Top 10 Most Annoying Moments from The Mario Party Franchise

If you've ever played a Mario Party game then you know just how annoyingly frustrating that game can be at times wither they take place while on the board or in a Mini-Game these are those moments from the Mario Party series that left you annoyed.
The Top Ten
1 Being Forced to Play Another Luck Based Mini-Game

In later Mario Party games (mainly around Mario Party 5), they went overboard with the luck mini-games. Those games where you leave everything to chance and will either win big or lose a lot of your hard-earned coins.

Luck-based mini-games aren't that bad. Take Mecha Choice from Mario Party 9. Sure, it really wasn't fair because there was no way to tell which door is the right one, but it's still really fun to play with your friends.

I hate those because I have bad luck.

2 Being Forced to Play Another Rotating Control Stick Mini-Game from Mario Party 1

This goes for Paddle Battle, Tug O' War, and Pedal Power. If a game is physically painful to play to the extent of injury on the palm of your hand, it definitely belongs on the top ten right here.

You know the mini-games Paddle Battle, Tug O' War, Pedal Power, Cast Away, and Deep Sea Divers? They require you to rotate the control stick as fast as possible, making them painful to play.

3 Landing on the Game Guy Space and Being Forced to Play a Mini-Game

I really hate the Game Guy spaces in Mario Party 3. Land on one of these, and you're forced to fork over all of your coins to the Game Guy and play a mini-game that's mostly a game of chance. Whether you'll get lucky and double your money or lose everything.

4 Almost Reaching Toad for a Star Only for Someone to Land on a Happening Star Causing Toad and Bowser to Switch on Yoshi's Tropical Island

Just how the board is structured makes this really frustrating. There are two islands with Toad being on one and Bowser on the other. To get from one island to another, you have to pay coins, which gets higher every time you cross, or pay 50 coins and make it harder for the other players to cross. You could literally be one space away from Toad only for another player to land on the happening space, causing Toad to switch with Bowser and putting you in a bad spot.

I hate that because you were so close only to not get it.

5 Landing on a Bowser Space
6 Bumper Balls Mini-Game Ends in a Draw

More often than not, when it gets down to only two players, there's a good chance the game will end in a draw as it becomes incredibly difficult to knock the remaining player out of the ring.

7 The Beat Goes on Mini-Game Ends in a Draw

Should be renamed The Beat Drags On. It's incredibly slow, and you only have three different buttons to use. This game can drag on for a long time, and if more than one player is left when all sections are completed, the game ends in a draw, making all your efforts completely pointless.

It takes a long time, so that gets annoying.

8 Inching Closer to the Star Only for a Rival to Land on the Happening Space Switching Toad with Bowser Right Before Your Turn on Mario's Rainbow Castle
9 Being Stuck with the Last Character from Day at the Races

That character is usually the worst one.

10 Miss Landing Near the Star Space in Wario's Battle Canyon from Mario Party 1

Wario's Battle Canyon is all a matter of luck. After reaching a Bob-omb, they'll shoot you out of a cannon to the next area, and you have to press the A button while the cursor moves around the area. More often than not, you'll land ahead of the star space, causing you to miss out.

The Contenders
11 Flip the Chimp from Mario Party 8
12 When the Computer Players Steal from You and You Don't Even Have the Most Coins
13 When You Roll Less Than Ten When You Roll More Than One Dice Block
14 When You Keep Rolling Low Numbers on Your Dice Block
15 When You Want to Roll a Low Number and You Roll a High Number
16 When Getting Last Place
17 When You Have a Lot of Coins And/or Stars and They Get Switched by Someone Who Doesn't Have a Lot Coins or Stars

I hate that because not only do you lose a bunch of stuff, but they get a lot of stuff.

18 When Someone Lands on a Bowser Space and He Punishes Everyone, Not Just the One Person Who Landed There
19 When Everyone Targets Only You
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