun too. As you can see I'm a fan of this world. It's a great introduction to the game and the simple galaxies it does contain sure do succeed quite well.


5 World 3. The Far Reaches of the Universe

For a long time I considered this to be my favourite world, mostly for one reason, Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet, which to this day might still be my favourite galaxy of all time. The emphasis on using Yoshi for a World Galaxy is not something we see a lot, and that makes it relatively unique. That and it has an incredible difficulty and charming setting, and my favourite boss battle in the entire series, Megahammer. Such a fun and engaging boss battle that himself is better than World 4 from this game combined. The rest of the world is pretty great too, although there aren't as many masterpieces as in World 5. Tall Trunk Galaxy, Cloudy Court Galaxy and Freezy Flake all fall into the awesome tier as they're some huge classics with excellent stars, but the rest have their flaws. Haunty Halls is great but a little bland, Beat Block Galaxy has a cool concept but feels empty, and Rolling Masterpiece is pretty annoying with the motion controls. Overall though, World 3 is excellent and nearly perfect.


6 World 4. The Many Mysteries of the Cosmos

World 4..., let's say it's quite disappointing. Mainly because I had such high expectations for it after how great World 3 was. As soon as we get into the world, the overall atmosphere feels blandish and uninteresting. World 3 felt really beautiful and had a special vibe to it, but with this world, it felt kinda dull. I like the milky way galaxy in the background but the music was meh. And then we get to the galaxies themselves. I don't actually flat-out hate any of the galaxies, moreso dislike them, but they're all pretty underwhelming. Supermassive Galaxy is just rather unoriginal and basic with its overdone giant theme, Flipsville Galaxy's colour palette is pretty ugly, Honeyhop is a bit fun but it's a poor man's Honeyhive Galaxy, Starshine Beach is just incredibly forgettable, and Sweet Mystery is interesting but a bit short. The only galaxy I personally liked (a lot) was Chompworks Galaxy, but even then it's not one of my favourites overall in the game. Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet was a bit fun too I suppose. Overall, World 4 is definitely the weakest world. At least World 2 had its many ups, and a better atmosphere in the world map, this one has not.


7 World S. Here We Go!

A really good Special World. It could've been better, but it's decent for what it is. For the most part, this galaxy contains special galaxies that aren't really based around a normal theme, instead it typically references other Mario games, and that makes it both good and bad. Good because it's nice to play something that gives you nostalgia, but bad because all levels are pretty short and they're not even that difficult. Mario Squared Galaxy takes place on an 8-bit mario and it's fun. Rainbow Coaster is a rolling ball level that takes place on Rainbow Road during daytime, Twisty Trials is Ricco Harbour's secret area from Super Mario Sunshine, and both are decent. Boss Blitz sees us playing through five of the bosses of the original Mario Galaxy, and it's probably the best galaxy in the game. And Flip-Out takes the flipping panels of Flip-Swap Galaxy and makes it ten times better. And Grandmaster Galaxy needs to introduction. Then there's Stone Cyclone Galaxy, which was one planet from Beach Bowl Galaxy in the original game that was absurdly hard, and now it's even more hard. I didn't like it there and still don't, and it is what brings this world down the most but otherwise it's pretty good.