Top 10 Things that Make Video Games Too Easy

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1 Giving the player way too much health

Super Metroid giving Samus a maximum health amount of 19 tanks (counting Reserves), Wario Land 4 giving Wario a maximum health amount of nine hearts (counting the Piece Meter), Cave Story giving Quote a maximum health amount of 50 hearts (55 if he goes for the game's Sacred Grounds ending), et cetera

If another guy gives you a ton of potions of healing, it should be super easy.

Or adding extra lives/health too often.

Fair and unfair at the same time...

2 Over-usage of scripted segments

At making boss monsters

At making bosses

Toby is not good

3 Extremely overpowered attacks and/or weapons

Cave Story alone has the Spur, the Machine Gun, the Blade, the Level 3 Bubbler, the Fireball, you name it
Ratchet & Clank has its default "pistol" and "grenade" weapons, let alone legends like the RYNO
Most irritatingly of all, Skyrim has offense magic dual-castings once the Impact perk is applied to them

4 Constant checkpoints

I don't play any video games with checkpoints, so I don't know about this.

Especially common nowadays, due to chronic over-usage of autosave features

5 Too many health and ammo pickups

Too many generated structures in a Minecraft world, filled with valuable chests. It could be good for people who don't mine as much, though.

Do I even need to explain how much of a problem this has become in Metroid games?
(also, Mario's ability to instantly recover all of his health just by collecting coins in 3D Mario games, enough said)

6 Little or no penalty for failing or dying

Some of Guild Wars 2's only notable flaws in certain recent story missions. If you die, you don't restart the encounter or even get a debuff.

7 Too much hand-holding for mission objectives

Deliberately pinpointing the exact location of every single one of them is something that should be illegal
(by the way, I am also looking at you in particular VERY angrily right now, Metroid Fusion)

8 Checkpoints that automatically restore all of the player's health
9 Never moving out of the "tutorial" progression phase

The original Portal is definitely a major example of this, along with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

10 Easily exploitable enemy AI

In Minecraft, all you have to do to beat a Pillager is to hide behind a wall and start wailing away with swords! It's way too simple!

Minecraft the zombie is just to easy stand there and swing a sword

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11 "Instant health regeneration" mechanic

Does it help the sniper jackals can one shot you from any point of your body while your own marines can take five to their back? I am voting this one, but the mechanic can be used well if it coincides with the lore.

12 Overly generous performance-grading system
13 Being able to stun-lock enemies and bosses to death
14 Weak enemies

It is ridiculous in, "LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures," where you kill enemies in one punch... SOOO ridiculous! I like, "LEGO Indiana Jones The Adventure Continues," Because you have to hit enemies like 5 times before they die.

15 Forced linearity
16 Level design built around bad controls
17 Over-grinding in RPGs
18 Overpowered defense/evasion mechanics

Super Smash Bros is a big example,
although the overpowered dodging mechanics are often what makes it ANNOYING in its case

19 Making enemies melee attackers in a game where your character is a projectile master
20 Lack of strategy requirement in RPGs
21 A generally overpowered main protagonist
22 Excessively short length
23 Automated gameplay
24 Manual dodging mechanics in RPGs
25 Being able to stock up too many items
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