Best Warhammer Fantasy Characters

Warhammer Fantasy is a tabletop war game created by Games Workshop and is set in a fictional high fantasy world with nations and inspired by real-life figures and locales and covering a wide diversity of races ranging from Elves to Mummies, Vampires, Dinosaurs, Dragons and of course, Humankind.

Among it's massive lore and worldbuilding, Warhammer has a lot of unique and interesting characters to choose from. Which one do you think stands out?
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1 Malekith

Witch King of the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, Malekith is simply a great villain in general. He has a badass design, his abilities and skills are top-notch and he's arguably the best Darth Vader expy out there. He also has a pretty interesting characterization and personality and his story is among the most important in Warhammer lore. No, I don't have a problem with the fact that he looks like a skinnier Sauron either, because those kinds of appearances are always cool. Also, Malekith has one of the more interesting and sadder stories in the lore. Keep in mind, he started out as a hero.

2 Settra

First king of Unified Nehekhara, Settra is simply put, one of the greatest kings ever in fictional media. The guy's willpower is insane, his ego is so over-the-top it sometimes comes off as endearing and his boasts are not without merit. Villain, anti-hero or not, Settra is still among the best characters Warhammer has to offer.

3 Vlad von Carstein

Vampires are my personal favourite type of undead if you ask me. So there might be some bias to it, but damn is Vlad a badass. His character is a lot more complex than you'd expect. Sure he's a brutal warmonger, but he has a sense of honour, genuinely loved his wife and was even a genius outside of battle, able to politically manipulate his enemies to his advantage. Too bad his crappy son had to ruin his day and life.

4 Teclis

Hey, you gotta give it to a cripple when he is capable of wrecking up armies and destroying cities. Teclis is interesting in that while, yes, he's crippled and needs special potions to even move around, he's still one of the strongest characters in the lore. That, and his personality is also a nice contrast to his brother Tyrion. He's up there as one of the more sharp-tongued and sarcastic characters in the series.

5 Archaon

Good old' Everchosen. Archaon is honestly interesting once you look beyond his edgy look and concept. He's essentially a good guy turned bad due to the manipulations of the Chaos Gods and in a sense, comes out as a tragic character of sorts. In the battlefield, he's a complete beast, commanding the Forces of Chaos with an iron fist and actually managing to end the world. Yeah, he accomplished what so very few villains could manage.

I know people say that archaon is an edgy meme lord and a spoiled git but I would disagree. He worked hard to become the everchosen and was all around a cool character. Although his past was treturous he was the one,the only,everchosen.

6 Kroq-Gar

A dinosaur riding on top of another dinosaur? Yeah, sounds about right. While Kroq-Gar may not be the most important character in the Lizardmen race, let one of the Warhammer series, he's easily among the most badass out of a roster that contains so many cool characters. He rides on a beast named Grymloq (Yeah, that's named after the Transformers character) and is literally the definition of determination and RAGE.

7 Nagash

The Great Necromancer. Also total sociopath. Nagash is one of the most important and feared characters in the entire series and for good reason. He invented necromancy and is the reasons why undead such as the Tomb Kings and Vampires exist in the lore, to begin with. Of course, he's extremely powerful, given that it took him hundreds of years to master necromancy and thus, has centuries of combat experience as well. Oh, and to highlight his evilness, he killed his brother to steal the throne of Nehekhara (Warhammer's version of Egypt), killed off his nation's populace, has aspirations of dethroning the Chaos Gods, yeah, he's never giving up his goals to kill everything and rule over them as Undead.

8 Malus Darkblade

I mean, there's a reason he has a trilogy of books, to begin with. Malus is one of the edgiest of edgelords, which is one hell of a feat. Getting tired of looking at the Power of Friendship or the Power of Love? Meh, Malus has the Power of Hate all the time. What is interesting though is that he has a Daemon sealed inside of him that he wants to take out. For an edgelord Dark Elf, Malus is pretty interesting and does have some character development throughout, becoming a well-respected general and caring about his troops in the process.

9 Tyrion

Among the High Elves's best heroes. Tyrion wrecks Dark Elves whenever he's in battle and is simply a badass in general. That said, aside from the interesting dynamic between him and his brother Teclis, Tyrion doesn't have much of a personality to say on. Although the End Times storyline tried to make him have some depth, though he comes off as a bit moody and edgy, which we already have with Malekith and Malus. Still, doesn't change Tyrion from being a badass at least.

10 Karl Franz

Current Emperor of the Empire, Franz does the best he could to neutralize the Forces of Chaos as much as he could, alongside the Greenskins, Vampires, Skaven, Beastmen, Dark Elves etc (Yeah, there's a lot of evil races). He's the human character that's given the most attention, given that he controls humankind's biggest nation, so credit has to be given and he rides a giant gryphon. Oh, and "SUMMON THE ELECTOR COUNTS!"

Your actions do not have his consent, so take him to his men.

The Contenders
11 Sigmar
12 Grimgor Ironhide
13 Lokhir Fellheart
14 Lord Kroak
15 Vandus Hammerhand
16 Skarbrand
17 Balthasar Gelt
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