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1 Ben Drowned

One of the best Creepypastas out there in my opinion. The one that started cliches, and gaming Creepypastas for the matter. Yes BEN Drowned deserves to be first on this list. It is by far the scariest Creepypasta I have read.

I used to have this game before Ben Drowned Was even a thing and my game would always glitch out like the Ben was there 0_0

Majora's Mask has to be one of my favorite Zelda games next to A Link Between Worlds. Just I love this creepypasta

Good choice.

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2 Sonic.exe

One of the worst Creepypasta's. A highly overrated bunch of words that has an absolute delusional Author with a god complex. - Drewstar

This started a big cliche in Creepypastas. It goes along the lines of, "The title screen was the most deadly, daemonic thing ever, but I thought it was a glitch and played on." - PeterG99

It is a great creepypasta, but it is not scary, but it is creepy

... uh...

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Oh why that demon face I wont sleep for weeks now that face is gonna haunt for eternity

Is the creator of the hacker... the killer?

Gest what I didn't sleep for 10 weeks and 13 days and that demon is going to get a punch in the face...0_0 hehehe... Sorry 0_0 and I'm a girl

Good but.needs more Improvement ok

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4 Herobrine - Minecraft

I love minecraft so I had to pick Herobrine!

Herobrine is not scary I don't care about white eyes guy I am gonna kill him I will name my self herobrine killer or herobrine hunter (if you want my help please give me 2 diamond sword 1 full pack of defense) but first I have to get all of 23 dollars

WHAT? Herobrine isn't scary or isn't a creepypasta either. Some idiot wanted to share his picture then people thought it was "mysterious" so they made a creepypasta. WE ALL KNOW HEROBRINE IS FAKE HE ISN'T SCARY HE JUST KILLS YOU ON Minecraft! OR SETS TRAPS OR what IDC HE ISN'T A GOOD CREEPYPASTA - spodermanfan1000


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5 NES Godzilla

No doubt this is one of the bests creepypastas ever. The huge amount of graphic "evidence" and a well written story gives this pasta my vote. Besides Red is the perfect antagonist and some of its pictures will get you scared. I strongly recommend it.

This story does a really good job of building up suspense, the sprite work is nice and it's cool to see not one, but four original creepypasta characters. There's a game in the works too, the soundtrack is done but the game itself is on hold unfortunately.

This is the best Creepypasta seen besides another one I love the monsters in the story I mean I love them is like one of the best Creepypastas you should totally check it out I am so sad that they don't actually have a game for this wait they do have a game for this

I honestly think Ben Drowned is the best gaming creepypasta but since it’s already the most voted, I decided to go with my second favorite creepypasta. NES Godzilla is such an underrated story and I would suggest this to anyone who hasn’t read the story yet.

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6 Lavender Town Syndrome

First every creepy pasta I every read and my heart was pounding during the song and everything - itz_izzy

I heard this song before I even knew about the creepypasta. It was SO stuck in my head I couldn't pull it out. I just felt like... I was hyponotized. But soon as the dubstep part hit I immediately got my senses back. I HAD to stop it or else it was going to be stuck in my head for months. It got stuck there for a week already. But I realized the one I listened to was the dubstep one and when I began to listen to the original one, I was like.. what?! It didn't have the creepy feeing, the hyponotizing effect and I forgot the song in like a minute. The dubstep one should get a creepypasta, not this one! It just gave me a short headache. - TheGoldenRifle

The first night I had the song stuck in my head, I couldn't sleep & nearly got a knife out and just ended it all! - NintendoROCK3T

Love this song. Creepypasta is also good, too. - IceFoxPlayz

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7 Come Follow Me

One of the better creepypastas. This one actually surprised me when I read it. The writing is good, I loved the plot, and the climax is very good. This is a creepypasta for the ages!
I would recommend reading this blind. So I will not spoil anything and say this: once you find out what is in the game, causing all the suicides, you Will have a shiver down your spine.

This is literally the scariest creepypasta I have ever read, I took a while but I finally did it

Okay first off I have never seen this Creepypasta

Scariest gaming creepypasta ever.

8 Polybius

I actually liked it for it's known seizures, by the way I have seizures though.

You know what scares me the most about it is that they have no record of it existing yet there are legit photos

9 Lost Silver

Dang it! I voted for NES Godzilla because I didn't see this one!

Lost Silver is where this Creepypasta addiction of mine started. This is why it is good:
To start, all of the cliches in the story were not cliches when it was originally created.
Also, the symbolism is impressive. The story represents the inevitable death of 8-bit games, as Silver is the last Pokèmon game on the Gameboy. - GREATEST

10 Strangled Red

A shocking turn of events will leave you disturbed. - Drewstar

Okay I have not seen this one either

Definitely one of the best gaming creepypastas out there! Beats LTS, creepy black, buried alive and lost silver too, in my opinion...

