Most Annoying Forum Sections On Roblox

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1 Off Topic

You can make a post saying "I am new to Off Topic" and some bozo you've never met will tell you "I hate everything about you noob, get out because your post count is 3! "

I'm from this strange place that you never know why you're posting here.

The amount of edgy children here...

2 Roblox Talk

Same as Off Topic, and they don't even talk about Roblox.

3 All Things Roblox
4 Let's Make A Deal

Too many bots and everyone speaks in capitals. They also abbreviate every hat to weird names that make no sense. Like, "*BV, YUM, TSTF*" and "A OR D BSDC" To most of Roblox it sounds like kids screaming capital gibberish at each other. It's like they don't even speak English?

5 Suggestions and Ideas

Trolls will spam "no support" on every suggestion and on terrible suggestions "Example: Unban Jaredvaldez" they'll post "support" and there are grammar Nazis who take everything too seriously and post "WNT" all over every thread they ever set their cursor on.

6 Clans and Guilds
7 Role-Playing

Everyone doesn't know how to take a joke and tells you to "Get out, denied because you made a typo."
Grammar Nazis and everyone is humorless, crabby and morose. Half the roleplays aren't even original and are based off books and movies, or have a "unique" plot which is basically just a twisted plot off something. People replace "Warrior cats" with "Warrior wolves" and apparently that's called "original." When you spend hours on something original nobody will reply.

8 Pop Culture

Swifties, 1D Fangirls and Crappers/Ro-rappers (Crap+Rapper) who copy-paste Eminem or whatever and edit the lyrics, and end up posting threads of lyrics. Posting lyrics in threads like that make you sound cringy, especially when you say sound effects in it like: (Oh! Yeah! ) I bet you got no bling, 'cus (Ohh! ) you got hit by my sliiing-shot! (Yeah! )

Oof. Was full of metalheads who hate anything "mainstream" because they are "unique" and they are OBSESSED with bashing Twenty One Pilots.

9 Ro-Sports

Everyone screams in capitals and I swear people spam threads about Donald Trump and crap like that on some occasions. I actually saw this in Ro-Sports: "Keep this on the front page if TinyBerry3 is a noob."

10 Video Game Central

Bronies, Undertards and FNAFans that wreck everything. They're rabid and if you don't like something, they'll bash you and flame you.

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11 Scripting
12 Hacker Bans and Reconsideration
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