Biggest Nintendo Fails

There are two videos made by called "Top 10 Playstation Fails" & "Top 10 Xbox Fails". They're both great videos, but to be honest, "Top 10 Xbox Fails" was better. Sorry, Xbox users. According to YouTube, 75% of the people that watched "Top 10 Playstation Fails" liked it & 90% of the people that watched "Top 10 Xbox Fails" liked it. Somebody give an award for making these two great videos. It's time for Microsoft & Sony to learn from their mistakes. However, made a video called "Top 10 Nintendo Fails" & only 41% of the people that watched it liked it. Yeah, the video is that bad. Here are the REAL Nintendo fails. To be honest, Nintendo doesn't have that many mistakes as the Playstation, or Xbox. Maybe, this is why someone made a list of reasons on why Nintendo is better than Microsoft & Sony.
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1 Virtual Boy

The 1990s was too early for virtual reality to be feasible.

It causes seizures and headaches. Perhaps it was intended as a torture device.

Yeah, this is a really big flop for Nintendo, and most people know it from the amount of seizures and headaches people got. Seriously, how is it supposed to be virtual reality when you can see the character you're playing as? If you want a realistic VR game, make it first person, and don't make the screen completely red.

2 Making CD-I Games

It sure is boring around here.
Mai boi, this is a thing all true warriors strive for.
I wonder what's for dinner.
I'm so hungry, I could eat an Oktorok.
Oh, boy! I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!

3 Nintendo 64DD

Nintendo did it because of their CD rivals, and it would be pointless to produce a game for this platform. Perhaps the 64DD will trigger another video game crash.

This is a Japanese add-on for the Nintendo 64.

4 Losing to Philips in Court

Can you believe it? First, Philips demands video games made by Nintendo for their console, also known as CD-I, then they sue Nintendo over motion control. They're killing the Wii U. How could you, Philips?

I hate Philips so much. They are so rude.

5 The Super Mario Bros Movie
6 Nintendo Switch
7 Game Boy Micro

It can't play original Game Boy games, has low lighting, and the faceplates are poorly designed. It also looks dumb and bulky.

8 Wii U
9 Radar Scope
10 Wii Mini

The Wii Mini is a scaled-down version of the Wii that lacked most features like internet connectivity and GameCube backward compatibility.

Ugh. I bought one and immediately wished I had bought a used Wii instead.

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11 Nintendo Switch Online

They make us pay $20 for subpar online servers that were initially free during the first year of the Switch. They really screwed up here!

Why does Nintendo charge us $20 for one year, yet online-heavy games like Splatoon 2 give us 5-minute penalties (which is short but still) and unstable online battles?

12 GameCube

This was a time of depression for Nintendo. Their choice of purple as a theme color deterred dedicated gamers.

A good system with amazing games like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but it becomes frustrating when it malfunctions.

13 Power Glove
14 Selling Rare
15 R.O.B
16 Pink Gold Peach Pink Gold Peach is a character who debuts in Mario Kart 8, where she appears as an unlockable playable character.

It's never been released. It's only a cancelled Nintendo-Sony collaboration console or Nintendo-Phillips collaboration console. If this had been released, it would have been the first CD-Nintendo console.

If it weren't for this, we might have had the 64DD in the USA!

18 Splitting with Sony
19 Hdmi for the Wii

Nintendo didn't prioritize HDMI functionality on the Wii, which affected its usability in the latter half of the Wii's lifespan.

20 No Flipnote Studio 3D for Europeans
21 Cartridges Instead of CDS
22 Some of their games are downright childish
23 Adventures of Lolo
24 Color TV Game 6
25 Azure Striker Gunvolt
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