Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Music Often

Ok, I got some of these reasons from a spectacular site, and I will list them below, and a few of these I pulled from my own brain so... This should be good...

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Source: 10 Health Benefits of Music That You Were Never Aware Of
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1 Music relieves stress

One of the primary reasons people listen to music is because it alleviates stress. For example, most Heavy Metal songs are dark and depressing, attracting people who are undergoing struggles in their life. They feel as though the songwriter understands their pain. That's a primary reason, though some people simply enjoy the way Metal sounds. For others, listening to a cheerful and upbeat song by artists like The Beatles, Bruno Mars, or Michael Jackson can also improve their mood after a long day. Either way, one cannot deny that music helps alleviate stress.

2 Music is good for your heart

I recently read about some heart patients in a hospital who listened to Mozart. Those patients experienced improved heart rates and lower blood pressure compared to those who did not listen to any music at all. Fascinating, isn't it?

I just love it. It relieves stress and generally makes you feel better.

Music is absolutely amazing. It's unreal how music can save lives.

3 Music gives you a chance to be creative

Many of us have thought, "I want to be like my favorite singer/band. Maybe I should write a song." This thought crosses almost everyone's mind, but few people actually take the step to write a song. I, too, have been in this situation. Strangely, I find writing poems and stories easy, but my songs sound like a Justin Bieber single. Anyway, back on topic. In short, writing stories is beneficial, right? It allows you to tap into your creativity. A song is essentially a story but, for most people, even more challenging because it needs to incorporate instruments, vocals, and often rhymes.

4 Music can help relieve pain

Many people enduring severe pain have listened to classical music (I don't often listen to classical myself, but I must agree that Mozart was a genius) and have found that they feel much better. However, one should not listen to rock, dubstep, or any such genre. Listening to these types of music has actually shown to potentially increase pain.

Some lyrics, which have stories similar to our past experiences, can really alleviate some of the pain from our past.

Same here. I don't listen to classical music. I only listen to rock and roll.

5 Music helps with memory and learning

A group of students, while listening to, surprisingly, Mozart, performed much better in math than they did without any music. Yet many schools today do not allow students to listen to music during class, which I find ridiculous. The same applies to chewing gum, but that's another story...

I guess this really depends on the music. Some forms of it are more stimulating than others, or stimulating in different ways.

6 Music can cheer up the elderly

Many elders, as you might know, can become depressed because they do not receive many visitors, or they might just feel depressed because they are not as young as they used to be. This is not a joke. It's a fact. Research shows that when elders listen to music, they begin to feel better than they did without music.

I loved this one. At first, it made me laugh, but then I realized it wasn't a joke.

7 Music can help premature babies

Some premature babies were exposed to music that resembled the sound of a mother's womb. Surprisingly, these babies slept better and were quieter after birth.

8 Music can motivate you

Have you ever wondered why people often listen to music at the gym, especially rock or rap? It motivates them! When you listen to intense music, it gets your blood pumping, heightens your motivation to work out, and enhances your workout performance. This effect has been proven!

Lyrics and sound can convey much and bring up new ideas.

9 Music can get you friends

Most people know this, but if you have trouble making friends, listening to music might help. Let's say you are a Beatles fan and overhear someone talking about how much they love the Beatles. You could approach them, introduce yourself, chat about the Beatles, and voila! You've made a friend.

10 Music brings people together

As much as it pains me to say this, I am going to praise Justin Bieber. Yes, you heard right. I am going to congratulate Justin Bieber, One Direction, Austin Mahoney, and any other pop star who, in my opinion, lacks talent yet has a fanbase. By releasing your "music," you are bringing people together. Look at the fanbases! Beliebers, Directioners, Mahomies, etc. Fanbases are like families! So, and this will be the only time I will ever say this, thank you so much. You have (somehow) made the world a better place.

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11 Music is the key to success

Without music, people would be miserable. It brightens up people's days and has a huge impact on our lives.

That is very true. Life is miserable without music. I can't even live a day without it.

12 Music makes life less boring
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