Top Ten Flower Cup Courses in Mario Kart

The Flower Cup in Mario Kart usually contains the more simple and easy original tracks of a Mario Kart game. It's more interesting and a little harder than Mushroom Cups, but they're still relatively beginner cups (until you get to the last course of it which is always a pain for some). Let's see which are the best Flower Cup courses, shall we?
The Top Ten
1 Wii Coconut Mall

Racing inside a mall is one of the most original ideas ever for a Mario Kart track, and I still remember the memories from when I just messed around and explored this place during time trials. I was mind-blown by everything this track contained, from escalators, the bazaar, the huge jump, and the glitches, as you can legit drive underneath the track.

How much more awesome can you get? Oh, that's right, Wario's Gold Mine. Still, this is one of my favorite Mario Kart tracks ever.

One of my favorite Mario Kart tracks of all time.

2 3DS Rock Rock Mountain

This is a track that, from what I've seen, a lot of people really like but usually keep out of the top two or three in MK7 tracks in favor of Rainbow Road, Music Park, and Piranha Plant Slide. In my opinion, it is the best MK7 track. I like my green nature-themed courses set on mountains, and that's exactly what this track is!

The only other tracks with similar concepts are Mushroom Gorge and Koopa Cape. But what this track has that the other two don't is an overabundance of gliding! You glide for about 40% of the entire race, high above the road, allowing for some really amazing shortcuts. The music is also quite epic.

3 Wii U Toad Harbour

It's a very easy and simple track but at the same time super fun and cool. A coastal track set in a harbor town with a very tropical and humid atmosphere to it. It's really quite amazing how much such a simple track manages to impress me.

The main thing I adore about this course is the trolley cars. You know I love trains already, and these things are basically that. I remember when, on Time Trials, I used to follow those rails into that out-of-bounds section. Good times.

I really enjoyed this track and hope that if or when the next Mario Kart comes out, this will be on it. However, it might not replace Mushroom City as a city course.

4 N64 Toad's Turnpike

One of the simplest tracks, yet one of the best. You're racing inside a giant loop, but not just a random bland loop. It's a highway at night, with one of the best songs ever accompanying it. This track really tests your skills with the many big and wide vehicles.

But it does get a little long at times, which doesn't put this track near the top, but it's still a magical experience.

This track looks amazing, even by today's standards. I actually prefer the original over the remake. While you can ride on walls in the remake, I like the original's sunset background compared to the remake's night background.

5 Wii U Shy Guy Falls

This is about as Norway as you can get with a Mario Kart track. The vibes and atmosphere are some of the best in any Mario Kart game. You're racing in the mountains on waterfalls and in mines! And the music, man, it is just legendary.

It's so freaking adventurous and reminds me a lot of my most recent vacation to Norway when I used to listen to this song a lot.

6 Wii DK Summit

Looks like Mario Kart Wii got a big W on this list because three of the four Flower Cup tracks are all in the top ten of this list. DK Summit isn't nearly as great as Coconut Mall or Wario's Gold Mine, but it's a fun ride nevertheless!

It's a bit of a winter version of GCN DK Mountain, except easier and gives off another vibe. It's also a little epic when you trick off those half-pipes. It's just an overall really fun course!

This track was another one of my favorites from Wii, and it still looks good in Mario Kart Tour. I think for a remake, it would be cool if the snowboarding Shy Guy section turned into a frozen pond where you could either drive across or go underwater like in GCN Sherbet Land.

7 Wii Wario's Gold Mine

I mean, this shouldn't be surprising. Most of you are probably aware that Wario's Gold Mine is my favorite Mario Kart course of all time, and thus it has to be #1 on this list for me. This track really does succeed in all categories amazingly. It has an interesting concept, reasonable difficulty, catchy music, and amazing out-of-bounds exploration.

And I mean, it's a Wario course. You can't really go wrong with Wario or Waluigi for that matter. This is also why I'm not a fan of the remake on the Wii U at all because they nerfed the difficulty, removed the exploration, and made the music sound less appealing.

8 3DS Music Park

One of the most original Mario Kart courses to date and was close to being my favorite in the game. There's nothing to hate about this course. Like Rock Rock Mountain / Alpine Pass, it's one of my favorite Mario Kart tracks ever made. The fact that this is only #5 isn't saying much at all.

You're racing on a motorway consisting of everything from a piano, a xylophone, bouncing off drums, and tricking off bouncing notes' ground pounds. And listening to an awesome melody. That's Melody Motorway to you all, among the best Mario Kart tracks of all time.

9 DS Waluigi Pinball

Honestly, I can't leave out the most acclaimed and loved Mario Kart track of all time. Even though I must confess that I find it to be overrated as heck, I still love the concept and course design. But as a guy more oriented towards nature courses than technology courses, I prefer a lot of other Flower Cup and MKDS courses over this, but I can't deny it's nevertheless a great course!

While I think the track is overrated, I can see why many people like it. I like it too, just not as much as others.

10 3DS Wuhu Loop

I prefer Maka Wuhu over this course, but I love how it's based on Wii Sports Resort.

The Contenders
11 DS Delfino Square

Now, most of my love for this course comes from the super vibrant and amazing Wii remake. That's not to say I haven't played the original because I have. I mean, I gotta admit, it really doesn't feel like Delfino Plaza, and the overall atmosphere is a little empty in the track.

But still, you can't deny the great shortcuts where you skip much time or land on a pier. Oh yes, and that huge jump we all know. That's just one of the most satisfying things ever.

I like the design of the track and its reference to Super Mario Sunshine. While the remake only really updated the graphics, not much needed to be changed for this one.

12 DS Shroom Ridge

Shroom Ridge is one of the most underrated tracks of all time, in my opinion. I think it's because it's the only unique track from Mario Kart DS that still hasn't been remade, which is a shame because this really is one of the best tracks ever made, especially by DS standards.

By now, you've noticed that we're already at #7, but I still consider these tracks to be some of the best of all time, which proves the Flower Cup's usual quality. After Shy Guy Falls, this is one of the most fun and happy tracks. It's very challenging but fun at the same time. Did I mention how gorgeous it is? It's set on a mountain highway, which makes it all the better.

13 GCN Waluigi Stadium

I really enjoyed this one because of the piranha plant section and all the speed boosts and jumps. While it is not my favorite Double Dash track, I think this is the best of Double Dash's Flower Cup.

14 N64 Frappe Snowland

Frappe Snowland has got to be one of my guilty pleasures. When people think of ice tracks from Mario Kart 64, they usually think of Sherbet Land, one of the most frustrating courses in Mario Kart history. However, not many people pay attention to the other snow course in the game, and if they do, they usually don't like it. Me? I love it.

The music is one of the best ever, with its chill atmosphere, and the track design is hard but fun. It's a lot less slippery than your average ice track and has a part where you must dodge like a hundred snowmen. My favorite part of the track is the icy valley at the end because it feels so isolated yet awesome. Such a great track.

15 N64 Choco Mountain

Racing on a mountain of chocolate has been met with quite some different opinions from MK fans. I am one of the guys who love this track and consider it one of the best MK64 tracks. The music is excellent and really gives this track a happy vibe. However, it can get a little bland at times, which does bring it down a little.

While not the best-looking course, I enjoy the bumps in the road and think this one is fairly underrated.

16 N64 Mario Raceway
17 GBA Cheese Land

Cheese Land was one of the many highlights of Mario Kart Super Circuit. You're racing in a land of cheese, and everything is made out of cheese, and it actually looks really good in this game. The music is also a happy-go-lucky theme, a genre I am personally fond of. So, yeah.

18 GCN Mushroom Bridge
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