Rajini Kanth


Hey Guys, Rajinikanth is undoubtedly the Superstar to the World Cinema and a super human being
that sets him apart from everbody in this list. All the other actors run after name
and fame, but name and fame runs behind him. He always over shadows all these things
and firmly knows that these are all temperory things that people are running after.
He simply does his work perfectly with a lot of enthu, committed with perfection,
not expecting any results that is why he has such a huge fan following. He has acted in
in more than 7 languages including English, but no other actor in this list has done that
that, He is the only actor who does not like publicity. Everybody likes to show off
the fan following in twitter. He is the person who has not joined twitter despite knowing
the fact the strength of his fan following...

so there are many things that we can speak about him on and on and the space would be
be very short. Anyways, Don't forget to ...more - enokenosh

RAjini Kanth... No words to explain his mass style... He is real mass and he is the number 1 Actor in the world for all times... He is a Hero not only in cinema but also in real world because of his simplicity... The proof for his Number 1 ranking in the World cinema is his fans... He have very great number of fans all over the world... The thing to wonder about this is all his fans are not just a fan... But they can give their soul for this great man... People loves him much than they love anybody in this world... Nobody can explain reasons for this much fame... Every fan are living in this world to see his smile forever in the universe.. And We all Believe HE IS THE GOD...S... He is not only the actor.. Not only a human,.. Not only our family member.. Not only over close friend.. Not only our love... Not only our soul... Not only GOD... HE is more than everything in the list and everything in the WORLD..! Love you Thalaiva.!

He is the Most Stylish Actor in India who is incomparable with any one in Indian Cinema. Even he is known for his charisma and his spiritual focus towards god and also his fans. He is very much focused and is clear about what he does... No one can beat the records or his style in this world Talaiva Talaiva. The way he gets in to the role for every film is pretty good and every movie which he acts is a good feast for all of the fans in not only India but most of the parts of South Asia...

Super starr "Rajini Ganth"
Rajni Kanth is the Indian Super Star, He is the role model of lot of Young Heroes in India, especially in Tamil Nadu. 2nd Highest Salary getting in Asia. He Dominate Tamil Cinema more and 30 year, especially in 1980s and 1990s, he attract ladies, gents and child's very much. In My opinion, He is the World No. 1 Hero and World Super Star you are the only super star in the world... We have learn lot of things from you..

He is god for poor people... He is legend... He is one and only super star all over the world... Thalaivar rules world cinema... He don't know what is failure... All his movies are blockbuster hit... Only actor in world who have big mass opening for his movies... I love rajini kanth... Apart from cinemas he is perfect man.. He is demi god for Indian people... He is too simple... Each actor would learn from him what is simplicity...

He is the king of all kings and the ruler of cinema world Rajni Kanth is the Indian Super Star, He is the role model of lot of Young Heros in India He is highest paid actor in India.. And second highest in south asia after jackie chan. No one in comparable with him.
simple man. Highly devoted person and cool guy.. Even big b can't reach d rajini.

Actor with great talent, charisma, humble. Movie like endhiran (The Robot) reached global audiences with record breaking box office in India. I think Endhiran is the best movie India has ever produced in terms of story, screenplay and Visual effects which inspired Tokyo international film festival to give award.

No one can even come closer to the collections of the badshaa... In the movie theaters his car parking collections are more than any Bollywood stars total movie collections... He is the king of Box office! His movie Enthiran the Robot was the highest grosser and no Indian movie has crossed his collections and the best part his he doesn't boast himself like how most of the Bollywood clowns does... Love you thalaivaa

Introduction of chitti upgraded version 2.0 the Villon robot in endhiran no one can beat him he is the one only attracted actor in world, we never expected such acting from a 60 man he is really a super hero also very good human beaning he is number 01

He is one of the Mass Actor in India
Super Star of Indian Cinema
One Man Army of World Cinema Industry

- matthews

He is the man of Masses...
Superstar of South India...
Highest paid actor in India and second in Asia...
Only Indian hero to act in 7 languages...
Has the highest success rate among all actors...
Even at 60 he is unbeatable... - diana445

He is the most stylish actor Indian cinema has ever seen. He's been worshipped as GOD by many in India.. He has got many fans even in Japan.. The highest paid actor in Asia after jackie chan.. Being in such a high position he has no hairs about him, he is down to earth n respects his fellow actors.. He is a living legend. Through his films we come to know that he has entertained us in all forms say it a comedy, action, sentiment etc.

He has the most number of Fans in the world. He has the most number of official fan associations. He is the action style hero. Talaiwar is the best.

rajni means rajni. there is no comparison. no logic. just pure spontaneous happiness for everyone who comes across the word rajnikanth.

He is the real mankind and evergereen superstar of indian cinema. Young actors should have to learn the simplicity and hard working from mr. Rajnikanth. He is the super hero and icon of indian cinema. THALAIVA YOU R SO SO SO SO GREAT

One and only superstar of India, more than 65000 fans association following... The king of opening... Even fans doesn't want die in the film... Only actor never died in the film... Thalapathy rajni rocks

The one and only superstar of India is rajinikanth. There is not a single in actor to have 76,000 fan clubs all over the world. The evergreen Superstar of India..!

Awesome hero of the decade. No one can beat him. Perfect super hero! Awesome acting which many super heroes lack in.
Admirable, Elegant, down to earth man

Rajni is a ever green super star in indian cinema... and no one can not beat his record in indian cinema...

taliawar the best and ever in history
no other actor in the world has as much follwing as taliawaar

He is the greatest Superstar. He is a genuine human being and role model to everyone. He is the only actor whose life history has published in CBSE School Syllabus.

He is not only biggest superstar of India but also a very humble man. He loves every single creature on the set... HATS OFF FOR SIMPLICITY

Rajinikanth is simply the best in all aspect, be it acting, entertaining, being a roll model, charity etc... he is respected by all actors in India including Amitabh, Khan's, Kamal, Chiranjeevi etc.. He is the best of Indian cinema

God of Cricket is Sachin
God of Acting is RajiniKanth. I bet that no person on this planet has the unique talent of "Style" in Acting. A simple man with more respect.
If Style is a religion then God is RajiniKanth. An Asset to Tamil Cinema and a contribution from Tamil Nadu to the world cinema.

He is the top number 1 star nobody can touch that records I love rajini sir and I pray for rajini sir health