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1 Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard X is the second Mega Evolution of Charizard, introduced in Pokémon X & Y in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Mega Charizard X is one of the most overrated Pokemon ever. Well, sure it looks cool, but it's not really that strong. If it was to fight with Mega Sceptile (which are mostly compared with), I think because of Sceptile's speed would help it grasp onto victory, but without it, it would be in trouble. All in all, Mega Charizard X is good, but not as good as it seems. Sure, its ability Tough Claws can combo its damage-dealing fire and dragon-type moves such as Flare Blitz and Outrage, but I think it should be tied with Mega Sceptile.

Love what they did with the design, the change in color makes Charizard just that more intimidating. Not to mention it's powerful competitively as well, after one or two Dragon Dances this thing is able to sweep whole teams with a Dragon Claw & Flare Blitz combo.

As Mega Charizard X, it receives a boost to its attack, defense, and special attack stats. Factor in its Tough Claws ability, which increases the power of contact moves like Flare Blitz and Dragon Rush, and Mega Charizard X delivers some heavy damage.

Are you serious mega lucario is nothing compared to mega charizard x. Mega charizard x of Alan defeated him in a gym battle. Mega lucario is failure he lost from normal pikachu of ash mega lucario is one of worst mega evolution

2 Mega Lucario

There is a reason it is uber.
Mega blaziken is good. Speed boost gives it big sweeping potential.
Mega charizard X on the other side is pure fan service, and easy to deal with in competitive.
Mega lucario has great STAB options in bullet punch, aura sphere, close combat, flash cannon.

Mega Charizard X is overrated. I chose a Treeko in ORAS, and I evolved it into Mega Sceptile, I have been to GTS before, and I have fought many Mega Charizard Xs. Mega Sceptile's Dragon Pulse always killed them in one hit and Sceptile moves first because it is a lot faster.

Eh, it's a tad overrated (blame those stupid furries) but it has an awesome design, which goes well with its high attack and speed. The ability adaptability is also extremely powerful (with a swords dance or two it can do over 200 damage with close combat! ), making lucario a killing machine

Mega Lucario is strong and powerful. It can defeat most Megas on this list. Even if there is something there is weak to, it can just switch out. Every Pokemon has weaknesses. Just watch out for Mega Sceptile. It's Focus Blast will actually OHKO (One hit KO) Mega Lucario.

3 Mega Rayquaza

Along with Mega Mewtwo X and Y, Mega Rayquaza has the highest base stats of any other Pokémon.

A big advantage to having Mega Rayquaza on your team, is that it does not require a mega stone. This allows the player to use other useful items to support Mega Rayquaza in combat. While it does not require a Mega Stone, there is still an important condition for Mega Evolving Rayquaza. It must know its signature move Dragon Ascent. Upon Mega Evolving, it will also learn a new ability called Delta Stream. A very useful ability, Delta Stream renders all move types normally super effective against flying types, neutral. In other words, the only types that can cause any super effective damage to Rayquaza are Dragon, Ice and Fairy-types.

With its overwhelming attack power, and nearly impenetrable defense, Mega Rayquaza is a force that few can hope to match.

Mega Rayquaza should be on top, bruh. It has a legitimate 780 base stat total with amazing offense, including damage-dealing flying and dragon-type moves. Mega Rayquaza also has a surprising variety of learnable TM or TR moves to counter its weaknesses. Its Ability, Delta Stream, brings a significant change in battles as it decreases the damage from moves that exploit flying's weaknesses, such as rock and ice.

Why isn't he first!?! Second isn't good enough for one of the greatest mega legendary! He is the only mega who doesn't need a mega stone to mega evolve along with that he is Dragon type which is one of the most powerful types! Also with his hidden ability delta stream he loses all his flying weaknesses so he only has to worry about Dragon weaknesses and also you know he doesn't need a mega stone,well you could make him hold a very good item such as a focus sash so he will be even more powerful and have good moves maybe like extreme speed,dragon rush and model make him an assassin who would out speed greninja.

