Most Anticipated Games From the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct

On Thursday, the 3rd of September in 2020, the long-waited and rumoured 35th anniversary direct for Super Mario finally became a truth, with a handful of new games being announced. This list ranks the most anticipated of these six new additions to the Mario game roster.
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1 Super Mario 3D All-Stars

I've been looking forward to this ever since the rumours were ignited back at the start of this year, and it certainly looks promising! Bringing the three best 3D Mario titles in one package, Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy (not 2 though), this is sure to an amazing playthrough when I get my hands on it. I'm especially excited about Super Mario Sunshine, as it's a game that I own, but never got the chance to complete because the controls drove me insane. Super Mario 64 is going to be interesting too, and while I don't care for the Galaxy remaster, it will be interesting as well. So this is overall #1 on this list.

I'm really happy about this game, but only because it would be the first time I will own Super Mario Sunshine. Other than that, Super Mario 3d all stars looks like it's just going to be the same games, but with a better resolution, a music playlist, and MAYBE a better frame rate. You have to understand folks. I wanted, so much more for remakes of those games, especially since All Stars, the Super Mario Advance Trilogy, and especially 64 DS did much more efforts to give those games a new way to play them. But hey, it's better than nothing, and I least I can finally play Sunshine!

Honestly it's about time we got this. 3 of the greatest Nintendo games of all time all on one game.

2 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Ok. If you ask to me, this was the most interesting annoucement of the day. The reason why is because of Bowser's Fury. I should ay how funny it is that the 3d Mario games that are 24, 18, and 13 years old only get a better resolution, while 3d World which is only 7 years old get a brain new mode. To have the benefit of the doubt, maybe this game mode will be ultra short or will have underwhelming levels. However, by looking at it, it could be at its best a great collect-a-thon like games with multiple obstacle courses that you can go at the order you want, and with more intense visuals or even story. Overall, this could be the first Wii U port that I might buy, despite already having the original,since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe depending on how good Bowser's Fury will be.

It seems like this game will play the same as it did on the Wii U, which is kinda disappointing..., but what's not is the new side mode that's apparently been implemented into the game. Bowser's Fury? Do we play as Bowser going on adventures? Or maybe his son and the Koopalings..., and why not the Broodals? The side mode is what keeps me on my toes.

3 Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

My first thought when seeing the direct was "MARIO KART 9 AT LAST!"..., but to my disappointment, it was not. Well it kinda feels as if Nintendo is purposely teasing us, but either way, this game sure looks interesting! It's essentially Labo Mario Kart, in that you build your own circuit in your house, and then race inside of it on it using your Switch. This is one of the most creative game concepts so far, but a turn off already is the insane price at one hundred bucks. But still, I'm excited!

While not being Mario Kart 9, Home Circuit looks like a very interesting game, that can be fun. I don't think I will buy it though, because it will be hard to find space in my home.

This looks really cool I just hope it's a spin-off not the next mainstream Mario Kart

4 Super Mario Bros. 35

This game will put Fortnite to shame, as it's Super Mario Bros. levels in the style of a battle royale with 35 players, and the last one standing wins. A really interesting concept I haven't thought of before, but I sure will get my time to play it sooner or later. But it's ironic how Nintendo once banned a fanbase battle royale Mario flash game, but then proceeds to make it anyways.

If you are a big fan of online games unlike me, I'm sure this game was the best announcement of the day for you, since honestly, it looks really sick to have a Mario battle royal game.

5 Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

It's the Super Mario Bros. we all know and love, but on a new Game & Watch system with colour. Who gives two cents about it though when there's the much cheaper Nintendo Switch Online?

This is useless, but I love it!

6 Super Mario All-Stars

The classic 2D mario package of Super Mario Bros., The Lost Levels, 2 and 3 makes its return to the Switch, after making its debut on the SNES, and a limited edition version getting released on the Wii for those who own Nintendo Switch Online.

Well, it's cool to have this game knowing it wasn't available on the EShop of the Wii U, but... I don't have Nintendo Switch Online since I don't think it is really worth it.

7 Super Mario Galaxy
8 Super Mario 64
9 Super Mario Sunshine
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