Best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle Stages

I was suprised this list hadn't been made yet, but now it is here. The best arenas from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!
The Top Ten
1 Dragon Palace

Even though Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was lazy in creating new battle tracks (since they are all inspired by courses in the game), I have to say this is the best of the three uninspired arenas. I love the setting and everything you can do here!

It's Dragon Driftway done right! You can go into a temple, smash through dojo walls, drive up hills connected to the temple, and even drive outside the temple! This arena is amazing!

2 3DS Wuhu Town

My favorite retro arena from the game is the visually stunning 3DS Wuhu Town! This was already my favorite arena from Mario Kart 7 because of its exploration and setting, and I love it. But now, it's remade and even better!

This time, you can even drive through the basketball court, which you couldn't in the original! And it's daytime now as well, and I love it!

My childhood was Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, so this is an obvious choice.

This is my all-time favorite battle stage.

3 GCN Luigi's Mansion

Another great battle arena! It was hard to rank it low because it's so great! The original from Double Dash was probably the best arena in that game, tied with Pipe Plaza. It was just so good!

There are three different floors in the arena: one ground floor, one basement, and one balcony. It was great as it allowed for exploration, and it was so fun jumping from the balcony to the ground floor! It kind of reminded me of Block Fort from Mario Kart 64.

However, this remake is even better, especially the music! Oh man, this music is awesome! It's a remix of DS Luigi's Mansion, which was one of my all-time favorite Mario songs. This remix is even better! I love this arena!

4 Lunar Colony

Probably one of the best battle stages ever made! The anti-gravity makes for some awesome tricks, and it truly makes you feel like you're a god or something! I love the setting as well!

The music is near-perfect too! While it's a bit small, it doesn't matter since this arena makes you feel like a god doing all the tricks!

Awesome gravity! I also like the cheering when you perform a trick on a crater.

5 Urchin Underpass

The most acclaimed battle stage in the game, and for good reason. It's excellent! At first, I didn't really like the idea of a battle stage being inspired by a non-Mario Nintendo game since it doesn't feel right, but oh boy, was I wrong!

There's so much exploration here, and it's unreal! There are even unique sound effects for when you get item boxes, similar to Waluigi Pinball from Mario Kart DS! I love this arena!

6 SNES Battle Course 1

Now we're getting to the arenas that are great-to-good.

When I first got the game, I thought this would be my favorite arena due to its retro design. Well, turns out it's not even close to being my favorite. But that doesn't mean I dislike it because I really like it! The simple design is what makes it great!

The feather item is especially useful in this one. I love using the glider to fly straight into the wooden center! I also love how you can drive up the walls. Such a neat feature!

7 Sweet Sweet Kingdom

Sweet Sweet Kingdom is a small but great arena! The music, I will admit, sounds very weird, but the arena itself is really nice to drive around in. It reminds me way more of Wreck-It Ralph than its course counterpart simply because the assets look more similar to that movie!

I especially love driving through the underground part since it somehow reminded me of Delfino Pier from Mario Kart Wii. Overall, it's a very good arena!

8 Battle Stadium

My least favorite arena in the game is still an enjoyable area! My only real problem is that it feels a bit too big at times, and the theme is very boring.

However, I love going onto the anti-gravity parts, as those showed some creativity and uniqueness. Overall, it's an enjoyable and good arena.

Like Wuhu Town, Battle Stadium is my all-time favorite battle stage in the game.

It's a unique battle track but still not the best.