Top 10 Best Weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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1 Savage Lynel Crusher

This is an absolute beast of a weapon, it is one of the most powerful in the game.

2 Ancient Bladesaw

There are only seven words I can say: It's a chainsaw. In a Zelda game.

Chainsaw! Also 80 damage or something. It is awesome!

3 Savage Lynel Sword

A rustic sword used by white-maned Lynels. They say that it's savage blades are strong enough to cut down any foe, no matter how strong.

4 Royal Claymore

It doesn't do as much damage as the Royal Guard's Claymore, but this sword is more durable. And still does loads of damage.

5 Windcleaver

Okay this is a cool weapon. Legit throws wind. And 40 damage. Although it is hard to get, the windcleaver's one of my favorite weapons

A high-damage two-handed sword used by Yiga Blademasters, this sword can shoot a low-damage beam of wind at enemies, making it a ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon.

6 Great Thunderblade

It does high damage and can electrocute enemies and stun them, allowing you to rain in hits.

Strong attack power and creates a huge shock wave. Good whenever fighting Water Bight.

7 Edge of Duality

A double-bladed two-handed Sheikah-made sword, it has a high attack power and is effective against tough enemies like Lynels.

8 Lightscale Trident

It has a fairly good attack power, and generally Zora weapons are some of the most beautiful in the game.

9 Royal Guard’s Sword

The durability is terrible. But it has a high attack power.

10 Giant Boomerang

What's better than a boomerang? A giant boomerang! It does more damage than a standard boomerang but is not very powerful overall. But who doesn't love a GIANT BOOMERANG!

The Contenders
11 The Master Sword

I will say, this does belong in the upper half of the top 10, in my opinion. But, I can kind of get where people are coming from, since you need to successfully get into the korok forest, which took me FOREVER to find. Plus, you need to do enough shrines to get 13 red hearts. That is 40 SPIRIT ORBS USED FOR HEARTS

At 60 damage when Links at full health, and 180 durability, the Master Sword is the best close combat sword in the game.
And a simple glitch is easy to do to get it. Also, throws lazer bolts? Can't break? Can't lose it? come on people!

Hey guys, I decided to not include the Master Sword because it was a bit too obvious and go with some more unusual choices. The Master Sword is brilliant though.

12 Guardian Sword
13 The Great Frostblade
14 One-Hit Obliterator
15 Ancient Bow
16 Fierce Deity Sword
17 Korok Leaf

Most people don't really like Korok leaves, but they are my favourite weapon(I mainly just play for exploration and fun not story completion). They are fun to take care of and troll weak enemies as well as sail rafts. Others may be more useful but this is my favourite, I always try to find korok leaves when exploring.

18 Great Flameblade
19 Rusty Broadsword

It's the sword closest to the shrine of resurrection, and its placed in a pedistal... funny deliberate placement by Nintendo if you ask me

20 Savage Lynel Bow

This is the best bow. But you have to kill a strong Lynel to get it!

21 Knight's Broadsword
22 Twilight Bow
23 Biggoron's Sword
24 Sword of the Six Sages
25 Bow of Light

Fastest shooting. And it does about 100 damage. Can it break?

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