Best George Jacobs Experience Songs

This is the list of best songs by The George Jacobs Experience.

The Top Ten

1 Can You Smell the Napalm

Turn on the console, controller in hand
The sweat builds up, the stress kicks in
You're scared and afraid so you scream...

Best music video yet, and probably ever

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2 Sock On You

Why is there so much hate? It's really not that bad of a song...
At least, it's way better than some of their stuff

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3 I Hate Love

Should've been a much bigger hit than it was
My top 10:
1. Can You Smell the Napalm
2. I Hate Love
3. Bagpipe Woman
4. Beards, Cats, and the Feebee Stash
5. Big Man on Campus
6. I Am the Bread
7. Silly Serenade
8. Sock on You
9. Industrial Revolution (In Your Bedroom)
10. Big Forehead

The ending solo might be the best 30 seconds they've ever recorded

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4 Beards, Cats, and the Feebee Stache

One of their most catchy songs, the only reason it wasn't a huge hit was because it was on the same album as "Sock on You" and "Can You Smell the Napalm"

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5 Bagpipe Woman

The only GJE song that is able to hold one's attention for more than 4 minutes, what a real accomplishment

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6 Enter My Sanctuary

Much more intricate and complex than anything they had recorded before! Great song to start the reunion of the original members!

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7 I Am the Bread

This is ridiculous, #26?! It's below "Chemical Circus"!
This deserves top 10 easily, maybe even top 5
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While "Can You Smell the Napalm" was their last big hit, this is still a great song

The best song about bread ever. it made me want to buy bread and eat it in pajamas right their. its like eating rainbows and unicorns all at once

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8 Big Man on Campus

This song should be much higher, it's way better than "Sock on You", and "Can You Smell the Napalm" should be number 1

Great song to end the hiatus

How is this not even on the list?

9 Silly Serenade

One of their stronger acoustic songs

This song cuts deep, so depressing and beautiful...

10 Big Forehead

One of the band's better riffs in my opinion, but the bass is bad

Nothing' better than a BIG FOREHEAD

The Contenders

11 Industrial Revolution (In Your Bedroom)

Very underrated, should be in the top ten

Some quality lyrics in this track

12 No Left Foot

Short and sweet, but straight to the point
A depressing masterpiece

"I contemplate, I contemplate, I comtemplate! "
So much deeper meaning

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13 Too Many Tears

Not their WORST song, but it definitely shouldn't be anywhere near the top 10

14 Adrenaline Rush

One of the only songs on Demos to Show that didn't suck

15 In My Darkest Hour
16 On Top of Rotini (The Lust for Blood)

Literally the best song I have ever heard. It really informed me of how I should live my life.

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17 I Am
18 Uncertainty
19 Just Another Sad Song
20 Big Man On Campus
21 Anthrax Letter
22 Sock on You II
23 Polly
24 Let it Dry
25 Jesus Don't Want Me (For a Sunbeam)
26 Nevermind Me
27 Chemical Circus
28 Love Storm
29 I'm the Doctor
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