Top 10 Best Super Smash Mobs Kits

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1 Skeleton

I think this... Skeleton's recovery isn't that great, 1v1 isn't so good either, but the archery skills is good as.. I don't have a comparison for how good it is. The skeleton is also good for a kinda edge guarding with bone explosion, for knock back, and then a single shot to keep them off and remove their chances of recovery. I would rate the Skeleton a 8 out of 10.

Skeleton is BAD. " GOOD BOW STUFF" Well, if you have a ranged attack its really easy to counter it. Barrage shoots like 4 arrows and they are super easy to avoid and won't kill you unless you are low. That is why it is free. Oh yeah, bone explosion isn't good either.

2 Blaze

All you have to do is spam inferno which recharges insanely fast, and you're pretty much going to win the game. It's only real weakness is another blaze who is better than you.

The ultimate team killer, Inferno can get out of hand sometimes, and Firefly is like Explode, but a momentum cancel is a lot harder.

I think you all know the noobs Who are spamming inferno. The use it all and have nothing left. Blazes are very easy to kill.

3 Sky Squid

Sky Squid is basically Fizz from League of Legends. They both go invincible and can do increased damage when leaving invincibility. To become invulnerable, you have to hold a weapon that does more damage that your primary weapon and source of damage, 'Ink Shotgun'. Sky Squid and Fizz both have a long cooldown attack from the ground that does inane damage after a short indication to enemies of it's arrival. 'Ink Shotgun' is a powerful attack on a very short cooldown that does crazy knockback. In short, Sky Squid is a squishy mage who trolls around by hiding in his fish flurry and using 'Super Squid' to escape any situation.

4 Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeleton is a very useful class for getting out of sticky situations. For example, if you're falling to the void, use the Wither swap to get out and stay alive. However, just hope nobody hits your clone away from land... That could be bad. Another thing that makes this kit so OP and great is that if you are a noobish camper (admittedly like me sometimes), then the wither skull is SUPER HELPFUL. I personally LOVE how by moving your head, it becomes practically HEAT SEEKING. A great juke is against a skeleton, you can switch back and forth to keep dodging arrows. My best "trick shot"was when I saw two people fighting and in the middle of their fight, I blasted a Wither Skull at them and they both died by void. This is why I think the Wither Skeleton is a great kit to use.

5 Creeper

Creeper is a very good kit that is good at escaping tight situations while dealing lots of damage. Creeper's lightning shield can protect from lots of melee attacks, and sulfur bomb is reliable and quick to recharge. All around great for dealing knockback. The major downside is being vulnerable whilst charging Explode.

The Creeper is very Overpowered when used correctly. There are many benefits of being as a creeper such as the explosion which makes almost all mobs go down 5-4 hearts. He can make the biggest jump of all the mobs and literally in 2-3 with the explosion will kill them

6 Magma Cube

If you know this kit like I do, you are guaranteed to win. Fireball is insanely overpowered, with a not-so-long cool-down, so it is very 'spammy'. You can also easily rush others when small as nobody can hit you until you grow. And if you have a person with annoying abilities, you can just shoot fireballs. The only downside is that A. Sometimes people target you for being a magma and B. Many people don't take the time to learn how to use it so it is labeled as a noob kit.

Fireball still DOES have to directly hit an opponent to deal direct damage, and it has absolutely NO vertical recovery. Flame Dash only kills if you aim it right, and that's a huge problem.

7 Spider

Spider is kind of a speedster if you ask someone with Free Kits Forever, and sure enough, it is. Perfectly spammable, Spin Web, Needler, Needler, Spider Leap, repeat. Sometimes it's just plain annoying.

The needler doesn't have much accuracy and the poisining just lasts for a second. Spin web is practically useless.

Spider is simply overpowered. That's all there is to it.

8 Enderman

Enderman is definitely a kit that gives you a run for your money. Speaking from experience, his only flaw is Blink, which cannot go through blocks and glitches often, sometimes putting you in an inescapable suffocation trap. Block Toss is incredible when used correctly, and with some good accuracy, can be a powerhouse from hell. Personally, I have been called a hacker many, many times using this kit. Above average stats, range, and teleportation make for a deadly combo, and the 3000 gem price almost seems too little.

9 Skeletal Horse

Lots of damage. Lots and lots of damage. Bone rush does a TON of damage, especially if you shift. Bone kick does a ton of knockback, and recharged fairly quickly. Deadly Bones is great for campers. Just hop up, get hit, hop down, and let them do damage. While it doesn't have any ranged moves, it lives perfectly well as a melee class. Really fun.