How is this not number one?! First it has the coolest design out of every legendary (check the shiny) also it was so powerful it was BANNED FROM UBERS in smogon. It's the only poke that's banned from Uber Thank you lord Arceus it was (Arceus banned this because it was to op even for him) also he has the highest base stat with mewtwo however his mega can HOLD AN ITEM.

4 Mega Blaziken

Any Pokemon that has the ability speed boost, 160 base Attack, and a move set consisting of Swords Dance, Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, and Knock Off is broken. This thing destroys teams and takes down legendary Pokemon with pretty much no effort. He may be extremely OP, but he is still my favorite Mega.

I love Blaziken because of his epic speed and power. And with Mega Blaziken's speed boost and swords dance it makes it easy to take down legendary pokemon. Blaziken is one of my all time favorite pokemon. I recommend him to anyone who likes to win battles.

It is an amazing beast that destroys its opponents in the blink of an eye. It can probably demolishes a primal if it attacks first. I have it in my game and he has won every battle for me. It is a truly amazing Pokémon that just blasted me to first place. Amazing.

SWEEPS! All you need to do is let your opponent switch out on mega blaziken, set up sword dance and speed boost, then spam high jump kick, flare blitz, etc.

5 Mega Blastoise

Blastoise was cool with 2 water cannons and now he has 2 mini-cannons on his hands and a big turret on his back, that beats every other design out there.

Look at the ability : Mega Launcher. Add egg moves into a squirtle.

I am now going to block out the fact this he is number one.

It just looks cool. He is just a defensive Pokémon that cannot beat charizard. However is better than venusaur.

6 Mega Absol

It turns the dark and mysterious Absol into a creature of angelic grace and beauty while still keeping the awe inspiring yet fear instilling look that Absol always had.

An amazing, elusive angel canine of disaster. I love how majestic the angelic white fur, graceful wings, crimson eyes, and menacing horn just stand out.

Has an amazing design that brings out its inner grace. It also gets magic bounce, an ability that can reflect status moves like stealth rocks.

A creature that used to be evil, into a beautiful mega Pokemon in earth.

7 Mega Mewtwo X

Mega Mewtwo X is one of the only few Pokemon mega evolved that has a base stat total that can rival Mega Rayquaza. Ever since Dark-type Pokemon has been introduced into the games, psychic Pokemon haven't been able to be as dominant as they were in Gen 1. But ever since the fighting type has been added, this ultra-powerful form of Mewtwo soon became one of the most formidable mega Pokemon of all time. Sure, it is now weak against flying, but Mewtwo also has a huge pool of moves that it is capable of learning, and since it is capable of learning powerful electric moves like thunder, the flying type as a weakness won't be a problem. Don't forget that another popular move used to deplete flying types that are also capable of being learnt by Mewtwo is blizzard.

Aside from Charizard, Mewtwo is the only other Pokémon with two Mega Evolutions. With Mega Mewtwo X, it transforms into a Psychic/Fighting-type, receives a massive increase to its attack stat, and a slight boost in its defense. It also retains its high special attack allowing it to take advantage of moves like Psychic, and Aura Sphere.

My mewtwo, ev and iv trained with best nature, had 448 special attack, mega evolution would just make him 10x better, this should def be number 1, considering mewtwo is the most useful pokemon, a lv 50 one help'd be solo the entire game and for e4, it can get me through the first, second, fourth and the champ's last poke easily.

Sure this thing loses two or three feet of its body, floats, and yet doesn't have ability levitate

Really cute like it was intended to look like because it is a mew clone

8 Mega Mewtwo Y

On the other hand, Mega Mewtwo Y is just as, if not more, powerful. Except for its defense stats, which drops from 90 to 70, Mega Mewtwo Y's attack, defense, and speed increases, along with a major boost to its special attack.

Both of Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions are so broken that it's hard to decide which one to use. Either way, there is little opponents can do to stop either one once they unleash their Psystrike move.

