Girls' Generation Members With Most Beautiful Voice


The Top Ten

1 Taeyeon

Definite answer. She's on of my favorite vocalists of all time.

2 Seohyun

Love you 're voice

Oh please. Viice of an angel. Even though she can't reach much high notes than taeyeon

3 Jessica

All of their voices are amazing

Really...really...really...Her high notes ROCK...only if she had not left GG

4 Tiffany Tiffany Stephanie Young Hwang, known professionally as Tiffany, Tiffany Hwang or Tiffany Young, is an American singer.
5 Sunny

Sunny you're the all around best we all know it!

6 Yuri

Yuri always sexy and beauty

7 Sooyoung Sooyoung Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan. After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group more.
8 Yoona

She has improved through the years.

9 Hyoyeon
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