Top 10 Best Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stages

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a critically acclaimed game developed by Nintendo, offers more than just a stellar line-up of characters from various franchises. Each stage is a homage to its respective franchise, creating an immersive gaming experience that brings beloved worlds to life. From the shifting terrain of Delfino Plaza to the intense heat of Norfair, each stage offers a unique set of dynamics, transforming every battle into an unpredictable and exciting event.

These stages are not just visually stunning - they also add a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay. The layout, the moving platforms, and the environmental hazards - all these elements come together to influence the flow of battle. Mastering the stage is just as important as mastering your character's moves, and knowing how to use the stage to your advantage can often be the deciding factor in a close match.

As you weigh your options, consider the stages that truly amplified your gaming experience. Maybe it's the sprawling wilderness of The Great Sea, with its changing tides and sudden whirlpools, or the fast-paced, high-altitude combat in the Skyworld. Or perhaps it's the simple yet engaging battles on the Battlefield stage that always keeps you coming back for more. Each vote you cast is a celebration of the stage's unique design and its contribution to the unforgettable experience that is Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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1 Final Destination

Basic or not, this is my favorite stage. The simplicity is amazing to me. It is perfect for good battles. Everyone loves this stage. There is nothing to hate about it.

Awesome backgrounds, nice and simple, but awesome. Final Destination is the obvious choice, hands down.

It's got the best choice of music out of any stage.

2 PictoChat
3 WarioWare, Inc.

Anyone who wants to have the most epic brawls should vote for this stage. The occasional challenges interrupt the battle at the best times, and the rewards boost your fighting force.

Ashley's song is the best song in the game. So much fun and so much variety!

4 Delfino Plaza

Great way of bringing back one of the best scenery in the Mario franchise.

Best stage in Brawl from the best Mario game.

5 Spear Pillar

Spear Pillar is awesome for Sonic users because if you jump down and do your Spin dash, you go really fast across! And I like it because it has 2 stages! That is really unique.

Spear Pillar is unpredictable and just plain awesome. The lasers of light, the slowing of time, those discs from Cressilina, damage from being close to the Pokemon, just plain WOW.

Seriously? I hate this stage! It's so annoying!

6 75m

This stage is not good. It's so bad. The fireballs are so annoying.

7 Luigi's Mansion

Jeez. People, this stage is so awesome. I happen to play Luigi's Mansion myself, and it is so awesome to hear one of my favorite gamerip music pieces of all time (other than Super Mario Kart Rainbow Road): Tetris type A. Whenever it comes up, it brings back the memories of Luigi's Mansion when I first played it on the Gamecube.

8 Pokemon Stadium 2
9 Halberd

Meta Knight is a great fighter. And the stage is perfect for him.

10 Bridge of Eldin

I always use this stage. It is super fun with all types of characters.

Good stage. And I always love this stage.

The Contenders
11 Frigate Orpheon
12 Summit
13 Pirate Ship

Why isn't this in the top 3? This stage is a masterpiece!

Remember this from Wind Waker?

14 Mario Circuit

I love Mario Kart. It is a very fun game. That is why I love this stage.

I love to throw people to the front of the cars.

15 Hanenbow

Really amazing. You get to make the music for the stage.

Hanenbow is the best stage ever created!

16 Castle Siege
17 Shadow Moses Island
18 Green Hill Zone
19 Norfair

When the lava comes, it makes this stage so fun!

20 Battlefield

It's simple, but not AS simple as Final Destination, plus it has an amazing atmosphere. Time passes on it, too. I really love this stage.

It is original and fair, for characters that jump well and characters that don't.

21 Lylat Cruise

It's got the best music of any stage.

22 Flat Zone 2

I like this stage too, but like Kalos Pokemon League, the hazards are darn bad!

23 Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1
24 Mario Bros.
25 New Pork City

Oh dear god. I love this stage. Sure, it maybe big, but let me remind you, is New York City small? Nope. This is based on it, besides, none of you hate Palutena's temple. It has some nice music I love hearing and is just gorgeous.

When you hear its name for the first time, you get hungry. But when you get screwed by the monster, you'll realize that you're the bacon and the stage is the hungry person, ready to suck you in.

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