This thing is literally through the roof compared to regular Mewtwo. Outside physical Defense and HP, it gets a big improvement in every other stat, and this makes its Special Attack unmatched by any Pokémon including Deoxys and Mega Rayquaza. It's also extremely fast, with a 140 base Speed stat. Combine this with Mewtwo's endless move possibilities, you've got an almost invincible Pokémon in your hands.

Mega Mewtwo is completely OP. He can evolve in two ways. I only have Pokemon X and he turns into a psychic and fighting type when he/she mega evoves. He destroys the compition at a high level. Since he knows aura sphere when caught nothing can stand in your way!

Beat the stats same as mega rayquaza so strong this should be higher.

9 Mega Gardevoir

Looks like pushy dressed woman, but it can surpass the strength of mega gallade. Plus with the great moves, I'm pretty sure it can defeat anyone.

Gardevoir is one of my favorite Pokémons. Like seriously it has an amazing special attack when it mega evolves. Great move set as well a shadow ball to the face for those ghost types. It should be higher thought, in my opinion

Okay I love mega gardevoir but mega gallade is still awesome. and no gardevoir could not defeat everyone

Beat the Champion with just this awesome Pokemon!

10 Mega Garchomp

Garchomp is also known as the strongest pseudo-legendary because of its wide pool of learnable moves and its extremely high speed and special attack. When in this savage berserking form. Yes, we all know that it's vulnerable against ice-type Pokemon, but with a move like fire fang or iron head, this is no problem. Iron head can also deplete Garchomp's weakness to fairy while its powerful dragon-type moves like dragon claw or outrage can take care of its weakness of dragon.

loses 10 points of speed, not bad but regular chomp is just better honestly. I don't know why they did it, I understand balancing as regular chomp is already a staple in the competitive scene, but then why would you give both mewtwo and rayquaza ubsurd megas...

Actually, Mega Garchomp is inferior to the original. It's 10 points slower and doesn't need its new ability.

Mega hardship sucks. Worse ability, looks crappy, and way slower.

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11 Mega Aggron

His Defense stat is the same as Shuckle's. Shuckle is known for having the highest Defenses in the game. And he has decent Special Defense and good Attack.

Furthermore, he's no longer a Rock-type, so he can shrug off Fighting and Ground moves despite being weak to them.

Big strong. And made of metal!

I love aggron

12 Mega Sceptile

Mega Sceptile is one of the most underrated Pokemon ever. People compare Mega Charizard X with it a lot, and the popular choice is to choose Mega Charizard X. Well, I disagree. When in a real battle, Mega Sceptile can easily defeat Mega Charizard X due to its high speed and additional dragon type. So, it will most likely move first, and this is a HUGE advantage in battle. With powerful dragon-type moves being capable of being learned like dragon claw or dragon pulse along with STAB increase, it can easily one-hit KO Mega Charizard X. Not just that, But as a grass type, Mega Sceptile can counter many powerful tanks such as ground and rock type Pokemon. Also, let's also acknowledge that this is one of the coolest dragons of all time as well.

Mega Sceptile is life.

Let me tell you, I used M Sceptile in my run of Omega Ruby, and guess how long it took me to finish the game? Two days. Mega Sceptile is a sweeper. Sweeped the gyms, Team Magma, even Groudon. Best design, typing, and move set of the three. Get either Blaziken or Sceptile, because Swampert loses to absolutely everything.

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega ruby introduce two new mega evolutions for hoenn starters and I will start off with Mega Sceptile. He is amazing. I mean the design looks cool, the typing is really awesome Grass/Dragon type, and that his ability is interesting!

He is great. But why is he above Kyogre? I've used him to beat mega blaziken in alpha sapphire. Plus, earthquake is one of the best ground moves.

13 Mega Gallade

Gallade is my favourite pokemon and Giving it a Mega was a great decision. The design is awesome, the stats are good, especially with that insane Special defense and Attack, and its movepool is pretty good.

This Pokemon is completely OP. his max attack can reach 478. his speed is boosted to making him a fast powerhouse. he can learn a ton of moves and even has a good special defense. his STAB boosts his power even further to make some powerful hits. come on, his design is epic to with a cool cape and awesome red smords. lets vote gallade!

