Top Ten Worst Things About Pokemon Light Platinum

If you guys don't know, Pokemon Light Platinum is a very popular rom hack for Ruby. And it does quite a lot of things. But does it do them well? I beg to differ on popular opinion on this particular rom hack, so I made a list.
The Top Ten
1 Save Game Glitches

This is probably the biggest issue, and it has something to do with in-game saving. Some events don't happen, or worse, completely reset, forcing you to redo them. This makes finding the sixth gym leader annoying since he's supposedly in a power plant, but sometimes he isn't inside. This makes the ROM hack seem broken, despite supposedly being finished.

2 Repetitive NPC Dialogue

ROM hackers should make things feel different. Other ROM hacks I've played managed this well, giving different dialogue based on the place I'm at. Unfortunately, this isn't the case in Pokémon Light Platinum. Much of the NPC dialogue is recycled. There are at least four Pokémon Centers with the exact same people who say the exact same things.

3 Repetitive Trainer Battles

To explain what I mean, I'll give an example: the evil Team Steam. Their grunts are bad enough because of their repetitive dialogue, but their Pokémon teams are often reused.

On Mt. Winter, six grunts have two level 40 Kadabras, a level 40 Gardevoir, and a level 38 Lopunny. SIX! At Steam HQ, nine grunts have a team of a level 41 Glameow and two level 43 Puruglys, and you fight seven of them in a row!

This means you can reuse the same strategy to win these battles, which isn't fun at all.

4 The Legendary Pokemon Cutscenes are Long and Boring
5 Too Many Rivals

A lot of ROM hacks seem to employ this, so Light Platinum isn't alone. The weird thing about the rivals is that they somehow get weaker as you progress, which doesn't make sense. The rivals are also fanservice because they're all familiar characters from anime and manga.

6 Emboar Evolves Into Scoliopede

This is by far the dumbest thing in this ROM hack. Emboar is a Fire starter, the final form of Tepig, but if you level it up to 37, the ROM hack makes it evolve into Scolipede.

7 No Running Shoes Until After the First Gym

Before you say anything, yes, FR/LG gives the Running Shoes after the first gym too. The difference lies in how long it takes to get to the town with the first gym and then beat the leader. In Light Platinum, you've got quite a long way to go. Other hacks also have this issue with the Running Shoes being unavailable until later, like in Pokémon Victory Fire, but at least the town with the first gym is close by compared to the long haul required to reach the first gym town in Light Platinum.

8 The Safari Zone is Useless

The Safari Zone is supposed to be a place where you can catch Pokémon that aren't available in regular areas. However, it's accessible too early, and every Pokémon in the individual areas can also be found elsewhere, making it useless.

9 Too Many Freebies and Endgame Items Early

When I play a ROM hack, I look for both fun and challenge. The challenge part can make or break things, but Light Platinum decides the best way to get some Pokémon is to just give them away. This applies to several Pokémon, like the starters, Eevee, and some rare ones like Axew, Deino, Larvesta, and Riolu. The bottom line is, honestly, why so many? Even more, you can get endgame items like Max Potion and Full Restore earlier than expected, and it doesn't make sense. Even the early PokéMarts sell endgame items, but midway through, the wares get worse.

10 Escape Rope Can Only Be Bought at the Department Store

This is a huge issue and relates to the PokéMarts mentioned earlier. Escape Ropes help with those big and annoying cave areas, but not being able to buy them until you reach the department store (which is very far into the game, in the town with the eighth gym) is ridiculous. I'd have to get a Pokémon with Dig to exit places quickly, and it's tedious.

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