Top Ten Worst Clash Royale Cards

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1 Barbarian Hut

This card is good against most decks that use building targeting troops. It has so much health, it can take a Lightning and still be helpful to take out the building targeting troop. Hog Rider is really hard to get to the tower when the opponent has this.

Barbarian hut spawns 1 barbarian at a time and SEVEN ELIXIR is way to much for a barbarian hut. I can easily take it down with my mega knight. When he charges up his elixir I spawn mega knight to destroy the useless card.

It costs so much elexire and you can easily just counter it with a miner, fireball, rocket. Or if someone places down the barbariun hut you can just simply place elite barbs on the other side because he won't have enough elexire to counter it. Make sure you use fire spirits or log with the elite barbs because he might have scarmy

Well...this card just sucks.I mean it's 7 elixir and the barbarians are 5 elixir and it spawns a's to slow,to costly and there is something called "spells" in the game.


Good elixir value after a while


To much elixir
Takes to long to make for a positive elixir trade
Easyily can be countered with spells

Barbarian Hut-0.3/10

2 Tombstone

If you place a tombstone. It will be good for attracting enemies, but if you try to use it for offense. the tower arrows or cannons will one shot them. skeleton army is way better.

Dude the tombstone is one of the best cards! It is used in LavaLoon and other decks with the Hound. It can annoy Princes and many other win conditions. The new Ram Rider can't really get past it. The Giant Double Prince Deck is weak to this card its only weakness is a good Fireball and a well-timed Log.

This tower can defend agaisnt prince, the skeletons constantly distract him and the ones he doesn't kill usually surround him spelling doom for him unless he recieves support, it is also very lethal against mini and normal pekka as both are slow at attacking, its good agaisnt giant but it isn't enough, tombstone is still a good card however.

It's controversial as its great for stalling and distracting but the skeletons die and get shot down easily by towers and can be replaced with other towers like goblin hut. It may be in top 10 but I probably wouldn't put it first. But, like I said, it's controversial.

3 Bomb Tower

Its kinda like Barb hut where its decent but not great. Its high HP and splash damage is great however. I'd still rather this over a barb hut anyday because it won't murder my elixir for a while.

1. It looks ugly
2. It gets sniped by RG's
3. It does nothing against air deck (lava loon)
4. There's the inferno tower, a much better same cost alternative.

It can't even attack air troops, and there are other options such as the Inferno Tower.

Bomb Tower is really bad. Inferno Tower is a much more powerful alternative.

4 Sparky

Trash. Takes forever to charge and it's expensive, has low health, and is a legendary so it is hard to upgrade. I made the rookie mistake of upgrading it to level ten. Waste of gold.

I counted it takes 5.7 secs to recharge if it is not interrupted. It's also a legendary so you can't upgrade it that much. Zap resets it al well. If you see a sparky, plop down electro wizard, the spparky will actually do nothing. It kinda suc- aaah it's not that bad ets just see how much elixir it costs, I'm sure it is cheap... what 6 ELIXIR. Well it will probably have a lot of health though, it can't be THAT bad. Wait what? ITS ONLY 1200
?! THAT'S LESS THAN A level 6 HOG RIDER?! My advice as a clash royale expert is to never use the sparky.

Sparky is overrated and one of the worst cards. Zap spell will reset her change, skeleotns will distract her easily, mini pekka can kill her in seconds of she is not charged. A giant in front of her can be countered with cannon (place the cannon so it will lure the giant into range of both arena towers.) Your opponent can also rush the opposite lane right after you deploy sparky. Not much value for 6 elixir

Sparky is so easily countered by many things! There are just so many better options out there to use. Plus, Sparky must be backed up by LOTS of other troops to make it somewhat half-decent. For a 6 elixir cost, the card is horrible.

5 Goblin Hut

Isn't goblin hut annoying when it slowly chips away you side tower

This card is crap

Just so annoying but when delayed these guys can do a lot of damage when their built up

6 Clone

This card is absolute garbage. It's like a worse Mirror for 3 Elixir. Ever heard of Tornado, Zap, Arrows. Wizard, etc.? Only time it works is a Giant Skeleton on a Tower.

Well, why is this so low on the list? Any spell can kill the clones, ice golem or simply use a damage dealing troop and *BOOM* 3 elixir wasted for your opponent. What? Prepare for a counterpush

Umm, clone is amazing! Spell bait then clone a night witch or any decent troop and you almost always take a tower!

It is sometimes good when the opponent has no spells but most of the time this card is useless.Some people use it for giant skeleton just for the bomb and it is actually good

7 Valkyrie

Valkyrie is SOOO good if you know how to use it, especially when you pair it with a mini pekka! If you do not know how to use it, for example, to confine between two cards: minions or Valkyrie against a bad prince, then that is so bad.

It's in my deck and it's good at killing MANY things like gob gang, skarmy, wizard, witch, knight, princess, dart gobby, DARK PRINCE, e-wiz, goblin barrel, tombstone, and a BUNCH more. Why the hell is it on the damn list!?!?!

This list is out dated. Back then valkyrie sucks, but the game developers increased the valkyrie's health and damage by a lot, now its AWESOME.

This card is so good. This card is in so many decks AND beats witch for a positive elixir trade. People, remove this from the list please!

