Top Ten Great Lyrics from Hated Music Artists and Bands

Often, the hate for an artist is not so much about their music, but about their lyrics. But it isn't exactly rare that hated artists occasionally have moments in which they show great songwriting, either because they talk about important issues, reveal a more personal side or simply manage to have outstanding wordings. Often these songs aren't among their best known songs, mostly because they wouldn't sell as well or because their fans prefer a lighter side.
The Top Ten
1 "People get sick, can't afford to get well / Betrayed by a nation who promised us to help / Homeless begging in the streets, children dying everywhere / Scared to take a breath of all this toxic air" - Blood on the Dance Floor

Load of hyperbolic crap. Where are these "children dying everywhere" in America, other than at abortion clinics? "Toxic air? " We have the most onerous air-quality standards in the world. And NO ONE is denied health-care services in the U.S. - not yet.

From the song "Sick Sad World" from the album "Bad Blood".

What they point out here is that the American health care system is in many ways worse than that in most other modern Western countries. - Martin_Canine

2 "Some kids are born with a silver spoon / Others born with a needle and a world of doom / Little girl found duct taped and raped / The killer escaped, god give me a break" - Insane Clown Posse

From the song "Where's God? " from the album "The Mighty Death Pop! ".
The song is about many horrible things that go wrong in the world and how they, as Christians, don't understand how god would let this happen. - Martin_Canine

3 "My mind's filled with mine fields / The ashes fall, the wine spills / The world stops, drops and rolls / It's Judgment Day or a fire drill / I pour out my heart, have a drink / They say the drunk never lie, they ain't never lyin'" - Lil Wayne

From the song "God Bless Amerika" from the album "I Am Not a Human Being II".
May I say that I simply love how this wording sounds? This is poetry.

"This is poetry? " This is pickled pablum.

4 "Children fire, everybody dies / As a preacher explains and I roll my eyes / This game tryin' to make sense of madness / For a ray of hope in a world of sadness" - Insane Clown Posse

From "Where's God? " from the album "The Mighty Death Pop! ".

This line explains how religious people seek a meaning and justification for the horrors going on, and even though they are Christians themselves, they don't agree. - Martin_Canine

5 "I want 'Caiah to go to college, just to say "We did it!" / My child with Aaron would've have been sixteen any minute / So in some ways I feel like 'Caiah, is the both of them / It's like he's 'Caiah's little angel, looking over him" - Nicki Minaj

From the song "All Things Go" from the album "The Pinkprint".

The entire song reveals a very personal side of Minaj and I can only recommend it in its entirety, but the other quotes were too long for a TTT item. This part is about how Nicki Minaj regrets the abortion of her child at a young age and how she projects her feelings for him on her younger brother. - Martin_Canine

6 "Watch systems fall crack and break under pressure / But praying isn't helping our country get any better / Serving the lives of our loves on a silver platter / Sitting back, feed the beast - watch the beast get fatter" - Blood on the Dance Floor

From the song "Bohemyth" from the album "Bad Blood".

I feel a bit uncomfortable with this song at parts, because this "beast" metaphor has a certain conspiracy theory touch, but looking at the context, they most likely mean that people with money and power try to gain more money and power but therefore make the poor poorer, and whatever they mean, this lyric shows they actually have an opinion on politics. - Martin_Canine

7 "Father, tell me somethin' / Where do bad men go when they die? / And mother says you'll go there / But wings for her and I / And I don't mind / Cause I have always wanted to learn to fly" - Nickelback

From the song "Fly" from the album "Curb".

I know that Nickelback isn't one of the most hated bands on TTT, but from what I know they are pretty hated in America in general. You find plenty of songs with incredible wordings, a more serious tone and even strong criticism in their discography, back in the 90s as well as in the 2010s. - Martin_Canine

8 "I fought in two wars, my country left me poor and sick / Leg missing, agent orange and an unusable d**k / So as i reload, my trigger finger's frozen cold / From squeezing so hard my reason is no control" - Insane Clown Posse

From the song "The Tower" from the album "The Tempest".

I am pretty sure many of you will be turned off by the second line, but please, read further into it. It is about a war veteran who fell for the talk of heroism and the "right thing", and while at war, he lost body parts and his entire sex life, which is very severe never being able to recreate. But nobody treated him like a hero, nobody cared for him, as soon as he got back, he was forgotten and not cared about, finding his life in ruins. So now, he's literally at war with society, and sees no other solution than running amok. - Martin_Canine

9 "Bad decisions that I've made / But I've learnt you have to f**k up before you can create / I let my mind pave the way / Without saying grace I keep my head up to the sky and I don't even pray" - Jayy von Monroe

From the song "The Lanrynth" by Master of Death feat. Jayy von Monroe, from the album "Master of Death".

Master of Death is a dubstep side project by Dahvie Vanity, so this song is basically a BOTDF song. The MoD album is the best album by Dahvie Vanity, it is a concept album and actually has such things as a storyline, different characters that are portrayed and musical leitmotifs. In this verse, Jayy tells you that all the mistakes he did in his life eventually made him who he is and strengthened his character, and I absolutely agree with this sentiment. I did a lot I regret doing, but it ultimately formed me. - Martin_Canine

10 "Born and raised in the USA / By way of New Orleans where the killers stay / Born and raised in the USA / Where the government's watching what you do and say" - Lil Wayne

From the song "American Star" from the album "Rebirth".

My opinion the hate for this album is mainly a result from the American disliking of the mix of rap and rock, because this album has some of his more thoughtful moments.
This lines don't work as hard hitting out of the song, but the general meaning is that despite it was unlikely for someone like him to make it big in a society that seems to work against him, he managed to do it. - Martin_Canine

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