Top 10 Features that Should Be Added to or Brought Back to Mario Kart

Mario Kart has been known for having some excellent features that continue to get better every game. I know it’s a bit early to know when Mario Kart 9 will happen but it’s never too early to speculate what they could do with the next game. Here’s some ideas Nintendo could use.
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1 Missions Mode

Yeah I remember this mode. It was so fun and challenging. I guess they removed it because it took too much time in later installments but still it definitely should be brought back.

I am absolutely stunned that we have yet to see this mode come back. Missions Mode was so much fun and seeing how much the series has evolved since DS I'd love to see them expand missions Mode even more and maybe even throw in some new bosses

The nostalgia is real. Please bring back missions mode, Nintendo.

2 Double Dash Mode

Double Dash has one of the best gimmicks in the series yet it hasn't come back? I'd love to see this be revamped especially considering we can go underwater, glide, and use anti gravity. There's way more characters now and maybe They could even bring back special items as well and I'm pretty sure everyone misses those

I do hate Mario Kart Double Dash, but an option with either one or two players per kart has GOT to be there. Fans who hate Double dash, as well as the many lovers of it would be pleased.

To be honest I don't care much for this one. It would be fun but nothing too good in my opinion

3 All Cup Tour

This was a pretty fun mode that not a lot of people really talk about. Considering that retro tracks and DLC exist now this mode could be expanded and be even more fun.

4 Ability to Turn Off Certain Items

You know how in smash Bros you can select specific items to turn off? I'd like to do this in Mario Kart. Technically you can choose which items appear but I wish it would be more specific so for example if you hate blue shells you could simply turn them off

I still think the banana, green shell, red shell, blue shell, star, lightning, bullet bill, and blooper should not be available to turn off. The other ones, yes though.

5 Track Builder

This doesn't even have to be as in depth as Super Mario maker is. All I'd want is for them to allow us to create our own track design and insert a few jumps and obstacles

I could see this returning after Mario Kart Wii's custom tracks.

That would be cool if there was a track builder I would make custom tracks

6 Elimination Style Battle Mode

Battle mode is great but it's not quite the same as the older games. For example, in 64 or Double Dash if you lost all your balloons you were out. In The newer games you just Respawn back in. It's fine but it's just not as fun as the older games. Battles aren't usually as intense anymore

But importantly, I want a single-player battle mode of where you can battle with other opponents on your own. That might replay value. But yeah, respawning after being touched is losing the fun for the elimination type. So I want that to return.

7 Online Voice Chat

I'm pretty sure it's in 8/deluxe but it's only in between matches don't quote me on that but I'm pretty sure that's the case. Assuming it is I'd like to be able to chat online during races instead of being limited

I would hear screeching from 12th place.

8 Logo Creator

This was in Mario Kart DS and it was really cool. I'd love to see this be brought back with more colors and since the touch screen technology has significantly improved I'd love to be able to make a logo again and then use it online or something

9 Leagues

Okay so I know a lot of mobile phone apps have something where you can join with a number of players and go against other leagues. I'd like to see something where you have a league with like 30 people and basically what would happen is you compete online in league mode so all your points go directly to your league total and then you could compete with other leagues. That would be a cool idea

10 Story Mode

A lot of older Mario sports games have this and it's pretty fun for solo players as it provides more to do. The story itself doesn't even need to be in depth or anything just give us something to do and throw in a few bosses here or there and I'd be alright with it.

Eh.. This is cool but how would this work?

That would be cool it would be like crash team racing, crash nitro kart, and crash team racing nitro field

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11 Reverse Tracks

Yeah. There were tournaments in Mario Kart Wii and a mission in Mario Kart DS where you did this but if there was an entire CC just for it, it'd be much better

They have this in mario kart tour, it's cool, be really cool if they had it in the next mario kart

12 Mario Kart TV Mode

This would be new. You would go online and watch other players race in Mario Kart, and there will be rankings for you to choose from so you can pick a pro and learn from him or a noob and watch him fail.

@Randomator, I know, right!? It would be really entertaining, and you could possibly watch it while you are eating or something, or just don't want to play.

I could definitely see Mario Kart T.V. making a return. It seems like a no brainer to include. I think it would be cool if you could watch professional players play

13 Custom Laps
14 Blood

YES! I never play games till they have at least 60 gallons of blood in them.

15 Non-Nintendo Characters

Put Shrek in the next Mario Kart game and my life will be complete.

16 Adventure Mode
17 More Anti-Items

Coins are pretty much an anti item. I can agree with this to an extent. If they are going to do this they need to make them relatively rare enough so it doesn't break the game as much as coins did in the original Mario Kart 8. Deluxe fixes this problem but they can't have this issue with anti items

18 Make Your Own Character
19 Swearing

This should be something that only Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Daisy, and Yoshi should have access to.

I like swearing, but what's the actual point of it in Mario Kart? Ok you could diss each other I guess.

20 Crash Bandicoot vs. Mode
21 Roadkill
22 Corpses
23 Guns
24 Reverse Unlockable Characters

Characters that are playable by default, but eventually get brutally killed off during story mode so you can't play as them anymore.

25 Custom Cups
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