8 Three Musketeers

The worst card ever, don't spend 9 elixir for just 3 musketeers. I don't know why 3 musketeers is in royale arena, it should be in training camp

3 muskies are decent, they can be an ok replacement for inferno tower or super tough tank destroying troops, Decent but they are amazing when protected or if you have the heal spell.

Too easy to counter and too risky to play.

Too expensive. Can be easily countered.

9 Mortar

Mortar is awesome! It is cheap and plays well in offense and defense. People who hate it are probably too lazy to learn how to use it.

It's not that bad considering if it locks onto the tower it can do 3x damage than a princess for one more elixir, not to mention it can draw away hogs and royal giants from your tower, and it does splash

Not really good in offense, and can easily be taken down.

Its blind spot and long deploy time makes it useless.

10 Mirror

Mirror should be higher on this list. It definitely needs a buff. It's basically a joke of a card.

Honestly hit or miss

Needs a buff so bad

The Contenders
11 X-Bow

X-bow is one of the best tower defense cards! If you place it in the middle, guard it, and then rage it when it is shooting the tower, it will get a lot of damage on it. I just wish that they would buff the spawn time.

It ok, but you can easily take it out with a prince or dark prince easily

Dies to goblin gang

12 Furnace

Only works against a swarm that has no ranged or heavy backing. It will also take a while to take effect so it would be better to just play fire sprites or baby dragon.

Gets one shouted by the princess tower. Get that card on and Valkyrie off!

This card is a weird one, it can almost never be used on its own and must be used in combination with other huts. if you try to use this on its own the opponent will just attack the other side, his crown tower will 1-shot the fire spirits

Furnace is useless

13 Wizard

Okay. The wizard is the rare version of the executioner. The executioner has more health and basically the same damage for the same elixir as the wizard. Pretty great against swarms and balloons.

The Wizard is always very used and sometimes gets the job done. However, there are so many other better way to counter a swarm. The Executioner just steals all of its thunder. Not only that, but it dies to fireball quite easily if you don't have him leveled up.

In my opinion it's a horrible card, you don't really need this splash card, witch can counter a push really easily with help from other troops, most of the time a witch survives afterward so you can stick a giant in front of the witch.

THis card is decent. It can attack a giant and splash minions above the giant as well, but I prefer a lot of cards over the wizard and I don't think the wizard really is that good

14 Witch

Terrific card. Spawns skeletons and defends prince, mini pekka, and kills most of the pekka. More health than a wizard. Takes two shots for a mini pekka to kill it. I've used the witch ever since I got it in arena 5. A little expensive though.

The person who said witch is such a piece of s***, since I won 5 victories in a row with the witch! She splashes, and can kill tanks unsupported, even the big tank, the golem.

Needs a buff too weak

15 Skeletons

Very good card. They distract and kill four elixir cards. For one elixir they defend everything
(Well, not everything of course)

I have tested this out and it doesn't stop a single card the only thing it does is blocks wall breakers or kills hogs/hog rider/ram rider. even then they concede at least 300 damage

This card is just way to easy to counter and it doesn't even do that must damage. Its only good for distractions.

Just a waste of 1 elixir. Don't even need to tell you guys.

16 Ice Spirit

Terrible. Waste of one elixir. Only time you would use it is in hog 2.6

Why is this in the game

17 Rocket

Needs a buff in splash radius.

Too expensive and too slow because if you time it wrong 6 elixir down the drain

18 Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon is so good because it can evenly destroy without stopping if you actually include Miner, and Valkyrie.

How can this be on the list? If it lock on a crown tower the tower is serverly damaged if not destroyed.

Love it! Pair it /w arrows and its unstoppable

Easily the worst, it can be countered by something horrible: ZAPPIES!

19 Goblins

Waste of 3 elixir that could be used for a bandit or ice golem. It won't last to do any damage!

20 Lightning

What? Lightning is actually super useful and in my Opinion 10X better than Rocket, it chain attacks 3 targets in the circle with the highest health points even if thy only JUST walk in it when it already starts electrocuting, it can also restart inferno towers/dragons if it doesn't kill them, it almost instant which can be super handy as rocket and fireball take a bit longer, it can also take out 3 troops that may be supporting a PEKKA, RG, Giant then its alone and you can deal with it. Only downside I'd say is that it can be countered if your smart but most people don't know how.

Lighting is really good

21 Inferno Tower

This card shouldn't even be on this list. This, alongside the Barbarian Hut, destroy any tank beatdown decks (though if they have Lightning, Barb Hut is better).

This is the best building in the game and it destroys golem, lava hound and royal giant easily it's boss. So this better be changed!

This card is awesome, it can easily take out giants, golems, giant skeletons etc. before they even get a touch on the tower!

Great! Defends all tanks, even the e-giant if you put it at a distance. Bad against swarms and electric cards though.

22 Bomber

It's got low health and does low damage. Although this has a Great splash, air troops can easily kill this off and you can easily get a positive elixir trade

23 Spear Goblin

I prefer stab goblin

Just more health

24 Guards

Bad. Just use scarmy. A worse scarmy for the same amount of elixir. The shields are good though. That's the only good thing they don't die to the log.

Hilariously I use Guards instead of skel army but I do agree they could use a bit of a buff.

Long range spears help

They suck! supercell should buff it if they want to use it. put it in training camp

25 Dart Goblin

To low health

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