Best Super Mario Party Game Modes

Super Mario Party, the eleventh main series Mario Party game has a total of six different game modes, which are two party modes (Mario Party, Partner Party), two minigame compilation modes (Mariothon, Sound Stage), and two unique modes (River Survival and Challenge Road).
The Top Ten
1 Partner Party

This is by far the most enjoyable game mode of Super Mario Party, and to think it has more substance than the main mode is just embarassing. Essentially, Partner Party is a game mode that combines the classic tag battle from the classic games, and merges it with Mario Party: Star Rush's main mode: Toad Scramble (but without the toads), a mode that let the player walk literally anywhere, and recruit mario characters and use more dice blocks to move on the map. It's legit so much fun and I'd go as far as saying it's more fun than the normal formula, because there's a lot more skill involved in where to go, plus recruiting allies adds a strategy of which dice block you should use (I always go with Wario's). My main gripe is that you don't fight boss battles like in Star Rush, at all, but it's still playable. Overall it's the best mode in the game.

2 Mario Party

This game mode is fine. It has a lot of flaws and problems but I think it can be pretty fun. It's based on the standard Mario Party formula where you walk around on a board collecting stars, while walking on branching pathways. Although this is the Mario Party formula done poorly, as the boards in this game were clearly only meant for Partner Party, seeing as they're quite rectangular and small without elevation. However, it's still a bit fun.

3 Challenge Road

Challenge Road is pretty basic, but a little fun too. You go through six worlds in a New Super Mario Bros.-like fashion where you complete minigames in a certain time or something like that, you know, a challenge road. And then after you've completed it you can do it again but in Expert Mode and it can be pretty fun. Although it quickly gets old as well though.

4 River Survival

River Survival is a co-operative side mode where four players take control of a raft and you must all get to the end of a river track, choosing between multiple pathways, all in a certain time. There are also balloons scattered throughout the board where you play co-op minigames where you must score as good as possible to add more time to the clock, so that you have a lower risk of not making it to the end before time runs out. This mode sounds good on paper, but legit all co-op minigames suck, and it greatly affects the quality of River Survival. And besides, like Challenge Road, it quickly gets old because you do the same thing every time.

5 Sound Stage

Sound Stage is a typical minigame compilation you play, and this particular mode has you playing rhythm-based minigames and you need to get as many points as possible. This sounds boring on paper, but rhythm-based minigames happen to be some of the most fun and addicting ones in the entire Mario Party franchise. You shake your joy-con to the beat of the music in a collection of minigames and it's really engaging! HOWEVER..., it's way too short, and it feels almost completely useless. It's just like any minigame marathon really. For this reason, Sound Stage is #4.

6 Online/Minigame Mariothon

Online mode in this game is a freakin' embarassment. You can only play a total of ten set minigames agianst other players and that's it. No explanation needed, this is online at its debut in Mario Party and it's wasted tremendously. Worst mode by far.