Top Ten Things We Want To See In The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

So they recently announced a version 3.0 of arguably the most creative and humourous video game of the 2010s decade: The Stanley Parable. It's intended to be the 2nd version of the game (unless you don't count the Half-life mod, then it would be the first version) with new content, more endings, and other things. This is what we'd want to see. But be warned, there are spoilers for the previous versions of the game itself.
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1 The Extended Confusion Ending

If you remember the confusion ending, the last thing you come across is a sign that lays out each step for a procedure of the whole ending. Then it ends at the "5th restart", but it says that the narrator is supposed to "Forget the previous restarts". People have found an easter egg of the line after completing the ending, but there doesn't seem to be a way to achieve the final restarts & steps like "Find a bookstore", or "letting the narrator leave from getting bored", and "after a long time, Stanley dies". This is that missing ending that should be added.

2 Working Escape Pod Ending

In the second version, you can walk in the Boss's office and quickly walk back, retrace your steps through the intended ending, and find an escape pod. However, it seems that it won't work with the narrator that disappeared when walking out of the boss's office. My idea is that during the ending when you unplug the phone after the lift in the right door, watch the instructional cut-scene, and go back to the boss's office, you can then attempt the method to walk back through the doors quickly, and the narrator comes with you this time.

3 Extended Not Stanley Ending

This is the not stanley ending in the second version. You get on the lift in the right door, you unplug the phone, you watch an instructional video, go back to the two doors, up to the boss's office, and come across a voice receiver that is impossible the pass through because the character doesn't speak. But what if you somehow were to pass through that, go to the mind control facility, while seeing a blocked off escape path that would normally take you to the museum? What if you were to go to the final door and see a broken malfunctioned button that would normally activate the bomb, and then you're forced to press the button that releases the door to the outside? But then the narrator suddenly closes the door because he realizes that Stanley didn't deserve the reward since all the decisions were spoonfed to him, and then ends the game there?

4 Easter Egg Ending

When you wait long enough in the mind control facility for the lift, the gates behind you open and you can go back to press the first button to trigger a disco party in the facility. This is where an ending could happen. I'll stop right here and not dictate with suggestions this time

5 Defuse the Bomb Ending

Once you reach the final door out of the building for the freedom ending, but activate the bomb instead, there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it from happening. That's another missing ending that all the fans are wanting to see.

6 Not Choosing the Third Door

After entering the blue door after jumping from the lift to the bridge, The narrator presents new ideas like a leaderboard and a third door that leads to a development room where you can rate your experience. But if you don't enter the third door, it still leads you to the same rooms. It just doesn't feel right for the narrator the present his new idea of a third door and nothing is different when you still take the first and second door. There could be room for new easter eggs or even two endings when you enter the left or right door instead the new third option.

7 Descending the Warehouse

There is an exploit that can be done if you jump from the very edge of the platform where you're supposed to hop on the lift. Players have found a way to fall onto one of the shelves and then explored the bottom of the warehouse. This could then lead to an ending possibly when you exit the garage door.

8 Inside the Ceiling

This is something that just came up in my head some overnight, when I was still finding out every easter egg there was to find out in the game. Perhaps this ending could be in the broom closet where a ladder falls down from a hole in the ceiling, and then you supposedly find the second floor, until you later find an area which is corrupted. I then imagined the narrator attempting to return you to the (Fake) main menu, and then discusses stuff. Similar to the not Stanley ending

9 An Ending that Can Be Achieved in the Main Menu

Speaking of the inside the ceiling ending, maybe there could be an easter egg in the main menu that you find and then takes you to somewhere else when you press start. It does fits in with the extreme creativity and 4th wall destruction like the out the window ending, serious ending, and not Stanley ending

10 Meeting Room Content

If you stay around in the meeting room long enough, you can see a slideshow that has multiple slides packed with easter eggs. What if they grew upon that and added some narrator dialogue as well? Perhaps an ending as well?

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11 The True Death Ending
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