Top 10 Stupidest Criticisms of Modern Mario Party

As a Mario Party fan, nothing drives me more insane than the fanbase of this game series. That was exaggerated, but as you can tell I'm not a fan of these people in general. So I thought I'd round up some of the most ineffective criticisms I've heard haters of modern Mario Party bring up on why they don't like the car parties. So with that being said, here is the list.
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1 Hudson Soft should return to developing the series

Truth is though, that and Cube actually consists of former Hudson Soft employees, who themselves have expressed that it was their choice to reform the formula, as they don't have any more ideas for a classic Mario Party. So your wish was granted a decade ago.

2 There's no strategy

There's a different type of strategy, but there's not no strategy. You frequently get special dice blocks that can only roll certain numbers, and you use it to your advantage to maybe get that rich bunch of mini-stars for example. Compare that to the orbs in 5-7 which can sometimes go completely useless if someone never lands on them. But I won't deny Island Tour lacks this.

3 Everyone gets rewarded

"Oh no, da socialism in all forms is terrible, even if it's more efficient". While I agree 4th place shouldn't win anything, this system is far better than the originals. Imagine working your ass off trying to win 1st place, but get fricked near the end and end up 2nd place, but not winning any coins/mini-stars. Seems pretty unbalanced, doesn't it? It was such an outdated system that I'm surprised didn't get abolished until 9.

4 You can go an entire match without playing a minigame

This is a lie told by people who have never played Mario Party 9. VS spaces aren't the only way to play a minigame, in fact, over half of all times you land on a blue space, a minigame will play as well. There's an algoritm that keeps games from lacking too much minigames. I will admit I wish there was a minigame every turn, but it's fine for what it is.

5 Don't fix what's not broken

While not a bad saying on its own (rather the opposite), combined with the Mario Party fandom it's the most incorrect statement of the decade. Mario Party was at its peak at around 6, and it gradually became more tiresome by the games. Mario Party 8 shoved motion controls down our throats as heck, and boards were weaker versions of stuff we've already seen.

I think the problem with Mario party is that they made too much games in a short period of time (I mean there is 4 Gamecube Mario Party games), and therefore they ran out of ideas.

6 All luck, no skill

See my statement on #3. There's more luck than previously, sure, but there's still a whole lot of strategy. I win nearly every round of Car Party with my skills, and the added luck just spices up matches.

7 It's not like the originals

Neither was Super Mario 64 at the time but I didn't hear complaints about that game being different. "Oh but that game still retained elements from the originals". News flash: So did Mario Party 9, such as minigames, getting the most mini-stars/coins, rolling dice, taking turns, etc.

8 Bowser is nicer

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't consider losing half of all your mini-stars as being nice, seeing as they are the only thing to determine your overall placement. Losing a star in the originals is nothing compared to that, seeing as it's easy to just find another star on the board, or duel.

9 There's no content

This statement can apply to Mario Party: Island Tour and 10, but do NOT go well alongside 9 or Star Rush. Mario Party 9 has the second most boards in the entire series tied with 5, and it also has the most inter-active selection of minigame modes, such as Choice Challenge, Garden Battle, High Rollers and Time Attack. Not to mention that there's an extras mode where you can play rugby, goomba bowling, perspective mode and castle clearout. Mario Party: Star Rush is also filled with content! There's the main Toad Scramble mode, and then six more smaller extras modes, most of which are pretty fun!

10 They have weak rosters

Overall, modern mario party games have much better rosters than the classics, which is an objective fact, not gonna lie. In the classic entries, only 7 and 8 have what I would call "good" rosters, as everything before that ranged from poor to just decent at best. The newer games have bigger rosters overall.

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