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21 When Mabel runs away from Dipper

This is my favorite moment because it tells you that nothing is perfect and sometimes everyone is against you.

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22 Wendy and Dipper talk it out V 2 Comments
23 Bills Friends

This is the most fabulous thing Weirdmageddon has to offer. Hands down.

Bill: Now meet the gang of inter-dimensional criminals and nightmares I call my friends! 8-ball! Cryptos! The being who's name must never be said! Oh what the heck, its Santhar! And of course there's also Teeth, keyhole, Hectorgan, Amorphis-shape, Peronica, Pacifier, and these guys! This is our town now boys! *Monsters all start LOLing.*

Tyler: Now see here you unholy triangle fellow! As mayor, I strongly urge you to get... get on out of here!

Grenda: We don't like out of towners!

Manly Dan: WE PUNCH WHAT WE don't UNDERSTAND! *Punches mailbox*(I felt so srry for that poor,innocent mailbox...)

24 Dipper's I'm A Disco Girl! V 2 Comments
25 Bill Ciphers first appearance V 1 Comment
26 Soos makes his time wish.

So emotional, yet quite funny. It was this episode that got my 43 year old mom to love this show.

27 When Stan said “Hot belgian waffles! wait, I'm alone. I can swear for real! son of a......" V 2 Comments
28 When Dipper and Ford are playing Dungeons

"Alright, you've entered the chamber. Princess Unattainabelle beckons you. But wait, it's a trap! "

That is som nerd power right thare yay I'm not alon

29 When Wendy as a toddler says she has a crush on Dipper

*BEgins singing, "WE are meant to be" from Tangled*

That shows that they are meant

That was super cool too bad there not the same age...wait...if dipper was 15 and wendy was 17...that's only 2 years appart THAT COULD WORK

Haha... Too good.

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30 Stanley versus Stanford V 1 Comment
31 Stan vs Zombies
32 Physical Form Scene V 1 Comment
33 Dipifica Pairing

It all started with the hug in Northwest Mansion Mystery.
So cute. They are meant to be.

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1. Stan's secret bunker reveal!
2. When Bill cipher leaves.
3. In epi.19 when we see how much Stan cares for Dipper.



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