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11 Tails Doll - Sonic R

I played the game sonic R or at least I wish I could I love that you can unlock the character I watch YouTube and I saw a person unlock tails doll

I have played that game. It's not that scary but fun to play. Where tail have to get out his nightmare is to fight tails doll.

Sonic. Exe is my favourite, I love the Mario series so Mario is creepy, but this one is got to be the scariest!

CYFTS? = Can You Feel The Sunshine? - spodermanfan1000

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12 Glitchy Red
13 The Theater

I saw this one it is creepy
but does not exist

So what it's a creppy game that doesn't mean the game is a creepypast now mr.chef

14 Giygas - Earthbound Giygas - Earthbound

This isn't a creepypasta...

This is the games final boss - Granton8ter05

15 Slender Man

Dude, this is not a gaming creepypasta. Slender Man was out first then the game came out based on the pasta. Slender Man is litearally the grandfather of all creepypastas and it is one of the best ones. Too bad I can't find the original story.. - TheGoldenRifle

He is one!

He's 1. The end

Very cool and it sould win sound worst then it is e

16 Shadows - Super Mario Galaxy II

Ohh I didn't see this one, I wish I voted for it. I like Sonic. Exe, but this one might be tied for favorite.

I never even noticed that until I saw the CreepyPasta video. - egnomac

Its name when hacked into is HellValleySkyTree - Harri666

17 Mr. Mix

The ending of Mr. Mix made me laugh. - GREATEST

so creepy


18 Noli

lol roblox

19 Hidden Message - Sonic CD Edition
20 Super Mario 64 Damned

I actually really likes this story but a bit to much blood

21 Pokemon Dead Channel

The scary thing is that it's real I couldn't play Pokémon channel for like 3 months since I haven't played it in years but now I will with my bro watching so wish me luck


He is a horror pikachu and he eats people how is he not scary. And he says Do you still love me.

23 Pokemon Lost Silver

So good it's on here twice. Lol It deserves two spots in the top 10!

24 Dark Link

Literally the last thing I expected

The best gaming creepypasta. - Emofag

25 Jvk1166z.esp

This story I liked. I liked this creepypasta because it's a story that actually makes me afraid.

Personally this is a video game creepypasta done right. It doesn't use many cliches and is just another "LE SPOOKY HAUNTED GAME" Creepypasta, it uses both a mixture of the surreal and realistic, as the events in the story could likely happen.

This one is cool. It really messes with your mind. - GREATEST

This one is very original!

26 The Numbers Station
27 Pokemon Black
28 Hell Valley Sky Trees - Super Mario

Poking in the game files, the data said that those are called "sky valley hill trees" even though they look nothing like trees, but they look like three things staring down at you.

30 Evil Otto

People died from heart attacks from while playing this game

31 Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
32 True Lab Origins - Undertale
33 Username: 666

Username666 is not a video game its a youtube creepypasta.

34 Yoshi.exe
35 A_One, Are You?

Who knew Fawful's Minion could write such a good creepypasta?

36 Five Nights at Freddy's

I like to consider this an "unofficial Creepypasta". It's something that isn't technically a Creepypasta, but could be. It already has a scary character, a dark backstory, an unexpected death... you know what? The stories of Phone Guy and Golden Freddy can be Creepypastas on their own! - PeterG99

I like to consider this an "unofficial Creepypasta". It's something that isn't technically a Creepypasta, but could be. It already has a scary character, a dark backstory, an unexpected death... you know what? The stories of Phone Guy and Golden Freddy can be Creepypastas on their own! - PeterG99

It's an amazing game, but considering this a Creepypasta is bull...

Best game in the history of the universe

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37 Unknown Format
38 [OLD] Minecraft Creepypasta

This is my creepypasta. Wow it is at 26! O_o - SammySpore

39 Kill switch

Kill switch is a game of nightmares were you play as wounded girl and a invisible demeon

40 My First Pikachu
42 Giantess Toriel X Asriel
43 Lion King Sega Game
44 Pokemon Buried Alive

A really good creepypasta besides LTS. - IceFoxPlayz

45 Blood Whistle

Lots of gore =/= Lots of scary

This story is so bad that it is physically painful to read.

46 Happymouse.exe

That 10 second intro jumpscare. And in the 3rd suicide mouse pressing O in the death screen OH MY GOD. - DubstepLover

47 Hall of Tortured Souls
48 Pokemon - Come Follow Me
49 Pokemon Gold Glitch

This is about a kid who gets a copy of Pokemon Gold which has a dead internal battery. After the Gameboy dies, his Quilava starts talking to him in a creepy voice.

50 Final Fantasy VII
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