Best Troye Sivan Songs

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1 Talk Me Down
2 Wild

How is this not higher up? This song is so amazing. The beat and his voice just go together so well in this song. It should at least be in the top 10.

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

3 Happy Little Pill

Although I love all of Troye's music, this would have to be my favorite along with "for him." His voice is so amazing, and not to mention his adorable videos.

Though all of his songs are amazing, HLP just has the edge. Along with Talk Me Down, this is the best. In fact, I think it is one of the best songs of all time.

He rocks the notes and flows with the music! I go to YouTube and look up this song whenever I feel like listening to Troye Sivan.

4 My My My!

The first song that I heard by Troye Sivan and I fell in love with him right in that moment.

5 Youth

Not his deepest song, but I can definitely relate my life to this song!

6 Heaven

This song is so fantastic and beautiful. Your music has always been so reassuring and has really been an inspiration to me as a bi dude. I listened to this song once and said to myself, I will never pretend to be something I am not for one more second. And then I came out.

As a religious bisexual girl who was trying to hide that part of me away and settle for a guy only to please my family and God, this song hit me hard. I wasn't expecting this, and it made me think about everything from a completely different perspective.

7 Fools
8 The Good Side

I love the meaning of this song. I believe it's about his past relationship (maybe with Connor) and how Troye got the better side of the breakup, while his ex got the bad aftermath.

I'm older and I just heard this guy on SNL a week ago. This song is amazing. I'm trying to get into his other stuff, which is good, but just not for me. Wish he did more stuff like this song. Cheers. Amazing talent.

This is such a good song and in my opinion superior to most of his other music. Love it.

9 Touch
10 Seventeen

For me, this is the best of all Troye Sivan's songs so far and it deserves the top spot. Powerful lyrics and a very emotional beat. Overall, it can easily beat his other successful singles like Wild, Youth, and Bloom.

Talk Me Down is my second favorite.

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11 Suburbia

My favorite song from the album, although it's currently facing some competition from What a Heavenly Way to Die and Animal from the Bloom album. I just love how it reflects on the nostalgia of his childhood. Truly beautiful.

Such beautiful lyrics, a haunting yet tranquil vocal performance, and the music is so soothing it gives me shivers every time. It should be higher on the list in my opinion. Extremely underrated song.

12 Lost Boy

Love the synths and the words that he put into this song. Lost Boy always sounds right for me.

13 Papercut

Papercut will forever remain in my heart. Love you forever, Troye Sivan and Zedd!

14 Bloom
15 Strawberries & Cigarettes
16 Animal

With lovely lyrics that match its beautiful production, this is by far the best song off of Troye Sivan's new album.

17 Dance to This

Absolutely love this song. It's on repeat. Ariana's and Troye's vocals make for a masterpiece.

18 Too Good
19 Fun

His best one yet! From one chorus to another, it grows and grows and becomes more powerful! Full of tenderness and nostalgia!

20 Here
21 Gasoline
22 Ease

Troye and Broods's voices come together so perfectly, and the entire song just puts me into a trance-like state.

Broods is my favorite artist and Troye is my second favorite, and the mixture of their voices is amazing.

Why on earth is this so low? It's the most beautiful and calming song by Troye ever.

23 Blue
24 There for You

Dude, this is like the best song ever, and you can listen to it any time and it will bring a smile to your face.

The most perfect song in the world!

25 The Fault in Our Stars
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