Top Ten Worst Clash Royale Cards

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1 Barbarian Hut

Barbarian Hut spawns one Barbarian at a time, and seven elixir is way too much for it. I can easily take it down with my Mega Knight. When he charges up his elixir, I spawn Mega Knight to destroy the useless card.

It costs so much elixir, and you can easily just counter it with a Miner, Fireball, Rocket. Or if someone places down the Barbarian Hut, you can just simply place Elite Barbs on the other side because he won't have enough elixir to counter it. Make sure you use Fire Spirits or Log with the Elite Barbs because he might have Skarmy.

2 Tombstone

If you place a Tombstone, it will be good for attracting enemies. But if you try to use it for offense, the tower arrows or cannons will one-shot them. Skeleton Army is way better.

This tower can defend against Prince. The skeletons constantly distract him, and the ones he doesn't kill usually surround him, spelling doom for him unless he receives support. It is also very lethal against Mini and Normal Pekka, as both are slow at attacking. It's good against Giant, but it isn't enough. Tombstone is still a good card, however.

3 Bomb Tower

1. It looks ugly.
2. It gets sniped by Royal Giants.
3. It does nothing against air decks (Lava Loon).
4. There's the Inferno Tower, a much better, same-cost alternative.

It can't even attack air troops, and there are other options such as the Inferno Tower.

Bomb Tower is really bad. Inferno Tower is a much more powerful alternative.

4 Sparky

Waste of elixir for a unit that can't even hit an Electro Wizard once. PEKKA deals high damage, but at least it's not more than 4 seconds! Sparky should be reworked.

I counted it takes 5.7 seconds to recharge if it is not interrupted. It's also a legendary, so you can't upgrade it that much. Zap resets it as well. If you see a Sparky, plop down Electro Wizard, the Sparky will actually do nothing. It kind of sucks.

Ah, it's not that bad, let's just see how much elixir it costs. I'm sure it is cheap... What? 6 ELIXIR? Well, it will probably have a lot of health though, it can't be THAT bad. Wait, what? IT'S ONLY 1200? THAT'S LESS THAN A LEVEL 6 HOG RIDER? My advice as a Clash Royale expert is to never use the Sparky.

5 Goblin Hut

Isn't Goblin Hut annoying when it slowly chips away at your side tower?

6 Clone

This card is absolute garbage. It's like a worse Mirror for 3 Elixir. Ever heard of Tornado, Zap, Arrows, Wizard, etc.? The only time it works is with a Giant Skeleton on a Tower.

Well, why is this so low on the list? Any spell can kill the clones. Ice Golem or simply use a damage-dealing troop and *boom* 3 elixir wasted for your opponent. What? Prepare for a counterpush.

It is sometimes good when the opponent has no spells, but most of the time this card is useless. Some people use it for Giant Skeleton just for the bomb, and it is actually good.

7 Three Musketeers

The worst card ever. Don't spend 9 elixir for just 3 Musketeers. I don't know why Three Musketeers is in Royale Arena. It should be in Training Camp.

Too easy to counter and too risky to play.

Too expensive. Can be easily countered.

8 Valkyrie
9 Mortar

Not really good on offense, and it can easily be taken down.

Its blind spot and long deploy time make it useless.

This card is so damn useless. Same about Tesla, Bomb Tower, and Poison.

10 Mirror

Mirror should be higher on this list. It definitely needs a buff. It's basically a joke of a card.

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11 X-Bow

It's okay, but you can easily take it out with a Prince or Dark Prince.

12 Furnace

Only works against a swarm that has no ranged or heavy backing. It will also take a while to take effect, so it would be better to just play Fire Spirits or Baby Dragon.

Gets one-shotted by the princess tower. Get that card on and Valkyrie off!

This card is a weird one. It can almost never be used on its own and must be used in combination with other huts. If you try to use this on its own, the opponent will just attack the other side. His crown tower will one-shot the fire spirits.

13 Wizard

The Wizard is always very used and sometimes gets the job done. However, there are so many other better ways to counter a swarm. The Executioner just steals all of its thunder. Not only that, but it dies to Fireball quite easily if you don't have him leveled up.

In my opinion, it's a horrible card. You don't really need this splash card. Witch can counter a push really easily with help from other troops, and most of the time a Witch survives afterward, so you can stick a Giant in front of her.

Easily outplayed by the Witch because of the skeletons.

14 Witch
15 Skeletons

They can't even reach the Crown Tower. Only good for distracting. Better distracting units are Skarmy and Gob Gang. In fact, even use the Stab Gobs instead if you want a cheap cycle card.

I have tested this out, and it doesn't stop a single card. The only thing it does is block Wall Breakers or kill Hogs, Hog Rider, and Ram Rider. Even then, they concede at least 300 damage.

This card is just way too easy to counter, and it doesn't even do that much damage. It's only good for distractions.

16 Ice Spirit

Terrible. Waste of one elixir. The only time you would use it is in Hog 2.6.

17 Rocket

Too expensive and too slow. If you time it wrong, 6 elixir goes down the drain.

18 Inferno Dragon

Easily the worst, it can be countered by something horrible: Zappies!

Not a good card when you are in Masters.

19 Lightning
20 Goblins

Waste of 3 elixir that could be used for a Bandit or Ice Golem. They won't last to do any damage!

21 Inferno Tower
22 Bomber

It has low health and does low damage. Although it has great splash, air troops can easily kill this off and you can easily get a positive elixir trade.

23 Spear Goblin
24 Guards

Bad. Just use Skeleton Army. A worse Skeleton Army for the same amount of elixir. The shields are good though. That's the only good thing. They don't die to the Log.

Hilariously, I use Guards instead of Skeleton Army, but I do agree they could use a bit of a buff.

They suck! Supercell should buff them if they want people to use them. Put them in Training Camp!

25 Dart Goblin
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