Things That Need to Be Added to Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is an extremely addictive strategy game on IOS and Android devises, the problem is once you hit level 60 it gets a little old, THEY NEED SOME DRASTIC CHANGES!
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1 More Heroes

A hero troop for each type of elixir troop, and dark troops as well. Only able to have 2 defend, but can have them all attack

How about Dragon Lord! That would be the dark elixir troops like the Barbarian King, Archer Queen

Golden Dragon, Dark Ghost, Airtank, Healing Queen. The coolest hero ever in any village game Is shaman in castle clash. One of those in COC would be awesome

SuperCell needs to add a Ninja Pekka and a Golem Warlord and a Mutant Hog Rider!

2 Bigger Village Area

They have increased the village area in the last few updates.

3 Clan Wars

Wow... Looking back 6 years later, I'm so glad that supercell added most of the features listed

This would be so fun!

4 Cheaper Boosts for Collectors and Army Camps

Make them only 1 or 2 gems per 6 hour boost...

5 More Types of Troops

What about a Digger (digs underground paths for other troops regarding golems and giants and air troops for the troops to go through, maybe under a wall or under an Inferno Tower.

I can only imagine, a pyromaniac, fire, long-standing damage, 2 times stronger on wood stuff. Gunners, high hp, long range and medium damage. Explosive, splash damage, low hp and targeting walls, like wall breaker but attacks more then 1 time, no explosion damage! That would be extreme!

6 Make Dark Elixir More Accessible to Low Lvls

It a pretty cool idea

You are so right

7 Clan Alliances

If certain clans can become one then they could go together Ina Lana wars and absolutely beast it. Your friends clan is not good but you want to stay in your clan just form an alliance

With the removal of global chat I think this would be very useful.

Yea, that would enable inter-clan donations! Cool!

8 Shadow League
9 Hay Day Merge

That would ruin the purpose of the game. Bad idea

10 League-Required Advantages
The Contenders
11 New Types of Defense
12 Freezer (The Opposite of the Roaster on Builder Base)
13 Dual Air Sweeper for Builder Base
14 Builder Hut Levels to Make Them Work Faster

Example level 2 builder huts make them work 10% faster etc.

15 Wall Guard

Added troops on thick walls or walls with spikes, heat and no effect by flying units or something

16 Army Wars

The same as clan wars but instead, you place all your troops and spells on the same battlefield as your selected opponent. You can control how long into the battle your spells go off and where you troops and spells are on your side of the battle field. You get to chose 3 weapons and 50 walls and place them anywhere on your side of the battlefield. When the war starts the armies charge at each other and the army with the last troop left wins. The clan with the most wins would win the war and get their clan castle completely filled.

Awesome idea. each member adds 50 troops to the clan army, then we watch the two armies clash!

How is this not higher on the list?

This needs to be added

17 Two Story Walls

But this will just stop air troops. Going over walls is their specialty that needs to be kept. Lots of high level raids only got a 1/2 star. Even though I'm only a Town hall level 7, I watched a lot of videos and replays from stronger people in my clan. So while the dragon is after the wall with rage, the air defense just shoots it down. It would be impossible to get a star with dragon and ballonion attacks. Plus minions and healers would have a hard time. What about hog riders? I mean, their specialty IS to JUMP over walls which is why I use them a lot in clan wars. I hope this idea doesn't go into considerations. Clash On, Awesome!

18 Mega Miner
19 A Higher Lvl Town Hall

I think a town hall 12 update should be added during the summer of 2018.

20 Cannon Crusher
21 Talking to the Other Clan In Clan Wars

I like and hate it at the same time. I don't like it because people might say curse words to us or enemy

This would be fun

22 Easier Ways to get Gems

Agreed, I'm always struggling on gems.

Edit: Thanks gem mine!

23 Practice Fights
24 Arabic Language
25 Get More Treasure
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