Top 10 Hardest Levels in Wii Play Tanks

Wii Play Tanks! is the 9th Stage on the Wii Play Disc where the player's objective is to eliminate the Enemy Tanks by either firing at the tank or dropping a mine close to the tank. The player tank can drop 2 mines at a time and can have only 5 active bullets at a time. There are 9 types of enemy tanks in the game. In single player mode, the game first stops you at Mission 20 with 84 tanks. However, the second time around, the player has 100 Missions and will end with 540 tanks if they complete all levels. You start out with 3 lives and earn an extra life for every 5 levels completed. If the player dies, it will have backup lives in place and all the tank positions will be reset. However, destroyed tanks will NOT be replaced. Levels including 21-29, 31-39, 41-49, 51-59, 61-69, 71-79, 81-89, 91-99 are not fixed and are randomized each time. However, the amount of tanks in those never change.
Levels like 1-20 and every other level after that ending in a "0" are consistent. In 2 Player mode, each player will have 1 life. if both players die, the game's over. However, if one player dies and the remaining player successfully eliminates the remaining tanks, both players will advance alive to the next level.

Here are the enemy tanks and their abilities:

Light Brown Enemy Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 1. These tanks are immobile and only fire one bullet at a time. They almost always try to make their bullets hit you. They're the easiest to eliminate.

Dark Brown Enemy Tanks(or Grey Enemy Tanks): These tanks first appear on Mission 2. They're just like the light brown enemy tanks, only they are mobile. They do not lay mines, however can run into mines.

Dark Green/ Teal Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 5. They move normally just like Dark Brown Enemy Tanks, but they fire one bullet(twice the speed of a regular bullet) at a time. They usually aim directly at the player's current location at the time they generate a fire. They also don't lay mines, and are pretty evasive of them.

Yellow Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 8. They move rapidly and lay mines a lot, often trapping themselves and other allied tanks with them. However, they rarely fire.

Red Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 10. They move normally and they rapid fire, just like the player tanks. However, they never lay mines.

Light Green Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 12. They are immobile, but their bullets are twice the speed of player tanks and bounce off the wall twice. They almost never aim directly at the player tanks, but they can target the exact location of the player after bouncing off the walls. You will usually see these ones with a rapid fire tank(Red, Purple, White, Black).

Purple Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 15. They are like red tanks and purple tanks put together. However, the only difference here is that they are more firing-oriented than mine dropping-oriented. They also use a strategy and attempt to corner the player.

White Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 20. They move like normal tanks, but they turn invisible and then start shooting. You can identify them by the tracks they leave.

Black Tanks: These tanks first appear on Mission 50. They are like Purple Tanks Yellow Tanks and Dark Green/ Teal tanks put together. Like purples, they also aren't as frequent in mine droppings as yellow tanks. But, they move really fast and rapid fire at where the player likely will be(rather than their current location).
The Top Ten
1 Mission 60

I absolutely hate enemies that shoot where you're going. They are about 3,000,000 times more dangerous than the ones that shoot straight at you.

Mission 60 has a total of four enemy tanks. It has one light green tank, one white tank, and two black tanks.

It sounds pretty challenging.

2 Mission 50

Mission 50 has two black tanks and they are in a spacious area, just like Mission 5.

3 Mission 80

Mission 80 has a total of six enemy tanks. There is a white tank and a yellow tank in the top left corner, and a white tank and a yellow tank in the bottom right corner. There are also two black tanks in the top right corner. All the walls are destructible using mines.

4 Mission 17

Light green enemy tanks usually shoot bullets that hit you after two bounces. Adding to that, the walls are placed in such a way that you have to go through them to eliminate all the enemies. This creates a "trickshot prediction only" level with particularly strong tanks, maybe even stronger than black tanks in levels like this.

Mission 17 has six light green enemy tanks. They are in each area where the player tank has to travel to eliminate them, without the light green tanks' bouncy bullets destroying the player tank.

5 Mission 100

Mission 100 is the final level and has a total of eight enemy tanks. It has one light green tank, four black tanks, one white tank, and two light brown tanks. The tank block structure is exactly that of the first level.

6 Mission 20

Mission 20 has two white enemy tanks. This is the only level that does not have walls to protect the players from the attacks of the white tanks.

7 Mission 40

Mission 40 has a total of six enemy tanks. There are two white tanks, two yellow tanks, one light green tank, and one purple tank. The purple tank is directly in the aim of the player tank.

8 Mission 19
9 Mission 14

Mission 14 has a total of six enemy tanks. There are three red tanks and three light green tanks. One of the red tanks usually comes directly into the player's aim when the level starts.

10 Mission 18

Mission 18 has a total of six enemy tanks. There are two purple tanks, two dark green/teal tanks, one red tank, and one light green tank. One of the dark green/teal tanks and the red tank can come closer to the player tank to destroy.

The Contenders
11 Mission 13

Mission 13 has a total of six enemy tanks. There are three yellow tanks and three dark green tanks. The three yellow tanks come in the middle, and the three dark green tanks are at the end of the screen.

12 Mission 90
13 Mission 16

Mission 16 has a total of five enemy tanks. There are three purple tanks and two light green tanks. One of the purple tanks can come right into the player's aim to destroy.

14 Mission 30
15 Mission 4
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