Top Ten Worst Roblox Jailbreak Weapons

A list of the worst weapons you can get in the Roblox game Jailbreak. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Grenade

This is hands down the most impractical and useless weapon you can ever buy in Jailbreak. All of the others have at least one upside, but grenade are altogether bad and annoying to use. You just simply throw it and hope it will cause some damage to the player. Terrible accuracy, poor damage, and you can't even aim the thing! Not to mention you will run out of them eventually run out of them and you will have to buy new ones. Absolute crap!

2 Turret

This one is exclusive to the SWAT and BOSS Gamepasses, as they can be found in the roof of the SWAT Van and Wraith. Their sound effects are intimidating, as it's an automatic gun, but it's a turn-off when you realize it doesn't even do much damage. That, plus that it's behind a paywall is just terrible.

3 Sword

The melee weapons were the most useless things ever introduced to Roblox Jailbreak. Why anyone would actually use them when Police can arrest criminals from one feet away..., I don't know. The Sword is meant for criminals and the baton for police, but since this one also costs cash, it's automatically worse.

4 Baton

The same thing as the Sword, but for police and it's for free. That's the only thing I can give it credit for. But what's UP with that stupid skin? It doesn't even look like an actual baton...

5 Plasma Pistol

Now this thing is pretty bad. It was really hyped up due to the fact that this was alien technology and it looked really cool in its teaser trailer..., but I knew something would be bad, because the most hyped up stuff turn out to be the not nearly that interesting. It's an automatic weapon, but are you kidding me, 3 damage per shot? WHAT? Not only that, the range is so bad and the accuracy too. It also only has 20 rounds of ammunition. Why get this, when the Revolver and Sniper which do better damage are free? The only good thing this weapon does is penetrating through forcefields, but that's it!

6 Flintlock

The Flintlock is the newest weapon added, costing 10K, being found on the Cheater Island and dealing 60 damage per shot. That might seem pretty awesome, but it has lots of downsides. Every time you shoot with this thing, you are pushed back, which can lead to you falling off buildings to your death. Combined with a one shot capacity and a 4-5 seconds reload time, I advice you to stay away from this thing.

7 Pistol

The good ol' pistol. It's been since the start of the game alongside the shotgun and is free, understandably. It has a magazine capacity of 8 and each shot deals a total of 15! Every policeman has this item by default in their inventory (along with handcuffs, taser gun and road spikes) and it's really efficient for weakening criminals so that they are slower and so that you can more easily arrest them. A really good weapon for its purpose.

You know, pistol is the best gun in the game because it takes a lot of damage and it is a pretty good and the best gun in jailbreak. ITS FREE AND BEST!

8 Rocket Launcher

Somewhat an opposite to the Sniper, in that the closer you shoot with this, the more damage is taken, at highest 76 at at lowest 0. It also leaves fire behind after a shot has been taken. Due to this OPness, you'd expect there to be some huge downsides. And there sure are. You see, it has a magazine capacity of 10 rockets, but after they've been fired, you must pay for new rockets. That's right, you pay more for using it. This ultimately brings this weapon down to 7 because it's not very efficient.

9 Shotgun

[Optional] Add a comment explaining why you included this item in your list.This is the most effective close-range weapon. This thing's shots spread out when shot, making it good for shooting down helicopters, but the closer to are to an opponent, the more shots will hit it. At closest, a whopping 30 damage can be taken! That's crazy much. Best thing? It's free! Well technically it costs cash, but you can get it for free if you acquire it at a Police Station, and not a gun store. Yeah..., it's a bad boy! But I prefer the weapons above because they are more efficient and fun to use.

10 AK-47

A copy of the Rifle except it costs Jailbreak cash, deals 7 damage instead of 6, and has a worse firerate and accuracy. But it's not very much lower, and I suggest buying this instead of the rifle due to the better price, but eh, as a weapon itself it's slightly weaker than the Rifle.

The Contenders
11 Uzi
12 Nuke
13 Rifle

This thing is a huge waste of robux of all time it costs hundreds of robux but its looks are terrible.

14 C4
15 Smoke Grenade
16 Taser
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