Mega Gallade has sharper blades than Gallade, it is a fighting and a psychic type Pokemon and it looks very sick with it's awesome cape.

He is quick strong and bad ass looking he should be first!

14 Mega Salamence

Mega Salamence is a legit bringer of chaos for it uses strong physical moves such as dragon rush and outrage and with stab increase, this monster of hell should be able to rival Mega Garchomp and surpass Dragonite, but because of its 4th weakness of rock, I guess Garchomp would be statistically better.

Is this a joke?! No. 16 in the list?! Mega Salamence is a BEAST. Aerilate and Return/Double Edge hits for massive damage, though the latter has recoil damage. Alongside Dragon Dance, Earthquake and more uncommonly, Dragon Claw, it becomes an epitome of power. It is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Do the votes change the pokemon place?

Best mega by far, mega lucario sucks and mega salamence is boss

15 Mega Alakazam

A much better sweeper than any mega Charizard could hope to be. And the design is just a perfect natural progression.
Plus with five spoons he makes even the toughest of Vannilites shiver in fear.

No other mega looks like such a natural progression.
Plus it's become a sweeper nobody wants to fight. And just look at all those spoons! Vanilluxe beware.

Dude, Barton passing calm mind and speed boost doe... And thm elemental attacks too man. Wow, really solid rain sweeper. I mean thunder on a alakazam? Wow.

Alakazam is AMAZING! I have one and defeat almost all the trainers with it!

16 Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross is used by the Champion of Hoenn, Steven. It has a whole lot of resistance but 4 weaknesses. Extremely awseome physical attacker and defender. Its extensive pool of moves to learn can easily counter its weaknesses, such as fire, which can be countered by earthquake.

This is stupid! Why is my favorite Pokemon and one of the strongest megas so low?

Not really special after the free giveaway.

Should be way higher up. Mega Metagross is better than blastoise

17 Mega Gengar

I use a level 100 mega gengar in every game and he can literally sweep anything, he can use psychic and owns Mega Lucario, psychic weakness? STAB shadow ball. Dark weakness? Focus blast. No to mention the Mega Gengar has 110 speed and 130 special atk- it comes out, it first hits- your Pokemon is down. It can beat the all powerful dragon types because it can learn dazzling gleam, moonblast and other fairy type moves, all in all Mega Gengar is the best mega of all-time to me

Build it on Speed and you'll outrun almost anything. Give it Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Rest, and Brick Break, and you can beat anything.

It was so broken that it almost got banned from Ubers. Unlike Mega Rayquaza, it was allowed to stay, but that alone should say how broken this thing is.

Mega Gengar just has a great design and good stats, I loved using him in Pokemon X! (And his shiny is easily one of the best looking)

18 Mega Tyranitar

Mega Tyranitar is one of the greatest physical attackers ever. Despite its 7 weaknesses, they can mostly be countered. I guess this is one of the reasons why pseudo-legendaries are so awesome. Not just that, Tyranitar also looks pretty sick, and it somewhat resembles Godzilla as well. However, this does not mean that Tyranitar is huge and lives in the sea.

Amazing in all stats. His ability even changes the weather into a sandstorm adding even more so. Defense. Op!

My thumb hurts from scrolling down to much. It's so strong!

Amazing, insanely high defense, sp. Defense and killer attack! Even his speed is insane, also his mega evolution adds a lot to all stats except sp. Atk!

19 Mega Scizor

Okay. Let's get mega scizor the ability Techinichian. This will double the power/damage of moves with a base power of 65 or below. Now we have bullet punch. Bullet puch is a steel priority move which scizor will get STAB from, but also Technichian will double it. Now with Technician and STAB in play, Bullet punch has a base power of 120! That's like a brave bird or flare blitz, without the recoil and always goes first. Give him full Attack EVs and his atack stat reaches 394 at the absolute highest, give him swords dance, and his attack stat will double to a little over 700! For the rest of the EVs give him a spread of special defense and hp (however you want) and you can in most cases survive a flamethrower. But let's go back, yet again to bullet punch and swords dance. We now have an attack stat of 788 at the very most (with a attack boosting nature) and the power 120 bullet punch. With this I have hit ground/fire/steel types for around 25% of their health sometimes more! Even though ...more

OP. Mega Scizor's attack and defense are the best by far just spam Bullet Punch and you're done

! Chainsaw hands! I'll punch yo face with then bullet punches.

