Worst Bank Floors in Roblox Jailbreak

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1 Classic: Remastered

This is by far the weakest of the bank floors. This is the only variant of the bank that has been in the game since the game's start, until in early 2019 when the bank was revamped heavily. Because of this many people will feel nostalgic for this specific bank. But if we're trying to be objective, is this bank really all that great? It's certainly not bad but it's certainly no masterpiece.

From an honest perspective this one's definitely one of the weakest, and a bit boring. This bank is just a straight line with lasers blocking the path that are pretty easy to dodge and voila you're at the vault. It's a bit boring and easy if I do say so myself and the architecture isn't that impressive compared to the Mint for example. I still like this one as it's time to play like in the old days but overall it's a bit boring and lackluster which makes me place this one at #1 place on this list.

2 Floor: Blue

A lot of people like to talk trash about this one and understandably. The best thing is how this floor has blue architecture and transparent flying money, similar to The Mint but that's all it has going for it. This floor is just way, way too easy! Even easier than The Mint and Classic: Remastered. At least they have harder jumps and/or more stunning aestethics.
While this floor looks great too, it should've been made way harder. The corridor here is so wide and the lasers move so slowly and there's only a one before each jump. Just look at the picture and you'll see what I mean. At least the loot is excellent at 3500$ which is just as much as the mint. It's the only floor that really has huge flaws, but thanks to the blue aestethic, it doesn't make it to #1 on the list.

3 Presidential Vault

The hardest bank by far. Even for some experienced players this provides a lot of challenge really. However it's actually rather just average in terms of difficulty once you learn how to do it. It's tied up with The Mint as the most rewarding bank to rob in the game, at 3500 cash. While The Mint was maybe a bit too easy for that loot, the presidential vault surely deserves that high reward.

As soon as you enter this bank, you'll notice that you will fall down a hole. There, there will be a long corridor, and a solid laser wall that moves back and forth in the corridor. Just touching it will make you ragroll and if it's moving towards you, it will damage you until it changes direction, and considering it deals a lot of damage per say 0,5 seconds, you won't make it out alive. There are these "safe spots" you can go and hide in that are found in the walls of the corridor but be careful there too because there are lasers there you must avoid. Yeah this is an intense bank.

At ...more

4 Floor: Deductions

This is a pretty basic bank floor with a working difficulty. It's overall decent and rewards decent loot (2500 cash) and the difficulty is generally decent as well. Not too hard but not too easy. It's generally basic as well. As soon as you enter the bank there will be a section will moving lasers but if you just run over when the lasers are still, this is a piece of cake.

The loot, consisting of 2500 cash is decent as I said, as well. It's a little worse than the jewelry store loot but it's a good deal for a generally easy bank. When it comes to busting this bank, it's a bit hard considering the vault is quite big and criminals can hide behind the vault wall deeper in the vault so it might be the second hardest bank to bust but overall this bank is quite good.

It is hard compared to the other ones but better than a presidential vault

5 Financing: Underwater

The difficulty in this one is a bit in the middle. It's hard if you don't understand how this one works, but once you understand how it works, it's easy. You see, this is a very unique one, and a great one at that. You see, this is bank where you must swim to the vault in order to open it. As soon as you enter this bank, you will see lots of water blocking the way to the bank vault so you must swim your way there. If you don't know how to swim, this is very hard, considering there are lasers on the floor, and another moving laser near the vault. But it's not actually hard to swim once you realize how you do it. Then it's a piece of cake instead. I also like the green water, it looks cool.

Speaking of piece of cake, same goes for busting a robbery as a cop. Due to the water, criminals can't see cops when they swim in the water, which makes it very hard to know if a cop is in the water or not. It requires some skill for criminals to look at every inch a cop may take. This makes ...more

6 Basement
7 Corridor

The newest bank floor as of 2nd February of 2020 and man is this a good one! It's without a doubt one of the harder and more interesting vaults we've got for the Bank. On the surface it seems like a boring corridor, but there's more!

It's very dark, and there are these side-rooms to the side of the corridor police can use to avoid gunfire which are just amazingly modeled! It adds so much more to it as well than just being a corridor! It's Floor: Blue done right because while it is a long corridor, there's more to it than just some lasers! In the middle of it is a gap you must jump over, so more difficulty too! It's actually the second most difficult bank floor, just behind the Presidential Vault in my opinion, due to the obstacles, and the fact it's easy getting busted.

I still prefer the Mint though due to some reasons. Mainly it's the fact I really just love the mint setting and the colourfulness and details, like with that money machine. It's also slightly more ...more

8 The Mint

The fifth variant of the Bank added to the game, and one of my personal favourites as well. I mean it's not necessarily the difficulty that I care much about this bank, because now yes, this bank happens to be maybe the easiest bank in the entire game which is a bit disappointing. However it's not really about the difficulty in my favourite bank. It's the visuals and loot you get, which both are amazing.

Most of the banks in the game all have generally similar aesthetics and looks. You know how there are brick walls everywhere and it's generally grey hallways and stuff. The Mint has completely different look and aestethics compared to all the other banks in the game. I mean that could be because this wasn't one of the original four banks added in the bank revamp update, it came a month or so later. It's unfortunately a very easy bank but the looks inside the bank is amazing. The walls are not boring grey, but mint green and it looks great. It's great to have a bank section that ...more

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