Top 10 Biggest Issues with Game Freak Cutting Pokemon from Generation 8

For those of you who don't know, Game Freak has recently announced that in Pokemon Sword and Shield, several hundred Pokemon will no longer be able to be transferred over, as they are essentially cutting Pokemon. It's a terrible move and this list highlights just a few of the reasons why.
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1 Nobody agrees with it

Dear Game Freak, if you are reading this by any chance, just know that by doing this, you have upset well over 90% of your fanbase. You are upsetting so many people, from young children to grown adults. You've made some pretty bad choices over the years, but this is by far your absolute worst. I don't even know if I want to buy this game anymore, and that's coming from a long-time fan and (former) supporter.

2 People are going to be sad that their favourite Pokemon is gone

Even though I currently have no intention to buy this game anymore, I'm beyond glad that Lanturn has been confirmed to be in the games. I just got super lucky that my favorite Pokemon still happens to be in the games. Chances are that so many people's favorite Pokemon is going to be completely absent, and not even going to be included in the game's code.

At least my second favorite Flygon is back.

3 It shows that Gamefreak doesn't care about their fans

You know the saying, "The customer is always right?" Well, for a franchise with millions of fans of all ages, they all seem to know what they want. And Game Freak knows just what we want, but they still won't listen. There are games that have great developers who actually listen to their fans, but Game Freak is so far from being one of these it's not funny.

4 It shows the laziness of Gamefreak

Game Freak has now shown the world that they really don't want to work hard on creating a game. It's highly evident that the reason they didn't want to add every single existing Pokemon is because they couldn't be bothered to. It gets even worse when you realize that they pretty much have all the models for existing Pokemon. It's essentially just copying and pasting Pokemon into the code of a new game. But they couldn't even do that.

5 It's a huge waste of potential

With Pokemon moving to a new, much more powerful console, Game Freak could have created the greatest Pokemon game they ever made, having every single Pokemon obtainable (minus version exclusives). But still, they decided that they wouldn't do something like that. If they actually made a game like that, it would sell so well, but no, they wasted that opportunity.

6 The sheer magnitute of Pokemon being cut

This isn't just a few Pokemon here and there being cut. We're talking HUNDREDS of Pokemon. Since we have no idea on just how many that really is, we can guess that at the very least, about 200 will be removed, but it will likely be much more, maybe even going up to about 500-600 Pokemon being removed. Put this into consideration: We didn't reach 600 Pokemon until Gen 5. The very first Pokemon games were released in 1996, and Gen 5 was released in 2010 (in Japan). That would mean that over 15 years of work and effort into designing these Pokemon could go wasted. If they were to remove somewhere from 50-100 Pokemon, and only ones that weren't used much or were pretty useless, I would be fine, but removing this many?

7 It will destroy the competitive scene

The competitive scene is going to be completely messed up. With hundreds of Pokemon not even in the game's code, it's going to cause a huge chain reaction. Pokemon that were once really powerful and useful in the competitive scene are going to become either weaker or just obsolete. The reverse will be true as well, with some weaker Pokemon becoming huge powerhouses, all because Pokemon were removed. For months, nobody is going to even know how good anything really is, and the whole competitive scene will just be utter chaos, and not in a good way.

8 People won't be able to send over their Pokemon that they spent hours training to become strong

Imagine this. You have a Pokemon that you spent literally hours training to become the perfect Pokemon. This Pokemon was originally from Gen 3, and you had passed it up from every generation since, and you wanted to send it over to Sword and Shield, but you couldn't. Looks like all that time and effort has gone to waste, simply because Game Freak decided not to include a few hundred Pokemon in any way, shape, or form. And the thing is, this is extremely common for Pokemon fans to do. I've done it before, and I'm guessing that all of you who like Pokemon have done it as well.

9 People are less likely to want to buy the game

Doing this has made me consider not buying the game, and I can guarantee I'm not the only one. Oh, before you say, It's only just a few Pokemon, know that several other features, such as both Mega Evolution and Z-moves, are going to be completely scrapped. The features that Sword and Shield are going to be adding just don't look anywhere near as good as what they are scrapping.

10 No Houndoom
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11 Gamefreak most likely won't add many good new Pokemon to make up for all the Pokemon that are cut

Generation 6 added 72 new Pokemon, while Gen 7 added 86 new Pokemon, and of those 158 Pokemon, there were a few cool designs, but a LOT of really bad ones. Sword and Shield most likely aren't even going to add that many new Pokemon, and with the designs we've seen so far, there may be a few interesting Pokemon, but most likely nowhere near enough to make up for the Pokemon lost.

12 Sheer uncertainty & unpredictability for the future

What will come out in 2020? What about 2021? What about Generation 9? Generation 10? 11? 12? You never know! The future is too uncertain and too unpredictable! For all I know, the Sinnoh region is history. I'm doubting an enhanced version of Sword & Shield will have all these Pokémon that used to be unobtainable in the original. Better luck next year!

There probably won't be an enhanced version or sequel of Sword & Shield, OR a Diamond and Pearl Remake. What kind of game will we get in 2020? Which of the Pokemon unobtainable in Sword & Shield get to be in the next one? What about 2021? What about Generation 9? Generation 10? 11? 12? You never know! The future is unpredictable.

13 Sun & Moon cards featuring Pokémon unobtainable in Generation 7 games
14 Selling merchandise of unobtainable Pokémon as an excuse for promoting false hopes & unrealistic fortunes
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