I love this guy. He can beat both mega charizards any day. Seriously Game Freak, stop favoring charizard.

20 Mega Swampert

The most ripped Mega Evolved Pokemon I have ever seen. With its water-ground type, its only vulnerability is against grass, but it turns out that a lot of other moves are capable of dealing enough damage plus STAB to knock this big-boss man out. However, it is still considered the best starter of all time. Its physical water-type moves such as waterfall with its swift swim ability and stab during the rain can deal some real damage though.

Best mega evolution. It's ripped as hell! Regular swamoert should have been designed like this but instead it was designed as some skinny thing.

Total buff bro, looks like the boss of bosses.

Buff as all hell and pretty cool.

21 Mega Venusaur

It's the only Mega Evolution that is more defensive based. It's ability means it is only weak to two types, which is unheard of for a Grass Pokemon.

His ability makes it lose two weaknesses, so I'll have a good time wrecking Fire types.

Who cares if the only aesthetic change is a pretty flower? Mega Venosaur's stats are amazing. He is really OP

Because I voted for it

22 Mega Charizard Y

Unlike, its X counterpart, Mega Charizard Y's attack boost is not as strong, and its defense goes down. Thankfully, it makes up for this with a major boost to its special attack and defense stats. Plus, it learns the Draught Ability which allows it to instantly use Solarbeam to take care of pesky water types.

This pokemon is so pointless, charizard already had a great mega evolution, it didn't need another one.

This thing is a beast. It can counter Rock and Water-types now, and it has sky-high Special Attack.

Powerful... Solar beam (which he can use every turn thanks to drought) helps him with water and rock types, he can use roost to instantly gain 1/2 hp of his hp back, flamethrower is even more amazing... the list goes on... you can also create synergies with this pokemon's ability with other team members abilities like Chlorophyll or moves like synthesys really work together...

23 Mega Pidgeot

Regular Pidgeot is bad even by early-game bird standards, but its mega is actually quite decent.

This guy,I'm judging him from the style. Why is he in 22 place? He should be in somewhat 12 place instead.

24 Mega Gyarados

In Pokemon Showdown, I defeated a whole team with just a Mega Gyarados. by the way Pokemon Showdown is a website where you create your dream team and fight online players with it. In the anime, Lysandre's Mega Gyarados defeated 4 of Ash's Kalos team (with very little help from Pyroar). He was also able to deal some damage on Ash Greninja and Alain's Mega-Charizard X simultaneously. Even though Gyarados is a physical sweeper, it still used special moves (Hyper Beam, Incinerate etc) and didn't even have any water or dark moves at all. And with the ability Mold Breaker, you don't have to worry about levitate (so you can hit Lunatones with Earthquake), Sturdy (OHKO a Golem with Waterfall) and Multiscale (OHKO a hidden ability dragonite/lugia with ice fang). Also, dragon dance will make it more deadly! Mega Gyarados is the best!

This mega is awesome. It takes an already amazing Pokemon and adds to it's already high attack so it's even easier to sweep. Paired with Dragon Dance, it absolutely wrecks teams.

25 Mega Pinsir

Guys, stop using Talonflame. Use Mega Pinsir, because he is the real deal. Aerilate is amazing, and so is his B-A design. Return and Earthquake wreck anything that is not an armoured bird, a stupid washing machine, or AA-j. Quick Attack maims faster mons. And Swords Dance boosts this guy's power to unimaginable levels. Simply put, this guy WRECKS!

Shout out to Haydunn to making Pinsir cool before 6th gen.

Yes, Pinsir is a beast, first of all, he has good stats, and he looks cool. Yaya

Too old school

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