Top Ten Gilmore Girls Moments

Describe and vote for your favourite moment. It can be funny, cute, heartwarming or sad.
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1 Big Tent

At the end of series seven when Luke stitches the tent. Makes me cry every time without fail


2 Rory and Jess Kiss at Sookie's Wedding (Season Two)

I was so shocked when this happened, but absolutely overjoyed. You really can't beat that iconic scene!

(gosh that was a log hashtag)
(if your wondering what it says it says Rory and Jess are perfect for each other

3 Luke and Lorelai Dance at Liz's Wedding

The moment every fan had been waiting for. We all were hoping this would happen one day, and it did!

4 Because I Love You, You Idiot!

When Rory has been in a slump after her breakup with Dean and eventually busts out that she loves him which was totally unexpected and comes out in the best way and the best time. Come on, I'm a guy and I'll admit that makes me pretty happy every time. Clever stuff.

This is dece but dean is kinda annoying :/

5 None Plus Five

Love that... The moment when all the viewers fall in love with Lorelai... And eventually Luke

The opening scene to one of the greatest shows. I love the way Lorelai, Luke and Rory are introduced as well as Lorelais coffee addiction

6 Rory and Jess Get Together (Season Three)
7 Rory's Going to Yale

When she walks into her room seeing the Yale parephanalia while her mother's walking around a burnt inn. Very emotional

8 Zach's Diner Proposal to Lane
9 Luke Punches Christopher

When Luke finds out that Lorelai slept with Christopher and decides that he'll just drive up to Chris's place, knock on the door, and sock him one right in the face.

Oh snap! Only time I actually was mad a Loralei. Christopher can't have sex half as good as Luke can. Chris didn't do Lorelai in the back of a limo, did he?

10 Say Something!

Loved and hated this moment when Lorelai realises its over and Luke turned into a blue ribbon in her dream. The acting was great.

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11 Lorelai Sings "I Will Always Love You"

There was no moment in the entire series that left me so emotional, hopeful and heartached at the same time. The honesty with which she sang "I hope you have all you dreamed of" to her dear Luke and how she couldn't help but look at him through the whole song, and how he was relieved and touched by the sponteneaous serenate will always stick with me.

How is this so low in the list!?

12 1000 Yellow Daisies

This is cute, I just wish it was Luke lol

13 To Whom It May Concern

The moment when Chris finds the letter to Luke Lorelai wrote. Touching moment because you see how much she still loves him

14 Luke and Lorelai Hook Up
15 A Film by Kirk

May be the best short film I've ever seen. It made me rethink everything I've ever known.

16 Rory Says No to Marrying Logan
17 Jackson Proposes to Suckie
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