Bone Kick does so much knock back, and combined with Deadly Bones this kit is almost un-killable. The only flaw is that Bone Rush is a bad vertical recovery move.

Skeletal Horse's Bone Rush used to be good, but the new update for it also introduced Deadly Bones, a great counter attack!

10 Cow

Cow is very OP in some cases. Angry Herd can be used to push opponents back and Milk Spiral is very similar to the Blaze's Firefly. Also as you run, you gain speed and may ram into somebody for some serious knockback

The cow may be one of the most unique kits in all of Mineplex. The cow is made not to be an all-offensive tank, but rather a clutch strategy, meaning it can survive for long periods of time.

No Your not correct, Cow is very op And can take down any kit, And your not even specifying Why any of these kits are better than the others? Explain to me?

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11 Slime

Most people would complain that Iron Golem is much better, but hear me out, ok? Slime is a hit-and-run class, meaning you could tackle an opponent a couple of times then run. And Slime Rocket at full charge? Don't even ask.

The slime is a good class if you know how to use it. It does very well in 1 vs 1 combat.

This kit is very OP if used by the right person.

12 Chicken

Chickens really good if you know how to use it. I've used it for 4 years and now I never loose as a chicken.
The strategy for chicken when you begin is hide and when your hunger gets low get a few hits and hide again. eventually they die from hunger. Once you get better, you can go into fights and fly above them and spam chicken missile, seeing as it reloads instantly if you hit them. If you miss, fly away and when they chase you egg blaster them above the void because it cancels their movement.

The worst kit ever. Bad defense, move do nearly 2 damage due to defense, and Flap is easy momentum cancel. Egg Blaster can be used as a counter to Iron Golem and other kits with bad recovery, but they have to be directly above lava, water, or the Void.

13 Iron Golem

I figured I ought to vote for something besides magma, so my 10th or something vote goes to this one!

He's fun. Not melee class, more of a hit-and-run (Like magma. Those two had more in common than I thought). Seismic Slam in, fissure if someone runs at you, Hook for campers or people far off from you. If you want a free class as a magma main, I'd actually recommend this one. The strategy is quite similar.

Iron Golem is a full-on melee class, with Iron Hook to draw in opponents, Seismic Slam to deal some decent damage, and the re-added Fissure, to deal a finishing blow, When they nerfed Seismic Slam, the damage was toned down, but you keep the ridiculously low cooldown? There's a reason I call it "seismic spam".

14 Wolf

Cub Tackle was MADE to enrage people. I mean, you can use Cub Tackle then hit them for about 3 seconds. Too long.

It's a horrible kit with annoying but weak abilities. You can kill the wolf during cup tackle easily.

15 Snowman

Although the Snowman doesn't have all that great recovery, Blizzard works like Inferno and Egg Blaster combined, and that is an absolutely overpowered combination!

Most underrated kit in the game. Blizzard is good in almost all situations, and arctic aura is good. Ice path is bad though.

Actually blizzard doesn't set people on fire (unlike inferno). I think inferno is better

16 Pig

Bouncy Bacon is hard to master, but it gets overused once it is learned. Also, it has worst in-game recovery, with only Baby Bacon Bomb.

Op. The Baby bacon bombs do a crap Ton of damage and the pigman gets speed and needs low energy for killing people in seconds.

"You can spam Baby Bacon Bomb and Bouncy Bacon to get your health up

17 Sir Sheep

I don't know why this was made the hardest kit to obtain in the GAME, but it's kind of good if you know how to use it. "Animal" mobs usually have low defense, usually making them camping kits. Wool Mine and Static Laser confirm this. And Wooly Rocket makes one of the best recoveries in the game, due to resetting your double-jump.

Wool Mine can also be used as recovery and getting away when your at low health.

18 Zombie

A kit with great combo potential, this kit makes a decent matchup with the Skeleton, due to being the 2nd only bow kit in the game. Also, using Deaths Grasp 3 times in a row racks up lots of damage, and sends your enemy flying behind you!

A great comboing kit, the arrows rack up the damage, and you can easily go in using spew bile and deaths grasp.

19 Guardian

Guardian is a good kit if used correctly (target lazer), but otherwise it is a copy of the iron golem. But with worse statistics. It is a heavy melee troop that you cannot camp with.

Guardian does take practice but after a while, it does loads of damage

20 Villager
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