Top Ten Shadow of the Colossus Battles

Shadow of the Colossus is a downright beautiful game with its boss battles being one of its best features. With only one or two as an exception these "colossi" are so epic I can barely put it into words. There are 16 in total but only ten can make this list. I would throw out some honourable mentions but that would spoil the list. ENJOY. ALSO SPOILERS.
The Top Ten
1 Avion (5th Colossus)

When you reach the lake where it resides you will discover it is a giant bird-like colossus that wont attack you until you attack it. When you get things moving head to one of three tiny platforms on the lake. When Avion appears to rush towards you GET READY TO JUMP ON ITS HAIRY WING. This is where the fight really shines as you are its sigils while being flown high above the lake on a massive bird that's trying to shake you off with turns and BARREL ROLLS. What makes this fight so memorable is the sheer thrill of bringing this bird down.

2 Phalanx (13th Colossus)

Phalanx might be docile, but the best feelings when fighting it, is when you have to ride Agro to shoot the belly and then you have to catch up to it, to reach its fins/wings. Its amazing, I feel like Agro knows exactly that she had to run faster to keep up with phalanx speed, and when finally had to jump but failed Agro is there, ready to run again and help us. This battle gives me connection and attachment toward Agro. Then before the final battle when Agro had to fall, it just feel so sad, like after all that happened she had to go down. Therefore phalanx battle is the best part.

3 Kuromori (8th Colossus)

Is it just me or is this thing freaky? After a lengthy travel to its lair you will find a giant lizard or salamander or something sitting way below you. After awakening it and starting the fight things get real. It begins to climb the walls and shoot highly damaging POISONOUS bolts at you through its mouth (and really creepily starts waving its head around while doing so). your goal is to shoot two of its legs while its on the walls and get onto its belly while its on the ground. This fight is good because of the tension and challenge surrounding this fight.

4 Dirge (10th Colossus)

The arena is bland but the fight is anything but bland. When you reach a giant room with sand in it. Dirge pops out of the sand as your welcoming party. This fight is high up because of how frighteningly intense it is. After roaming around in the sand for a little bit dirge will begin to HUNT YOU DOWN. As your horse (agro) is a necessity in this fight it is the only thing fast enough to outrun dirge. Eventually its 2 massive eyes will pop out of the sand. You must balance between riding agro and using your bow to shoot dirge in his soul burning eyes and make him crash into the wall. From there you must STAB IT. What makes this fight so amazing is the intensity of being chased by dirge at high speeds set to his own unique and amazing theme song.

5 Argus (15th Colossus)

I love his theme it gives a incredible boss fight! It's like.. "Wow wow wow what will be the last one if this is the 15th? "

6 Barba (6th Colossus)
7 Basaran (9th Colossus)

A great battle, while not being all that innovative since a similar strategy is used in beating Quadratus, it's fun to need Agro and dodge lazers to get on a turtle.

This one is fun because you have to constantly keep moving on Agro. Lure Basaran over a geyser and watch it crash to the ground!

8 Gaius (3rd Colossus)

You first gaze upon its arena from the shores of a lake after a lengthy swim and climb you are on a circular arena high in the sky. When Gaius rises up and up and up you realize it is REALLY TALL and has a giant club-sword thingy as well. When you look around the arena you will notice a metal circle in the ground. get Gaius to give it a smack with its sword. You will then be able to climb up onto its head and strike it down. This fight is memorable because of Gaius' sheer size and the fact that its simplicity really works.

9 Valus (1st Colossus)

I actually thought "This is probably the smallest of all the Colossi. This is going to be amazing! "
Oh, how wrong I was. About the size, at least - the game was still amazing.

Solid fight, great tutorial level and a good start of the game.

10 Cenobia (14th Colossus)

Getting to this colossus is quite a chore and it leads you to a majestic ruined city. When you finally get there you are greeted by the smallest colossus in the game (but far from the weakest). Resembling a lion of sorts it charges you like a bull. In order to progress with Cenobia you must climb an overturned pillar to get to a standing one it will ram the pillar and you jump to the next one. After doing this for a while you must then climb onto a roof and get Cenobia to ram that. It will collapse on it and remove the thick armor surrounding it Then jump on its back and do your thing. The word to describe this fight is COMPLETE. It is challenging and the puzzle in which to defeat is well thought out. And on a side note its ironically the most terrifying colossus for being the smallest.

The Contenders
11 Hydrus (7th Colossus)

When you reach the lake where this thing resides and that cut scene plays you don't what this thing is. Stick around for a bit and you will find out it's a massive eel with electric spikes to boot. It takes a bit but eventually it surfaces to get you and you have to grab onto its rear end and hold on for dear life as it drags you in and out of the water. Your goal is to work your way up its body while dealing with its highly damaging electrical spikes on the way up to its head. This fight is epic because of its size and the fact that it takes you underwater.

12 Malus (16th Colossus)

Yes. I think the final boss is the best one. If it wasn't for phalanx I would call my choice unoriginal. The way there is very unfortunate. As you are trekking across a bridge it begins to break and at the last second your horse (agro) bucks you off and sacrifices itself. After that it's a very long climb to the top. When you get there its not big its not huge its gigantimonus. Standing at 200 feet you can barely see tis face because of the dark storm brewing. Malus wastes no time and begins firing stuff at you. By the time you get to him its another climb. You climb up and up and up then you go from his hand to his arm to his other hand and finally to his head and bring the hulking titan down. What makes this fight the best in the game is the emotion surrounding it. You have fought colossus after colossus, you lost your only companion, and you are so close to reviving your girlfriend but this 200 foot giant stands in the way not to mention the sad but amazing theme that plays in the background. Malus is truly a colossus among boss battles.

13 Quadratus (2nd Colossus)

While Valus (the first colossus) was a pretty good first fight Quadratus would have done it much better. After making your way down to the seaside cave you find the great beast. Resembling a mammoth of sorts it moves very slowly. While still an easy fight it requires all methods of attack. You must shoot it in the foot when it rears up to stomp you and when its down you must climb its back and finish It. While its low because its really easy it does a great job of preparing you for the fights ahead.

14 Phaedra (4th Colossus)

When you arrive it looks like a field with ruin entrances all over the place. Travel to the other end and you will meet the giant horse with crab legs. It moves very slowly but what makes this fight interesting is the gimmick it brings with it. You have to use those ruins A.K. A the environment to lure Phaedra above you. It will look down and you can grab onto its weird chin beads, climb up its face, and start hacking at its head. Using the environment around you against a colossus was a very smart idea

15 Pelagia (12th Colossus)

Pelagia is the best Colossus. Change my mind. Avion is nothing special, he's boring crap. Pelagia is very unique, having no eyes, instead having tusks for eyes, having those teeth on his head, and having the body of a turtle, but a bull's head, Pelagia does not disappoint! Vote Pelagia, more votes for Pelagia. P L E A S E

This colossus has multiple ways of getting on him and defeating him. Not to mention he's big enough that he stands on the bottom of the lake!

I thought I'd make it so all the colossi are on the list.

16 Celosia (11th Colossus)

The only fight that frustrated me, mostly because he can stun-lock you very easily.

Being able to one-shot him with a jump-stab always makes me smile.

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