Top Ten Reasons Why Fire Emblem Awakening is a Great Game

What are some reasons for why Fire Emblem Awakening is a great game? List your own reason below or vote for one that is already there!
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1 The Characters are Really Good

The characters in FE

are amazing in my opinion. They all fit into an archetype of some kind. Sumia is the klutz, Chrom and Robin are the protagonists (aren't they pretty much both?), Miriel is the sage, etc.

Despite that, they still feel like extremely real and believable characters to me. Not to mention, pairing them up and reading the massive spectrum of support conversations are a lot of fun.

Even the avatar character that you get to customize, Robin, has his own personality and quirks. I think that is a major step up from the avatars from some other games out there, lacking in personality, that seem to be as boring as cardboard planks.

2 The Child System is Really Addictive

I don't know if this statement is widely agreed upon or not, but it is certainly true for me. Although the aforementioned pairing system is fun, the thing that comes afterward is really addicting: the child system.

To those who haven't played the game, the child system is when your characters get married (an S rank on support conversations). Then a future version of their child becomes available to recruit after Chapter 13 on a side stage. Although not all female characters in the game have child characters, a good chunk of them do. The child will inherit the last skills equipped by their parents and will have their own means of fighting, sometimes similar to their mother.

The reason why this is so addicting is because it is possible to recruit an extremely overpowered child character with the right combination of parents, and trying out loads of different combinations is extremely enjoyable.

3 It Really Makes You Think When Permadeath is On

It actually hammers in the stress of being a war tactician. One wrong move, and your favorite character? Dead and can't battle ever again in that playthrough. Sure, they are still in cutscenes and are alive in the main storyline, but they will no longer fight with you nor will you be able to unlock their support conversations.

This is especially annoying when you end up killing off your healers.

4 The Story is Great

Am I the only one who actually liked the story? Sure, I can't compare it to other FE games as I haven't played them, but I still think it is great as its own individual adventure.

Self-sacrifice and time travel. Enough said.

5 It Has an Amazing Soundtrack

Do I need to say anything here? Seriously, listen to "Don't Speak Her Name" and "Id (Purpose)." Those songs are just amazing. Feelsy too!

6 The Graphics for the Cutscenes are Really Good

Seriously, the cutscenes in this game are amazing. Sure, the actual gameplay sprites are still rather pixelated as a general rule, but the main cutscenes are beautiful.

7 It Has Some Hilarious Moments
8 The Battle Shots are Very Well Done

Seeing Frederick (who is probably the most overpowered character in the earlier half of the game) one-shotting through a bunch of enemies actually never gets old, even considering how many times the same scene is probably played throughout a single playthrough.

Until the second half of the game, it is basically Robin tearing through everything in his/her path. Considering the fact that I am still fine seeing similar cutscenes over again with one-shots, that MUST count for something, considering I am a rather impatient person.

But yes, the battle shots are amazing. The graphics are good as usual, and you even get a choice to change between views. You can even view the fight from a first-person perspective, which is pretty cool looking.

9 It Has an Immense Replay Value

Didn't get the right child pairing? Try again next playthrough. Want a new character? Try again next playthrough. Want to try to play the game without killing off any of the characters? Try again next playthrough. Want to marry somebody else? Next playthrough. Want to reclass everybody? You get the gist of it.

Seriously, the replay value is colossal. No matter how many times you play through the game, it will take a LONG while to experience everything in it.

10 It is Very Long

Sure, it isn't as long as the Tales of games if you are just there for the storyline. But if you end up playing through all the bonus maps and DLC, it takes a long time to get through. Not to mention the Risen challenges on the map.

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